OMF V10C16 The King of the Demon Race

Ye Yang continued to float on the spot but he was rapidly gathering energy. Finally, he turned in the direction Yong Hai had vanished in and threw. There were some people between them but they hastily retreated to the side to not get hit.

Yong Hai naturally saw the ball of energy as well. He dashed to the side, sneering at Ye Yang for thinking that this kind of obvious attack could get him.

Ye Yang had already shifted behind him though and the next moment, the blade of his sword struck his neck, severing the head from his shoulders. His other hand shot up, snatching it by the hair.

The body fell to the ground with a thud but Ye Yang didn’t even bother to look. His gaze brushed over the demons and dragons around them. “Retreat.”

His voice wasn’t loud but it was enough to make the people around him turn their heads. Seeing Yong Hai’s head in his hand, the demons were taken aback at first but a glance at Ye Yang’s face revealed just who he was.

Backstabbing the king wasn’t anything new in the demon realm so their reaction was rather mild. They faintly retreated from where they had been fighting, slowly gathering. They exchanged some glances, all of them trying to figure out what to do.

Yong Hai who had led them into this battle wasn’t alive any longer. The king had been replaced twice on the same day. Now though, the one who apparently intended to seat himself on that throne was somebody like Ye Yang: He didn’t need sneak attacks to win over others like Yong Hai did. He was strong enough to hold his own without trouble to the point that most of them wouldn’t dare to contend against him.

Of course, they wouldn’t dare to make trouble. If he said to retreat, they would retreat. The problem was that they seemed to be the only ones who had heard. The dragons close by were still keeping a vigilant eye on them, ready to strike at the faintest hint that this was some kind of ploy.

One of the demons finally made up his mind and turned around. “Retreat by order of His Majesty, demon king Ye Yang!” Anyway, showing your allegiance early on could only be helpful. Ye Yang didn’t look like he would have second thoughts about dealing with any of them.

This time, more of the people on the battlefield heard. The dragons weren’t all exactly up to date on who was king in the demon realm. Most had still thought that Jin Ling was the one reigning but with the battle, some had also had doubts. Hearing a different name now, they figured that the new demon king had gotten in over his head and was now retreating.

The demons were a different matter though. Even those who hadn’t supported him knew that Yong Hai was the one who had crowned himself king this morning. To suddenly hear a different name announced … they naturally had their doubts.

They turned in the direction that the voice of the other demon had come from and found Yong Hai’s head dangling from somebody’s hand. Some recognized Ye Yang, some simply the situation they were in. At once, they stepped back, all shifting in the direction of the demon realm to show that they had heard and recognized what was going on.

The demons who hadn’t heard in the beginning soon caught on as well and the battlefield that had still been full of the sounds of fighting suddenly fell a lot quieter. There was only one place that was still in a commotion.

Ye Yang looked over there and saw the figure of the dragon king. As soon as he did, he retracted his gaze, not bothering to try and make the demons retreat. In any case, that guy would likely just change directions and go after the others. It was better to get everyone else out first and hope for the best for those left behind. Anyway, what he wanted was to stop the war. That was all.

Ye Yang moved but before he could lead everyone back, one of the demons rushed toward him. Taking a closer look, Ye Yang’s eyes narrowed. It was Xia Wei of all people. Right now, he was probably the person he hated the most right after Yong Hai. He was the one who had wielded the weapon that killed Jin Ling, after all, even if he might not have intended to do so.

“Who gives you the right?” Xia Wei stared at him with furrowed brows. He didn’t care about Yong Hai but he did care about being told to retreat when they still had a chance of winning.

Ye Yang raised a brow, held up the head of Yong Hai, and then let it drop to the ground. “Yong Hai was not fit to be king of the demon race. Somebody who doesn’t dare to confront his enemy face to face and needs to use ploys and sneak attacks to reach his goals isn’t what we should stand for. Are you willing to follow a coward like that? Do you have no pride as a demon?”

Xia Wei huffed. “I do. It’s why I wasn’t on his side. But who are you to tell me to leave now that the battle has already happened?”

Ye Yang raised his weapon. “I believe there is one way to decide whether I have what it takes to give that order or not. Isn’t that so?”

Xia Wei nodded solemnly. Compared to Yong Hai, he respected Ye Yang a lot more, especially when he was willing to prove his worth. He raised his own weapon and the two of them attacked at the same time, not wanting to waste a second.

As for the rest of the battlefield, whether it was the demons or the dragons, they simply returned to their side, the latter using the opportunity to grab their fallen ones so they wouldn’t get caught up in the fight.

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