OMF V10C6 No Sneaky Demon

Jinde looked over when he heard An Bai yell. He hadn’t actually understood what An Bai was saying with the wind roaring around him and the cacophony of sounds coming from everywhere on the battlefield but seeing his expression of horror, he became more guarded against Xia Wei. Anyway, it was better to be safe than sorry.

His eyes narrowed and he took a closer look at this opponent. That demon definitely wasn’t afraid. Despite the tempest surrounding them, he seemed sure that he could take him on. He was holding his weapon in a tight grip but he wasn’t clutching it either. Surely, he had confidence.

Jinde tilted his head, thought for a moment, and finally pulled out a weapon. This was not the sword he had originally used, the one that had been a set combined with Chun Yin’s. Instead, this was a weapon he had been gifted by his master back in the day.

It was well-suited for him even though it couldn’t be called a strong weapon. It was a simple sword, the main focus being the looks more so than the force behind it. It said a lot about how his master had seen him but he didn’t mind any longer. His strength was not in the weapon he wielded but the in mind used to do so. And he trusted in his ability to do that well.

The sword and the spear collided in the air, the clash sending another gust of wind over the battlefield.

Jinde’s eyes narrowed further, reducing his gaze to a golden sparkle. Something seemed odd about that weapon. Was that what An Bai had tried to warn him about? He glanced at the glittering tip and then looked up at the man’s face. “Using a weapon like that, do you not trust in your own ability?”

Xia Wei smiled. “I use it as proof of my ability. After all, that was what allowed me to lay my hands on it and it will also be what allows me to keep this.”

Jinde gave a hum. “Bring it on, then.” He hadn’t believed that he could talk his opponent out of using this weapon but at least, he now had confirmation that there was something special about it. He might not have gotten a hint as to what exactly that was but he could slowly figure it out. For now, he needed to make sure that he wasn’t struck no matter how small the injury. He knew how dire the consequences could be, after all.

Xia Wei didn’t need to be asked twice. He wielded the spear, feeling excited at this opportunity. This was precisely why he had wanted to come here! What did he own this kind of weapon for if not to use it against a strong opponent? It was time to see what this spear created and used by one of their ancestors could accomplish.

The two of them rapidly exchanged blows, neither giving nor gaining an inch. Qiu Ling’s advisers glanced up but the demons around them had started to adapt to the storm and were now trying to hinder them from helping out. They could only put their all into defending An Bai and with him the array that was protecting Qiu Ling who still hadn’t moved again.

Jinde didn’t feel like he needed help anyway. He might not be having the upper hand right now but he had never been the type to be at an advantage at first. No, he was the one who slowly wrested the win from the enemies who thought to have won already. This time, it wouldn’t be any different.

He defended against attacks where he had to, he used the opportunities he saw, always looking for any gaps in his opponent’s defense or flaws in his fighting style. Fighting sword against spear, Xia Wei was able to keep him at a further distance, making it difficult to get close enough to reach him and actually injure him which could turn the tides of this battle. He wouldn’t simply give up though.

Xia Wei also closely watched Jinde, his appreciation rising steadily. He had thought that maybe this dragon was simply talented when it came to magic but it seemed he could also hold his own with a weapon in hand. Interesting! He doubled his effort, making Jinde furrow his brows.

It seemed his opponent hadn’t gone full-out before. He had to be more careful. He slightly pulled back, focusing more on his defense than the offense to ensure he wouldn’t be struck. He still hadn’t found out what this weapon could actually do but he knew he wouldn’t like it.

Xia Wei didn’t press him further. What he wanted was a good fight, not to kill his opponent as fast as he could. Otherwise, he would be playing dirty tricks just like the other demons and take full advantage of his dark energy. Right now, he wanted to give his opponent some time to adjust and see whether he could surprise him.

While the two of them were locked in battle, the eyes of Yong Hai who had hidden as far away as possible lit up. That dragon was finally distracted. Perfect! He struck out at the dragon in front of him, his body vanishing in a cloud of black smoke when the other tried to evade. He reappeared behind him, giving him another strike before vanishing with a chuckle. He didn’t bother about that dragon though. No, he had other ideas. Greater ones.

He reappeared behind Jinde, his lips curving up, and his hands going straight toward his heart.

Xia Wei’s eyes widened.

Jinde noticed his gaze and turned to the side, trying to evade whoever was attacking from behind, as well as getting away from Xia Wei.

In the distance, Jin Ling’s eyes had also widened when he saw someone sneaking up on Jinde. He didn’t think. He simply dissolved his body with the dark energy, appearing behind Jinde and striking out at Yong Hai, cleanly severing his hand that wanted to take Jinde’s life.

Unfortunately, at that time, Xia Wei had already stabbed out, wanting to make Yong Hai back off so he could continue his fight. But now, another person was in the way and bore the brunt of the attack, the tip of the spear cleanly striking through his chest in very much the same manner as how Zhong Jing Yi had died barely an hour ago.

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