OMF V9C378 Preparing for Battle

Qiu Ling gave a hum. Actually, that was his favorite type of opponent. He hated those sly ones that were putting a trap in a trap and trying to trick you into something, only ever leading you around by the nose. If you were daring enough to start a war, you’d better be strong enough to win head-on as well!

He narrowed his eyes, looking at his bright red robe. Today really wasn’t the right day for this but what could he do? If the demons were attacking, they were. He couldn’t change that. He turned to Jing Yi and then sighed deeply. “Looks like somebody is out to ruin our special day after all.”

Jing Yi could only smile wryly. “It’s not your fault. Just … do what you have to.” He couldn’t help but feel that this was an ominous sign though. How come this happened on their wedding day of all days? Was this a way to tell him that he shouldn’t have tried to marry Qiu Ling after all? Was what they were doing that much against fate that one thing after another had to happen? Would things get even worse after Qiu Ling managed to fend off the attack by the demons?

He tried not to let it bother him but he indeed couldn’t help but worry. There just seemed something incredibly wrong with this. But then, his own feelings weren’t important right now.

He stepped forward and hugged Qiu Ling before taking a step back. “You go off then. Don’t worry about me.”

Qiu Ling nodded and then motioned at his advisers. “Get ready. This is their first attack under a new king. They’re all bound to be excited and full of motivation. We have to hit them back so hard that they’ll think twice about trying again in the next few centuries.”

The others nodded and made their way out of the courtyard.

Ye Yang scratched his head, glanced at the fallen god that was still eying him warily, and then followed Xiang Yong. “You tell me if I can be of help.”

Xiang Yong gave him a glance but didn’t seem enthusiastic. “I appreciate your help but this is a war between the demons and the dragons. Do you really think you should be on our side?”

“Well, it isn’t a war that Jin Ling is waging. Personally, I’d love it if we could just live in peace with each other. Everything else is so bothersome.”

Xiang Yong gave him another look while pulling out a transmission stone at the side. “Then how about you go and try to get Yong Hai’s head? With him dead, this battle might come to a premature end.”

“Not a bad idea, actually.” The only problem was that those idiots from the demon realm would probably try to hail him as the new king. After all, backstabbing the old one was the best way to get the throne. So if he were to do this, he’d better make sure nobody saw him doing it.

Xiang Yong gave a faint hum and ignored him, instead focusing on the transmission.

It only took a moment for An Bai’s figure to appear. “Xiang Yong, what’s the matter?” He was still in the Nine Heavens, going through the scrolls with the others from their realm and some people of the Court of Justice, albeit at a slower pace now that a solution had been found for the time being.

“The demons are attacking. Grab everyone and come back after warning the gods. Tell the God of War to send reinforcements. This might be a large-scale attack.”

An Bai’s expression turned solemn and he gave a nod. “I’m on my way.” He directly cut the connection, got up from his seat, and looked at the half-bloods that had all raised their heads at his sudden movement. “The dragon realm is under attack. Leave everything as it is and rush over immediately. I will go and inform the God of War.”

Next to him, Yi Yun got to his feet as well. “Adviser An Bai, you don’t bother about that. Go with them. I will inform the Palace of War and deal with everything on our end.”

An Bai inclined his head. “Thank you.” Then, he waved at the others from his realm and they rushed out of the building, leaving the capital city of the Nine Heavens behind in just a short moment.

Those who could, took on their other form, rushing ahead, while the rest gritted their teeth and still flew at the fastest speed possible. By the time they arrived, they found the capital city already in a state of tension, all the guards forming a ring around the walls while the people inside were clearly preparing as well. In the dragon realm, with very few exceptions, everyone would fight.

An Bai rushed over to where Xiang Yong and the others were while motioning for the half-bloods following him to find a spot for themselves. “How is the state of things?”

Xiang Yong and Fu Min were both furiously starting and ending transmissions, warning the ones in charge of the different regions of the realm of what might be happening soon. Neither of them had time to answer him.

Qiu Ling himself leaned over and pointed at the demon just two steps behind them. “He came to inform us that Yong Hai apparently took over because Jin Ling vanished. According to him, that guy is likely to charge right here. Xiang Yong and Fu Min are telling the rest not to bother with him and just stay out of sight. After all, we’re prepared while they aren’t. Instead, they are supposed to lie low for now, then attack from behind if he came their way and to send reinforcements if that wasn’t the case.”

An Bai nodded. Well, at the very least, it seemed like they were well prepared.

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