RMN C505 Raising Their Chances

Zhi Guan pulled Yang Wu Huang up the stairs and then further down the corridor. This place was unfortunately frequented quite often by the demonic practitioners so they had to be careful and he couldn’t explain anything yet.

As soon as the opportunity arose, he turned a corner, walking into a less frequented hallway of the headquarters. He pulled out the flower map, casually checking their surroundings to see how many people were close by.

Up until this point, he was still dragging Yang Wu Huang around just like a demonic practitioner might with a prisoner. Of course, this was important to keep up appearances. But then, his personal feelings for this guy might also be playing a part.

He hadn’t forgotten that this person had been bothering his little junior martial brother before and how he had been trying to work against Mei Chao Bing. Naturally, as Yun Bei Fen’s first senior martial brother, something like that would end up influencing his opinion of him. He sure didn’t feel like he needed to treat this guy gently.

As for Yang Wu Huang, he didn’t protest against his treatment either. If it had been directly after he came here, he might’ve still been trying to make a fuss or even get away. But after spending a few days in the dungeon of the headquarters, he had also come to realize that his attempts simply wouldn’t change a thing. No matter what he did, he wouldn’t be able to make it out of there. He simply didn’t have the skills.

In this place, there were so many demonic practitioners, he would never be able to get out. Even if he managed to make it out of the cell and then the dungeon and tried to fight, how far would he get? Definitely not even to the front gate. Thus, he had only been able to sit in the cell and wait for whatever it was that they intended to do with him. Right now, he still believed exactly the same thing.

Earlier, when Zhi Guan entered the dungeon, he actually hadn’t heard what he had been telling the guards. After all, nobody would want the people in the dungeon to have too much information.

There were arrays on the ground that would prevent the prisoners to hear the people in the front talking. Only sometimes, the demonic practitioners would make use of that to let the prisoners hear things that they were supposed to know to spread rumors.

Zhi Guan naturally hadn’t been close enough for Yang Wu Huang to hear anything. Thus, he hadn’t been able to recognize Zhi Guan’s voice and also didn’t know that there were supposedly any cultivators from the righteous side in the headquarters right now. Otherwise, he might’ve tried to escape after all. In this case, Zhi Guan could count himself lucky. Not that he currently knew about that.

Soon, Zhi Guan found a place where no people were showing up on the map. He headed straight over there and found himself in front of a door. After some slight hesitation, he opened the door and pushed Yang Wu Huang in.

Closing the door behind them, he found out that this was actually some kind of storage room. Well, that wasn’t too bad. He gave a hum and then pulled out the second set of robes, throwing them into Yang Wu Huang’s arms. “Change into that. We have to leave soon.”

Yang Wu Huang looked up, suddenly realizing that this voice sounded rather familiar. Looking at the face that only had the eyes exposed, he still wasn’t sure who exactly he had in front of him though. He stared at him in a daze, not sure what to do.

Zhi Guan gave him another look and then realized what might be going on. He didn’t want to bother about him but seeing as they needed to leave, he had to do something. He pulled down the veil for a moment and then nodded to the robe in Yang Wu Huang’s hands. “Hurry up!” Then, he already pulled the veil back up and surveyed the room.

Yang Wu Huang was still in a daze. After a moment, he snapped out of it though. He didn’t know why Yun Bei Fen’s first senior martial brother of all people had come here but this might be his only chance to get out of here. Realizing this, Yang Wu Huang hurriedly changed out of the Teng Yong Sect’s robe and into the black one of the demonic side.

When he finished, Zhi Guan threw the spatial bag of the demonic practitioner, as well as another veil like the one he was wearing, at him. “Put that on as well. By now, most of the demonic practitioners should be wearing one as well so this might allow us to escape.

“We have to be careful though. They are currently searching for a small team of disciples from the righteous side. If they realize that there was never such a group, or that you escaped, we will have more trouble making it out of here. At that time, it’d be hard to say if we would end up in a cell in the dungeon or would directly be struck dead. Since the time you were taken away, a lot has changed.”

Yang Wu Huang didn’t ask any further. He might be curious about just what exactly was going on but he knew that time was of the essence right now. He simply couldn’t waste any second with needless questions. His self-preservation was still going strong, maybe even more so after spending several days in the dungeon of the demonic side.

Zhi Guan was satisfied when he didn’t put up a fuss and inclined his head. “Let’s go then. I will take us directly to the main entrance. We’ll leave from there.” He didn’t wait for Yang Wu Huang’s response and instead opened the door of the storage room again, heading out.

He wasn’t sure if getting out would be just as simple as getting in had been. In fact, he doubted it. But then, it wasn’t like they had another choice apart from trying.

When they got closer, he would see what exactly the situation was and then make a plan based on that. In the worst case, they’d have to turn around and try something else. The main problem would be that he couldn’t communicate any of that to Yang Wu Huang.

Looking over his shoulder while they returned to the corridor they had originally come from, he narrowed his eyes at him. “Later, we won’t be able to talk much. Try not to do anything if you don’t have to and leave matters to me. As long as you follow me quietly, that should better our chances of getting out of here alive.”

Yang Wu Huang might have disagreed under normal circumstances but now, he nodded and indeed followed Zhi Guan quietly. This time in the dungeon, even though it hadn’t been able to change what kind of person he was, it had at least made him a little more forbearing. Whether that was a good thing or not … only the future would be able to tell.

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