OCN C13 Asking for a Favor

Meanwhile, Si Shi Wu and Si Shi Qi were making their phone calls.

Si Shi Qi didn’t have much of a problem. When he gave Tao Jin a call, she actually picked up after it had rung only twice, her voice pleasantly surprised.

“Ah Qi, did you see my post?” She knew that her husband usually wasn’t any less busy than she was so she wasn’t quite sure if he had already noticed.

Si Shi Qi gave a hum. “I did. Thank you very much. Master appreciates it.” Even though his Master hadn’t really said anything and probably didn’t even know that the post was up yet, he knew that he would be satisfied when he found out that they had managed to make Young Master Xiao happy.

“Then, am I invited to the casting? I would really like to help you a bit more!”

Si Shi Qi couldn’t help but smile to himself when his wife asked about that. “Well, Master didn’t say that it was forbidden so I guess there shouldn’t be a problem. But are you sure that it’s alright with your work?”

Tao Jin leaned back in her chair, stretching. “Don’t worry about that. I’ve already talked it through with my assistant just in case. I don’t need to come as a regular person but can get an invitation as a special guest instead. We can just say that the production crew reached out to me after they saw that my husband and I were interested in it and gave us a special place in the casting. We might not get any further than the casting with our skills but we can definitely get in. Would that be alright?”

Si Shi Qi gave a hum. “It should. Unfortunately, there’s a small problem on our side. You know about my sister. She saw the post as well and got into her head that something is wrong again. You know how she is.”

Tao Jin leaned forward, a worried expression on her face. “Does she suspect anything?” She didn’t know what exactly was going on in the Si clan but she knew that her sister-in-law was definitely not allowed to find out about it. In this matter, she just trusted her husband. If he said that it was like this, it was like this. She didn’t have to understand. She just had to trust him.

Si Shi Qi wasn’t quite sure how to answer that. “Well, she hasn’t yet. But she has invited herself along. She even wants to bring a group of her girl friends so that you’ll be able to go in being less conspicuous. I said yes for now because I didn’t want to make this seem even more suspicious. But if you get a special place then … I’m afraid it won’t work out.”

Tao Jin gave a hum, trying to come up with something she could do to solve the situation for her husband. “Then how about I give her a call? I can explain the situation with the production crew to her. If I apologize myself, she probably wouldn’t think much of it, would he?”

“Not if it’s the truth. She might be a bit suspicious for the time being but as soon as she sees you at the site of the casting, she will understand. Thank you so much. I really don’t know what I would do without your support.”

Tao Jin laughed. “And then there are still people online saying that I don’t have a husband who supports me enough.”

Si Shi Qi laughed as well. “Well, I hope that you do feel that your husband is supporting your career choices. If you want to be an actress, I will always be there for you and have your back. If you want to change to something else, it’s also alright. Even if you said that you want to retire tomorrow and just stay at home, I also wouldn’t say anything.”

Tao Jin chuckled again. “I know you would. Anyway, don’t worry about it. I’m happy with acting. It’s fun. In any case, my next scene is going to start in a moment. I’ll have to get back. Love you!”

“Love you even more!”

Tao Jin hung up and Si Shi Qi put away the phone, standing in the corridor for a moment longer and smiling to himself. Thankfully, there was his wife. Without her, this would be much more difficult. He turned around and then went back inside, picking up the knife and helping the others cut the last ingredients.

On the other hand, Si Shi Wu had a bit more trouble. Contrary to Si Shi Qi’s sister, his brother knew about the Si clan. But this in itself was a problem because his brother was actually jealous of his spot as one of the twenty ninjas following their Master. He felt that as the older brother, he should have been the one to become a ninja. Even now that many years had already passed, he still maintained that thought and would bring it up every now and then, telling his brother how he resented him for having stolen this from him.

Thus, his response wasn’t very enthusiastic when Si Shi Wu called. “What?”

Si Shi Wu squared his shoulders and cleared his throat, trying to seem casual. “Big brother, what is your son doing these days?”

His brother frowned, wondering what this was about. “Why?”

“Oh, nothing much. I was just wondering what he was up to.”

