OMF V10C27 Return to the Capital

While Leng Jin Yu was deep in thought, Fu Min inched closer, finally clearing his throat. “Uh … You know, if you wanted to go back home to be with your husband, it’d totally be okay.”

Leng Jin Yu was pulled out of his thoughts and turned to the side. Noticing Fu Min and Fu Heng’s worried looks, he could only sigh. “I’m not sure I should leave Qiu Ling alone though.” Of course, he wanted to be with Jinde and support him but what about Qiu Ling? He was the one currently in danger so he didn’t think that he could simply leave.

“I mean, the two of us are still here, right? And it’s not like the demons are still trying to kill him. Most of them are fleeing.”

Fu Min motioned ahead to where the few remaining demons were rushing around like headless flies, clearly trying to get away from Qiu Ling. Some had finally gotten the idea to simply run into different directions so Qiu Ling could only get some but not all of them. Thus, the number of demons to fight him had dwindled a lot. Only the poor chap he currently had his claws sunk into definitely wouldn’t make it out alive.

Leng Jin Yu’s brows furrowed. Yes, maybe Qiu Ling indeed wasn’t in as much danger anymore. But then, the danger wasn’t just the demons, was it? “With Zhong Jing Yi dead, it’s tough to say what will happen.”

Fu Min shrugged his shoulders. “I guess so. But what are you going to do if anything happens? I’m not even sure if Ah Heng can defeat him and you’re not even a dragon.”

Leng Jin Yu tensed but he had to admit that Fu Min was right. When it came to strength alone, he was no match for Qiu Ling. Their fight in the Yun Zou Sect back then had proven as much. And even though he had gotten stronger since then, he didn’t have any illusions that he could defeat Qiu Ling if need be. But then, maybe that wouldn’t be necessary. “It’s not about the fighting. I know I can’t stop him then. But what if something else happens? What if … I don’t know. What if he collapses? Or what if the memory gets too much?”

Fu Min gave him a long look. “And what are you going to do about it? Honestly, just leave it to us. If any of that happens, we’ll grab him, and carry him back to the capital city. Then everyone can take a look and try to find a solution. Right now, we can’t do anything no matter what happens.

“Also, I don’t think anything will happen anytime soon. I mean, look at him: He’s clearly still happily hunting demons here.” He motioned over to where Qiu Ling had managed to grab onto the next demon who was still trying to flee, clearly knowing that he couldn’t win against this person. Watching the scene for a moment, he shrugged his shoulders. “Alright, maybe ‘happily’ is the wrong word to describe it but he seems busy enough and I don’t think he’ll snap out of it any time soon.”

Fu Heng next to him nodded, trying to lend his husband’s words some credibility. Actually, he did have some doubts about how soon something would happen. As somebody whose soul was bound, just imagining that Fu Min might suffer a fate like Zhong Jing Yi had made him willing to go after those demons with a vengeance. How could their king who actually was in the situation and watched his lover die be any different?

Leng Jin Yu naturally had the same insight from his life as Chun Yin. He looked at the two of them with some doubt and then turned to watch Qiu Ling. To be honest, even though he felt that they were trying to sell him a convenient lie, they at least weren’t wrong that he couldn’t really do anything for Qiu Ling.

On the other hand, he might be able to do something for Jinde. Simply being there might allow Jinde to cope better with Jin Ling’s death. Not to mention that there were steps to observe after he had died for sure. Surely, at that time, Jinde would like to have him around.

He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and then slowly exhaled. “Alright.” Opening his eyes again, he took a last look at Qiu Ling before turning back to Fu Min and Fu Heng. “If anything happens, no matter what it is, bring him back immediately if possible and contact me. I might not be able to do much but I’m still his family. Maybe … maybe that’ll have some effect.”

He glanced at him again, his brows furrowing deeply. Dragons were surprisingly fragile when it came to their beloved. In this case, it had only been one incarnation and not the one he had originally bound his soul to. Maybe that could save him or maybe it wouldn’t be enough. Right now, he couldn’t say but he naturally hoped that their family wouldn’t have to live through yet another tragedy.

Fu Min and Fu Heng nodded. “We will. Don’t worry about it. You should just go back to your husband for now.”

Leng Jin Yu gave a hum and then finally left the demon realm, returning to the dragon realm on the fastest route possible. His gaze brushed over the battlefield that was still filled with many of the dragons but now, they weren’t fighting any longer. Instead, they tried to save those they could while carrying off those they couldn’t, slowly restoring the plain outside the walls of the capital city to how it had looked before as if nothing had happened at all. Unfortunately, they would still feel deeply that this was only an illusion and not the truth at all.

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