OMF V10C12 War Was Like That

“I can help.”

Leng Jin Yu and An Bai both turned around at the sudden voice. The person standing there was none other than Ye Yang. They hadn’t seen much of him throughout the fight because they had had enough to do with paying attention to their own safety and then also keeping Qiu Ling and Jinde in mind. The demon had stayed close by though, fighting alongside them.

Maybe it was odd for him as a demon to do this but he genuinely believed this war to be a mistake. After so much time, was there still a need to try and win against the dragons? For one, it would never be an easy win and they would lose many people as well which certainly wasn’t beneficial for their race as a whole.

Two, it was very likely the dragons would win anyway because, despite the demons’ ability to use dark energy and move around that way, dragons were made to be resilient. As long as they took on their dragon form, it wouldn’t be easy to kill them. And with them flying up in the sky, the demons’ ability to command the earth was pretty useless. Thus, while the dragons could use the full range of their abilities, the demons were down by one, giving them a slight disadvantage.

Of course, the major reason was that even if they won a battle or even the war, nobody should believe that the dragons would ever follow their rule willingly. Their two races had diverged too much over time and now, with the curse on the immortal races, that was even more so the case. They might lie low for a while but as soon as they had gathered their strength, they would rise up and attack. Where would that lead them?

So, even though he was a demon, he’d rather fight on the side of the dragons this once and push back, making it so that the war would come to an end if possible. Maybe in this battle, somebody would kill Yong Hai as well. Then the demons would have to fight amongst themselves again until they figured out who was to rule. At the very least, that would give them some reprieve.

Leng Jin Yu and An Bai didn’t know much about Ye Yang’s motivation. They couldn’t help but wonder if this was really just to try and impress An Bai. It seemed … over the top but you could never know with demons. Their obsessions ran deep, after all.

But either way, they weren’t sure if they could trust him. They exchanged a glance, seeing the same doubt in each other’s eyes. Zhong Jing Yi and Jin Ling were both dead so there wasn’t much anyone could do to them. Jinde wasn’t though and he was in a vulnerable state.

Ye Yang saw their gaze and sighed. “An Bai can come with me. We’ll have to take more trips though.”

An Bai raised his brows in question.

“I might be strong but taking along extra people takes more energy. The more people you take, the more difficult it gets to move and the shorter the distance gets. With the four of you, I definitely can’t make it out of the battlefield cleanly. I’ll take you and him first.” He pointed at Jing Yi’s body and then motioned in the direction of the capital city. “I’ll get you out of the battlefield, put you down somewhere close to the city wall, and then come back here to get these two. In the meantime, someone has to keep an eye on them.” He glanced at Leng Jin Yu questioningly. He wasn’t completely sure about everyone’s role in the dragon realm, especially not these two since he had only seen them today for the first time. Still, he was sure they were a couple.

Leng Jin Yu’s expression turned troubled and he looked in the direction where Qiu Ling was about to vanish from sight.

Xiang Yong was close by and heard the exchange. “I’ll stay. You go and follow His Majesty.”

From the looks of it, their king had been in an especially bad state. It was no wonder after what had just happened but that also meant that they needed to be careful. If they didn’t manage to snap him out of this soon … he wasn’t sure what would happen.

Among all of them, Leng Jin Yu was the one most likely to accomplish that so it was only logical to let him go and if he followed their king closely, he shouldn’t be in too much danger either. Clearly, their king had a penchant for killing demons. Even in this state, he was deadly. The demons would likely start to evade him sometime soon.

Leng Jin Yu was still hesitant. Looking at Jinde, he didn’t want to leave him alone. Jinde’s state wasn’t much better than Qiu Ling’s and he was his husband. He should be there for him, right? But then, Jinde loved Qiu Ling just as much as he had clearly loved Jin Ling. If anything happened to him because he had stayed behind to be with him … he’d never forgive himself.

Leng Jin Yu took a deep breath and then nodded. “I will go then.” He still knelt down next to Jinde and pulled him into a half-hug. “I will go and make sure nothing happens to Qiu Ling. Let them bring you back home. Don’t worry about anything else for now.” Later, they would give Jin Ling a proper burial but that was something for when the battle had ended.

He held onto him for a moment and finally kissed his temple before getting up and rushing after Qiu Ling. Hopefully, everything would go well for the rest of the battle. He really didn’t want to see any more harm befall anyone. Unfortunately, war was like that: No matter which side finally won, in the end, they would all lose something.

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