His brother stayed quiet for a moment, not answering the question. He was quite suspicious about what Si Shi Wu actually wanted from him. Pondering the issue for a moment, he finally came up with an astonishing idea. “It couldn’t be that you want to make my son your successor, could it?!”

“Uh …” Si Shi Wu scratched his head, not quite sure what he was supposed to answer. “Well … I would not be completely opposed to that.” In any case, he didn’t have his own children. And sooner or later, they would have to train the next generation of ninjas to make sure that they would be able to serve their Master’s children in the future. Maybe training his nephew actually wouldn’t be that bad. It would still require some —

“Alright! When am I supposed to bring him over?”

Si Shi Wu’s thoughts were interrupted and he was a little taken aback. But … since his brother was this eager to shove his son off to him, he definitely wouldn’t think twice. “Well, there’s actually a small mission that your son might be able to be a part of. So it would be great if it could be as soon as possible.”

“I will be right there! Just wait for me!”

Before Si Shi Wu could say anything else, his brother had already hung up and rushed out to drag his son out of his room. So far, he hadn’t told him anything about the Si clan since he was afraid that he might be too young to understand the gravity. But if his brother was finally willing to groom his son into his successor, then he would definitely make sure that he did not miss out on this opportunity as he had in the past.

No matter how much his son complained, his father still dragged him out of the house, pushed him into the car, and then drove in the direction of the ninjas’ mansion. His heart was thumping heavily, and he couldn’t wait for it. Ah, he only wished that there was a path for him in all this as well. Just why had their father chosen his younger brother back then? It really was too bad. In any case, he believed that this was a great opportunity so he would do his best to let his son take part in this.

Soon enough, they arrived at the gate of the mansion and his son finally shut up, being a little curious about this place. While he did know his uncle, he had no idea about the place where he lived. After all, Si Shi Wu would usually come over to their place if he wanted to see them or if they wanted to see him. He never really invited anyone over to the ninjas’ mansion. While it wasn’t forbidden, he just felt that it would be an added risk. And while he had an apartment of his own at another place in the city, he usually never went there. Staying in the mansion would allow him to react to anything that happened on much shorter notice. Why would he give that up just to keep up the appearance of his life as a bachelor?

The teenager looked over the mansion, his eyes roving from side to side before he turned to his father. “Uncle lives here?”

His father froze and then furrowed his brows. “How could that be?” Naturally, this was the mansion of the Si family. How could his brother compare? In any way, he didn’t explain anything else to his son and instead just pulled him up to the door and rang the doorbell. There was an excited expression on his face while he waited for the door to be opened.

It didn’t take long. Si Shi Wu had already been waiting for his nephew to arrive so he had gone to the front of the building and opened the door almost immediately. “You’re here.” He nodded at his brother and then turned to his nephew, giving him a nod as well. “It’s nice to see you again.”

The boy pinned a smile on his lips and nodded as well, still not quite happy even though he was a little curious about the house.

Si Shi Wu turned back to his brother after greeting him to explain the situation in some more detail. “This will likely take a few hours. So you can return and I will bring him back home in the evening.”

His brother raised his brows, clearly not having expected that. “What do you mean you’ll bring him back in a few hours? Isn’t this … going to take a few years?”

His son’s head swiveled around and he stared at his father unbelieving. “A few years?! What kind of thing did you sign me up for, dad?!”

His father was startled and looked at his son, not sure how to explain. He really wanted to tell him about the Si clan but he wasn’t sure what his brother intended to do.

Si Shi Wu held his forehead and shook his head before motioning inside. “Never mind that. You come on in first. There isn’t much time left. As for you …” He turned back to his brother and gave him a long look. “Don’t get ahead of yourself. This is something that will take some time. There are gradual steps in the process.”

In fact, it wasn’t really that. Usually, if somebody was supposed to become a ninja for the clan, they would be taught from a young age. Their own father had made sure that he was prepared as soon as he was a teenager. It was only those unrelated people that would only be told later.

As for his nephew … While he wasn’t necessarily intending to make him his successor, it was an idea. But he would first have to see how the boy was doing to make his own decision about this. And in this case, it might even be best to include Si Yi or maybe even their Master to make that decision. In any case, their Master didn’t have children of his own so there wasn’t really a reason to hurry right now.

