OMF V10C43 A Matter to Take Care Of

Jing He turned when he heard the steps behind him and his expression of worry lightened when he saw his uncle. After naming An Xin, he had still waited for Qiang Wei but the dragon didn’t appear again. Of course, that had made him worry more. If nothing was wrong with Qiu Ling, why would it take so long to inquire about the situation? But now, it seemed that there was another explanation and he might have thought too much.

Qiang Yan went over and then raised his brows when he saw the small beast in Jing He’s arms. Qiang Wei actually hadn’t mentioned the best when he recounted the current situation so Qiang Yan hadn’t expected to see it here. “I was worried that you had been left alone while adviser Qiang Wei was waiting for me but it seems I worried for nothing.”

Next to him, Qiang Wei tried not to look too embarrassed. He really felt grateful to the God of War but … he also knew that this was overstating it.

Jing He didn’t notice though. He looked at the little Flame Heart and smiled. “I heard Qiu Ling left it for me. I called it An Xin.”

Qiang Yan nodded and then carefully stretched out his hand. He didn’t touch the best immediately but instead just held out his hand for a moment.

The Flame Heart looked at him with curious eyes, then stretched out a paw, patting his fingertips.

Qiang Yan gave a hum, grabbed the paw gently, and rubbed it. “Nice to meet you again, An Xin.” Raising his gaze to his nephew’s eyes, he let go of the little beast’s paw and smiled. “I already had the pleasure after Qiu Ling brought it back. It was a really good choice.”

An Xin gave a sound as if to agree and then reached up, patting Jing He’s chest.

Jing He lowered his gaze with a smile and continued to pet the beast. “Longjun really is thoughtful.” He couldn’t help but turn to Qiang Wei after saying so. “It is thanks to adviser Qiang Wei that I was able to figure out the actual species of An Xin. I can’t thank you enough.”

Qiang Wei felt even more embarrassed. “Ah, it’s nothing. I … I should leave the two of you alone so you can speak.” Then, he hurriedly left, trying to get out of the Tower of Wisdom.

Before he managed to even leave the floor, the senior official that had talked to the crown prince before stepped in his path though. “Adviser Qiang Wei.”

Qiang Wei stopped in his tracks and looked at him in surprise. If he remembered correctly … “Senior official Yi Yun?”

Yi Yun nodded. “Yes, I was wondering if you had a moment?”

Qiang Wei had no idea what he might want but seeing as the gods and dragons had recently started working together more closely, he naturally wouldn’t just send him away. Not to mention … it wasn’t like he had anything better to do.

He couldn’t return to the dragon realm until he was told so and he also couldn’t hang around the Son of Heaven for the time being. Being offered something to do would actually be neat. Thinking of this, he naturally nodded. “Of course. What may I do for you?”

Yi Yun motioned to the side, making sure not to stand in the way of everyone else. Then, he turned back to Qiang Wei, looking at him quizzically. “The battle in the dragon realm has ended?”

Qiang Wei nodded. “It has. Everyone should be busy with cleaning up afterward.”

“You don’t have … any further information?”

Qiang Wei raised his brows. “Such as …?”

Yi Yun didn’t speak up immediately. His brows slightly furrowed but finally, he gave a hum. “Adviser An Bai is still in the dragon realm. You wouldn’t be privy to when he will return?”

Qiang Wei blinked his eyes, feeling that he really couldn’t understand these people. Was work the only thing they cared about? It sure sounded like this. Otherwise, why would he ask about An Bai in this situation?

He sighed and then shook his head. “I’m afraid I can’t help you with that. I haven’t even seen the battlefield with my own eyes. Who knows how much there is to do?”

Not to mention that with their king’s current situation, it was more than likely that An Bai might stay back to take a look. He certainly wouldn’t return immediately even after the battlefield had been cleaned up. The only reason to come back earlier would be to calm His Highness down further in case his uncle couldn’t deal with it completely.

Yi Yun lowered his head, his gaze thoughtful. “I see. Well, it seems that His Highness has woken up though. This should mean that the dragon king’s … matter has also been solved, right?”

Qiang Wei gave a start and then carefully looked around. Nobody seemed to be close by but he still didn’t feel reassured to talk about it here. “Well, the soul has returned. There were some unforeseen difficulties though. The God of Justice …”

Yi Yun’s expression turned odd. “He … isn’t here right now, I’m afraid.” To be honest, he was embarrassed to admit this. When he suddenly heard that the God of Justice wanted to go out and travel, he had been sure that something was wrong with his ears. Surely, at such a time, he couldn’t want to go on a vacation, right?

But then, it seemed that not just the God of Justice but even his unreliable son had also vanished. So it was safe to say that he had gotten it right the first time around. The God of Justice had really gone out to have fun with his child. It was … not a good look. Definitely not something he would admit to the dragons.

He cleared his throat, trying not to show his thoughts on his face. “There was a matter he had to take care of. I’m afraid he is only set to return in two weeks, maybe slightly earlier. Will his presence be required?”

Qiang Wei had no idea how to answer that. In fact, he didn’t know how anything was supposed to proceed so … “Maybe not? I’m not sure. I don’t have much information myself. I guess we can only wait for An Bai to return.” Which … kind of brought them back to the beginning of this talk.

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