OMF V10C15 He Had to Go

An Bai wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do to leave Jinde alone in this state. He turned to Xiang Yu but hesitated over what to say. In the end, he could only sigh. “Just make sure that nobody harms them. I’ll be back on the battlefield. When the battle is over, we will all come back here and deal with this. Don’t worry too much.”

Xiang Yu nodded but he still looked ill at ease.

An Bai didn’t have the time to care about that though. He turned around and made his way back to the battlefield. He wasn’t sure what to think about Ye Yang’s last words to him but he did feel worried. That man was on their side for the time being whatever the reason may be. In that case, he could only hope that he would not come to harm.

Ye Yang was currently flitting over the battlefield, his body constantly turning from a solid state to the black energy the demons used and back again. He was looking for Yong Hai but he also used the opportunity to help some of the dragons out when he saw one in a pinch. The looks he got from both the dragons and the demons in return … well, he’d never live that down. But then, it didn’t matter.

He finally spotted Yong Hai who was sneaking around at the fringes of the battlefield, apparently trying to find a chance to ambush the dragon king. Unfortunately for him, despite what had happened to his lover, the dragon king was still just as much of an impressive warrior as he had been before. The demons he came across either fled in terror at his sight or were mercilessly decimated. Clearly, that wasn’t the type of person Yong Hai could go up against.

Not to mention that the dragon king was still being followed by one of his people so it wasn’t like he could simply attack him even if he saw an opportunity. That guy would definitely intervene if that happened.

Ye Yang narrowed his eyes and rushed toward Yong Hai. This would end now. He would make sure of it.

The self-crowned demon king might be a coward and not as good of a fighter as Qiu Ling or even Jin Ling, but he definitely had a good sense of danger. When another demon rushed over, he immediately retracted his gaze from the figure of the dragon king and paid close attention to his surroundings.

Seeing Ye Yang appear in front of him, Yong Hai stiffened. “Ye Yang, I didn’t think you would join us in battle after supporting Jin Ling for so long.”

Ye Yang looked at him. It wasn’t this guy who had killed Jin Ling but he had been involved. If not for his sneak attack, Jin Ling wouldn’t have needed to rush out and Xia Wei’s attack wouldn’t have impaled him in that way. They still could have saved him.

His eyes narrowed further when he thought back to that scene. He didn’t waste any time on words and simply attacked, his hand reaching for Yong Hai’s throat.

Yong Hai wasn’t an idiot. As soon as Ye Yang moved, he used his dark energy to put some distance between them. He went backward, making sure that he could still see him but was out of reach. “What are you doing, Ye Yang? Are you going to betray your people?!” In his mind, the words of one of his supporters flashed by. They had told him that Ye Yang had apparently taken a special interest in some dragon. He didn’t know anything other than that but now, it seemed to be true.

Ye Yang scoffed but inside, his anger bubbled forth. He had liked being with Jin Ling even though he had known that there would never be anything deeper between them than sex every now and then and some shared plans that he helped him accomplish. Well, now, even that was gone and much of it was due to Yong Hai’s influence. And now, this guy dared to think about involving An Bai as well? He wouldn’t let that happen!

He rushed after him, their figures soon dancing over the battlefield, appearing in between the fights that were still going on everywhere. Yong Hai was slowly getting flustered, unsure where to run. If he let Ye Yang out of his sight, he was afraid of being stabbed in the back the next moment but with these short distance moves, Ye Yang could naturally catch up in no time.

Ye Yang’s lips curled up in a dark smile. There was no way that he would let Yong Hai get away today. This guy had to go and he would make him.

In the distance, he saw An Bai’s figure rushing back toward the battlefield, his gaze flashing here and there as if looking for something. Ye Yang retracted his gaze at once. He wasn’t sure if Yong Hai knew which dragon he had taken an interest in but if he hadn’t, then there was no need to give him any hints. Otherwise, there would simply be another repeat of what had happened before with Jin Ling.

He focused his attention on Yong Hai again, suddenly stopping where he was. Following him was one way to deal with this but not a good one. No, what he wanted was more than that.

Yong Hai felt confused when he saw his opponent stop but he still used the opportunity to put more distance between them. From there, he glanced back at Ye Yang, feeling that he might finally have the chance to get away for real. After that, he’d have to leave the battlefield and find a safe spot. He didn’t want to lose his life the same day he had crowned himself king, after all. That would be such a waste.

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