RMN C504 Back to the Dungeons

Zhi Guan didn’t have much trouble finding Yang Wu Huang. Seeing as he had already been there once, he simply followed the same path, relying on his current get-up to openly walk around.

To be honest, he himself was surprised at how well this was working. Originally, he had only thought that he could maybe cause some chaos to distract everyone, put on his feeble disguise, and then slip into the building that way. Even while on the way, he had doubted the feasibility of it though.

Anyway, even if he managed to get in, he would’ve thought that after searching for a while and either finding nobody or finding the two disciples he had stuffed into the earth cracks, his ploy would become apparent for sure. Then, the demonic practitioners would be scouring the whole building to find him.

So far, that didn’t really seem to be the case though. He couldn’t hear or sense any pursuers, there was no alarm in the distance, and nobody stopped to even take a second glance at him. It seemed that the demonic practitioners were really preoccupied with something. Well, in this case, it was working to his advantage so he simply kept going.

Soon enough, Zhi Guan reached the entrance to the dungeon. His gaze slipped over the guards that were sitting to the side and then to the cells he could see in the back.

The dungeon of the headquarters of the demonic side was actually quite big. Surely, over time, they had imprisoned quite a few disciples of the righteous side. Maybe even their own people had landed in those cells every now and then when they were making trouble. Either way, it would be difficult to find Yang Wu Huang in there.

Zhi Guan gave a hum, turned, and simply walked up to the guards sitting at the side. He really wasn’t sure if he should trust his previous luck. But since everything had gone well so far, he felt that he might as well take yet another risk.

The guards looked up and seeing how he looked, one of them raised a brow. “What’s with that getup?”

The disciple didn’t actually think that this might be somebody who had infiltrated their side. After all, the person in front of them was still wearing the robes of one of the demonic sects. He sure felt that it was odd to wear a veil like that inside though.

Zhi Guan hadn’t thought too deeply about what kind of excuse he wanted to tell the guards to lead him to Yang Wu Huang. He had simply had the idea that he could say that Elder Feng wanted to see him since the Elder should have a high status on this side. This way, the disciples likely wouldn’t dare to question his words. Now though, he felt that the disciple had just given him much a better reason.

He raised his brows as well, looking at that disciple and then the other. “Haven’t the two of you been instructed? There’s a group of intruders from the righteous side. They apparently have some kind of concoction that is able to make you fall unconscious in a heartbeat if you inhale it. Everyone’s been asked to wear a veil.”

The two disciples exchanged another glance and then also looked through their spiritual bags, finally taking out a piece of fabric and covering their mouths and noses as well.

Zhi Guan nodded and then motioned to the cells. “I was sent to get one of the disciples from the Teng Yong Sect. Some Yang Wang or something. The Elders think he might have information about that concoction since it seems to have originated from his sect. You get him out for me.”

Seeing as Zhi Guan had just provided information that seemed legit, one of the guards immediately got to his feet and walked to a cell further down the corridor. Looking at the person inside the cell, he huffed. “Seems like today is your lucky day. You’ll get a short taste of freedom and can even stretch your legs a little.”

Being a guard in the dungeon was one of the most tiresome jobs in the headquarters. If you were able to go out on patrol outside, you’d at least feel as if you were doing something worthwhile. If there were intruders like today, you might even be able to catch them and be praised by the Elders!

Working here though? Well, you’d have to listen to the crying and whimpering and yelling of the disciples that were brought in every single day. On top of that, nobody took you and your task seriously. The latter was the bigger problem long-term but the noise those disciples in the cells made was something that got on your nerves much faster.

As for this Yang Wu Huang, he was somebody who had managed to make himself hated by pretty much all of the guards by being especially prone to complaining and cursing in the first few days. Thus, he naturally couldn’t expect to be shown a good face when he was finally taken out of the cell.

The guard turned the key and opened the door, roughly grabbing Yang Wu Huang and dragging him out. He didn’t bother to make fun of him any further and instead brought him to the front, pushing him toward Zhi Guan with a nod. “Here you go! His name should be Yang Wu Huang.

“Anyway, we’re going to change shifts in half an hour. We will naturally explain to the others but you might have to mention it again when you bring him back to ensure he gets put back into the right cell. It wouldn’t do if we can’t find him when the Elders ask for him again, would it?”

Zhi Guan have a chuckle and nodded. “Thanks for the reminder. I’ll make sure to do so. I’ll have to leave now. Seeing as the matter is urgent, I can’t let the Elders wait.”

He had already grabbed Yang Wu Huang by the shoulder and now jerked him around, marching him over to the door. He really wasn’t gentle with him, even further giving off the feeling of being a demonic practitioner. The two guards behind him definitely never would’ve thought that they had just been duped to hand over one of their prisoners to a righteous cultivator.

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