Si Shi Wu pulled the boy into the house and then closed the door, leaving his brother outside. His nephew gave him a strange look, not quite sure what all of this was about.

Si Shi Wu waved for him to follow him and then brought him to the professional kitchen on the first floor. “To be honest, what I want you to do probably isn’t very difficult for you. You know that I’m a chef, right?”

His nephew nodded while looking around the kitchen. “I don’t know anything about cooking. If you need help with that, you should probably ask somebody else.”

Si Shi Wu just looked at him, ignoring the statement. “There is a food anchor that has been invited to be a judge on a cooking show that will start soon called ‘Golden Spoon’. Just today, the actress Tao Jin shared his channel on Weibo.

“I want to review his channel to see what all the hype is about. I was thinking of trying to do a stream for that as well to reply in kind. But I need some help setting things up. Considering your age, you probably know about these things quite well. So how about you help me?” Actually, he could just ask one of the other members of the Si clan to help him but then they wouldn’t have a faultless story in case people like Si Shi Qi’s sister investigated. It was only because of this that he even bothered asking his brother about this.

His nephew raised his brows and then leaned against the counter, shrugging his shoulders. “Maybe I could.”

Si Shi Wu looked at him, blinked his eyes, and then took out his phone. “Five hundred yuan.”

His nephew smiled, happy that his uncle was so easy to get along with. “Uncle, I had no idea you were living in a mansion. I always thought that chefs were like artists and dirt poor. If you can afford this place, then don’t you even think about just giving me five hundred yuan. Am I not your favorite nephew?”

“You’re my only nephew and I will double the offer. We need to finish the set up by nine o’clock. Can you do that?”

His nephew looked at his phone to see how late it was and then his eyes widened. “At nine? Do you have any idea how late it is already?! Shit. Do we at least have all the equipment here?”

Si Shi Wu was a little taken aback. Right. They would need the equipment. “Don’t worry about that. It shouldn’t be a problem. You just wait here for a moment and I will go and organize everything.” He strode out of the room, taking out his phone, and writing a message to Si Yi. Now, he definitely needed the help of the others.

Under Si Yi’s orders, the ninjas soon organized everything, so that Si Shi Wu’s nephew was able to set up a little channel for his uncle, as well as the first live stream.

“Are you sure you want this to be live, yes? If something goes wrong, everybody will be able to see that in real-time.”

Si Shi Wu shook his head. “Don’t worry about that. I’m just reviewing another stream. It’s not a problem at all. I know what I’m doing.” He really wasn’t worried about this. For one, he was indeed a professional chef who had gone through culinary school and had several years of experience. Then, there was also the fact that he didn’t need to review this down to every last detail. This was, after all, just a stream. Just focusing on a few things would be enough. Also, he had to make sure that Young Master Xiao would be better received by the audience and his competency shown. How difficult could that be?

His nephew nodded and then showed him where to click later on. “Alright. That’s everything. So … do you want me to stick around or can I go home?”

Si Shi Wu pondered for a moment. He had promised his brother that he would bring him back but he didn’t necessarily want him to stay in the house. Then again, the others were still finishing up with the ingredients down in the training room and would soon need to deliver them. They probably didn’t have the time to spare to drive his nephew somewhere right now. “Would you mind sticking around just in case something goes wrong?”

His nephew shrugged his shoulder and then sat down on the other side of the counter, picking up a few of the fruits that were lying to the side. In any case, he was curious to see how his uncle would be doing. So it couldn’t hurt to sit here for an hour or two.

Si Shi Wu nodded when he received his response and then sat down himself, waiting for the live stream of Bright Yellow Water to start.

Back in the training room, things were also coming to an end. When the last ingredient was cut, Si Jin nodded, turned away, and then headed to his own room. After all, it would soon be time for the next live stream. He couldn’t miss even a single second of Xiao Ming’s stream.

Meanwhile, Si Yi took over in the training room, making everybody carry the boxes with the different ingredients into the vans in the garage and then had them drive to the locations they had already donated to the last time. Now, they could not lose any time. Their Master’s future happiness depended on this.

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