OMF V10C5 The Tides Have Turned

Back on the battlefield, the situation was coming to a head. The rest of the demons might not be able to think as far as Yong Hai but they certainly felt the danger emanating from the person hovering in the air. They stopped trying to get to Qiu Ling and his advisers who were only defending anyway and instead rushed up to greet the threat that had appeared.

Jinde simply scoffed. This kind of disorganized battle, it was nothing in his eyes. The only thing the demons had speaking for them was their ability to sneak up on you and with his experience, that was nothing to worry about. Not to mention that his husband was watching his back.

He focused on his magic, urging on the storm. The wind grew stronger, finally even pulling off the veiled hat he was wearing. He couldn’t care less though. With Qiu Ling in this situation, what did it matter? Anyway, whatever they were faced with in the future, they would face it together, and they would somehow solve all the issues. They could do that.

Lightning split the clouds apart and struck the ground beneath. One of the demons was unlucky enough to stand close to the spot, the sleeve of his robe catching fire and even the flesh beneath burning.

Jinde gave him a quick look but didn’t pursue the opportunity to attack. He had more important things to do. Yes, he would turn this into the biggest storm he could, giving the dragons on the battlefield an edge over the demons. That should also drive them away from Qiu Ling if this was the place where the tempest would rage the harshest.

His lips curled up and his eyes narrowed. Even his hair seemed to crackle with magic as the wind picked up further and the rumbling thunder grew louder and louder.

Yong Hai stared at him with his mouth gaping open, glanced at the dragon king still clutching his lover’s dead body, and then cursed. His carefully laid-out plan had worked out just as imagined but now, the tables had still turned and he couldn’t proceed with actually killing the dragon king.

Even if he did, it would be useless because there was clearly somebody ready to take the throne. No, it’d likely be better to leave them with a useless figurehead so they could worry over whether it was alright to replace them or if he should be kept in the position. That might lead to some internal strife. Then, they could try something again.

Making up his mind, Yong Hai once again urged his black energy and vanished from the spot, reappearing further away. He made sure to stay in their line of sight though. Whether it was the dragon king or that guy in the air, they were opponents he couldn’t underestimate. If any opportunity appeared, he needed to take it without hesitation and rid himself of this issue.

The gales swept over the battlefield, pushing the demons away from the place where Qiu Ling was. Even the dragons lost their footing for a moment but they were creatures of the air, after all. When the surprise wore off, everyone on their side managed to stabilize. Some took on their dragon forms while the rest simply shook themselves and then continued to fight.

The loss of motivation from before? They didn’t feel that anymore. The ones in the middle of the battlefield could see who was causing this tempest and held some faint hope that even if their king was going to die, they would be able to survive as a race. On the other hand, those further away had no idea what exactly had happened.

Most thought that maybe the word that had spread previously had been wrong and while the king’s lover had been injured, he had not died. In that case, not only would their king not be struck by the curse and weakened, no, the demons would instead be faced with a very pissed-off dragon that was ready to wipe the floor with them. It sure seemed in line with what was currently happening.

Thinking of their king escaping disaster, thinking of getting to see his heroic deeds once again, and also thinking of the sorry figures of the demons when they’d have to flee in a bit, the dragons were more than motivated. They rushed forward, throwing themselves into battle with even more fervor than in the beginning.

The battle that the demons had thought they had in the pocket had somehow turned for the second time, putting them at a disadvantage once more. Some wanted to retreat but with the gale raging on the whole battlefield, pushing in this direction one moment and then in another one the next, they hardly managed to move from the spot. It already took everything from them to simply defend against the dragons close by that used the opportunity to attack.

Among them, there was only one person that finally pushed off the ground and managed to get close to Jinde.

Seeing him, Ye Yang who had been standing close to An Bai and repelling the demons trying to attack the dragon cursed under his breath.

An Bai might not like him but right now, he had to say that he had some trust in him. Also, Ye Yang was much more familiar with the other side so he might have helpful information. “What’s the matter?”

Ye Yang leaned closer and motioned up there. “That’s Xia Wei. He was originally on Jin Ling’s side but he likes to fight. He probably changed sides as soon as he got from Jin Ling what he wanted and it became clear that Yong Hai had a chance to make it. He must love that we’re at war now.”

An Bai gave a hum. He didn’t care much for that demon’s feelings but it was good that Ye Yang seemed to know what was up. “Is he strong?”

“Yeah. Among the demons following either side, he is one of the strongest. Even worse, the weapon he is holding? That is one they excavated from the tomb of our royal family. I don’t think it’s something anyone wants to deal with.”

An Bai’s eyes widened and he couldn’t help but yell a warning toward Jinde. Others might not know but he had studied the history of all three immortal races and looked into the smallest clues from the time of the curse and before. Thus, he was very well aware that it had been a member of the demons’ royal family who created the twin daggers that were so dreaded among their people. If this was a weapon that might have been created by the same hand … he didn’t even want to imagine what kind of effect that weapon would have.

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