OMF V10C44 Worried about That Person

Yi Yun naturally realized the same. He nodded and then motioned back to the tables where the other officials from the Court of Justice were working. “In that case, I shouldn’t take up any more of your time. The gods will continue to work on this issue. When adviser An Bai returns, I will talk directly to him.”

Qiang Wei nodded even though he was a little bummed out that he still didn’t have anything better to do. “Very well.”

The two of them bid farewell and Qiang Wei indeed left the Tower of Wisdom. Looking around the street, he had no idea what to do. Returning to the palace of His Highness would be an idea since that meant he’d see him when he returned and could once again start guarding him. But then, if the God of War had returned, that likely meant the Heavenly Emperor would also come looking for his son. He’d rather not run into him.

Thinking about it for a while, Qiang Wei finally followed his king’s example and simply went into hiding. With the Tower of Wisdom being the highest building in the capital city, he used that to his advantage and flew up onto the roof, lying down on top.

From there, he’d be able to have a look through the whole city so he could react in case something big happened anywhere. At the same time, it was unlikely that he’d be spotted. Nobody routinely checked the roofs. At the very least, he was sure of it. This was probably one of the paths their king had taken when he sneaked in to meet His Highness in the past.

Qiang Wei hurriedly shook his head, not wanting to think about that too deeply. Guarding their king’s beloved was one thing but it was better not to get too involved in his love life. Jealousy had always been a problem in the dragon race after all and he knew that their king wasn’t the most understanding when it came to His Highness.

The person that Qiang Wei was worried about getting too close to had left the Tower of Wisdom with his uncle, his two personal guards trailing behind with a lot of distance between them. They didn’t want to get involved either although their worry was naturally directed at the God of War who was currently present instead of the dragon king.

Jing He looked at his uncle curiously. “Aren’t we going back to my palace?” He would have thought that this was where his uncle would want to talk since there weren’t many people around but his uncle had directly turned in the other direction.

Qiang Yan folded his hands behind his back and looked up at the sky. “Ah, you know, your father just received my report and then summoned the Fate’s Scribe to inquire about how many of your trials you have managed to accomplish. I’m sure he’ll run over to your palace as soon as he is done.”

Jing He lowered his head with a smile. Yes, that indeed sounded like his father. As for his trial … “Has father not inquired about the trial before I left?”

Qiang Yan turned to glance at his nephew, not sure how much to say. “Well, even with the scroll of fate having been written, there can always be some surprises in the times that weren’t detailed. It’s better to be thorough, especially in your case.”

Jing He nodded. “Of course.” With his position, this naturally wasn’t something that his father could ignore. Not to mention … his father had always been a bit overbearing.

Jing He dropped the topic after knowing this and turned to look at his uncle. “Uncle, the battle with the demons … are you alright?”

Qiang Yan gave a hum, sounding quite spirited. “Actually, I didn’t even get to fight them. Rushing over almost wasn’t worth it.”

Of course, Jing He had known as much but he still felt that he had to ask. He couldn’t just ignore his uncle’s well-being, could he?

Qiang Yan raised his brows at him. “Rather than that, what you really want to know is how Longjun is doing, isn’t that so?”

Jing He hurriedly looked away. “Longjun …”

Qiang Yan smiled faintly. His nephew was really easy to see through in this regard. And yet, he still tried to hide it. The problem was that he really didn’t know what to say. Just like Qiang Wei, he felt lost. Well, he knew how to go about this kind of conversation though. “Adviser Qiang Wei told me that you were very worried.”

Jing He lowered his head, his hand that had been incessantly petting An Xin stilled. He hesitated and then looked back up. “Mother told me that Longjun went to find this beast for me. I didn’t think much at first but then adviser Qiang Wei found it mentioned in a book about mythical beasts. A mythical beast … it couldn’t be easy to catch, even if it is a mere cub.”

“Ah.” Qiang Yan almost heaved a sigh of relief. “So you are worried that Qiu Ling was injured because of that and that this could have led him to be injured in battle?”

Jing He nodded after some hesitation. “It sounded like this was true when I asked adviser Qiang Wei.”

Qiang Yan didn’t answer immediately. Instead, he simply looked at his nephew. Right now, he really didn’t think that he should know. Not until they were aware of how Qiu Ling was doing. Thus, he could only try to reassure him. “Adviser Qiang Wei … has no idea how to deal with you.”

Jing He raised his gaze. “Deal with me?”

Qiang Yan smiled and reached out, brushing over the fur of the Flame Heart as well. “You are the person his king loves but you aren’t officially a couple yet. I’d assume it’s awkward for his advisers. And not everyone is as gifted with words as scholar An Bai. Don’t take it to heart. This beast … truth be told, I’m afraid Qiu Ling just casually picked it up. He didn’t seem injured when I saw him in between, at the very least.”

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