OMF V10C13 Where He Belonged

Ye Yang only waited for Leng Jin Yu to leave and Xiang Yong to take his place before he carefully picked up Zhong Jing Yi’s body. This person was the dragon king’s spouse. That might not mean much to him personally but he knew what it meant to the dragons. He had to treat him correspondingly.

Having secured his hold on him, he reached out and took An Bai’s arm. The next moment, his dark energy flared up and they moved across the battlefield, landing only a little way from it at the edge of the city wall.

Ye Yang handed Jing Yi’s body to An Bai and nodded. “Alright, I will be back in just a moment. Make sure you stay out of the fights.”

An Bai gave a hum and watched Ye Yang leave. He glanced at Zhong Jing Yi’s tightly closed eyes and then the city wall behind them. Ye Yang likely could have put them behind the wall but he knew that he didn’t trust him so he left them here where he could see what was going on in the middle of the battlefield while still having the opportunity to flee if things got dire. Looking at it that way, Ye Yang wasn’t too bad.

Ye Yang reached the middle of the battlefield again, landing directly next to Jinde. He nodded at Xiang Yong and then crouched down. Just one look and you knew that he wasn’t in a good state. He couldn’t just grab him and pull him away or he would likely be attacked.

He gently brushed back his hair only to stare at him in a daze. This person was a beauty and the stunning kind that you seldom saw. The same type that Jin Ling was, to be precise, just that it was even more pronounced with him. Looking at them in proximity … Ye Yang had the same thought as Leng Jin Yu.

He lowered his gaze to look at Jin Ling and sighed before looking back up at Jinde. “I’m sorry for your loss. I also knew him. In the fight for the throne, I promised to support him but in the end, there wasn’t much I could do. He would have been happy though, finally seeing the person again he had been looking for.”

He hadn’t known who Jin Ling was trying to seek out. He hadn’t understood why anyone wouldn’t want to see him either. But right now, some of those questions were answered. Yes, this was him. The one Jin Ling had longed for all this time. It had turned out to be somebody quite different from what he had expected but in a way, he could understand it.

Demons might be unable to love but many still longed for some kind of … belonging. They wanted a home, a family, or at least whatever they imagined that to be. Clearly, Jin Ling had been one of those demons. It was just that it was complicated to have that type of relationship with others, even if the other side was a dragon. That had to be even more so if one was the demon king.

Ye Yang sighed when he thought about that and finally motioned toward the city. “I’ll bring the two of you to safety. You don’t want anything to happen to him, do you?”

Jinde looked at him, the tears still trickling down his cheeks. “My husband?”

“Went after the dragon king when he rushed out to kill some demons.”

Jinde nodded weakly and then simply continued to hold Jin Ling.

Ye Yang hesitated but then reached out, taking Jin Ling from his arms just as carefully as he had picked up Jing Yi before. Only when he was sure that he could hold onto him safely did he reach out and grab Jinde’s shoulder. “Let’s go. Adviser An Bai is waiting with … the other one.” He suddenly couldn’t bring himself to say the word body.

Even though he had never felt what love was, he had seen the consequences it had for people to lose their loved ones. It wasn’t just the dragons. Gods and humans weren’t that different. They might not lose their lives over it but the grief was unimaginable. He simply didn’t want to remind this person of the loss he had just suffered.

Without waiting, he used his dark energy again, making it to the city wall where An Bai was still waiting, holding onto Zhong Jing Yi’s lifeless body.

The two of them looked at each other, An Bai’s gaze complicated. His thoughts on Ye Yang could be simplified to ‘annoying’ and maybe ‘threatening’. He had never seen anything good in him. Even the times when Ye Yang had given them information had been interpreted as him trying to gain an advantage for himself. But seeing him handle Jing Yi’s body so carefully and taking the time to comfort Jinde amidst the battle … that was something that impressed him. Apparently, this demon was a better person than he had given him credit for.

He lowered his gaze, not wanting to think about that at this moment. “You should bring the two of them in first. It’s best to stop outside of the palace, then make a second leap to the courtyard where you originally told us about the attack.”

Ye Yang nodded solemnly. “I will.” He hadn’t forgotten about being pulled inside by that fallen god. He had thought his heart would stop the moment he looked at that mark between his brows. In the future, he might have nightmares of that flame symbol.

He didn’t waste more time and brought Jin Ling and Jinde to the gate of the palace, waiting for a moment so the fallen god inside could notice he was there. Only then did he make the last leap to the courtyard. Despite that, he still came face to face with Xiang Yu.

Ye Yang cursed under his breath and hastily took a step back, letting go of Jinde’s shoulder and putting Jin Ling’s body onto the ground. “I … will go and get the dragon king’s spouse then.” Then, he left the courtyard as if the whole place was on fire.

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