OMF V9C379 Attack Where It Hurts the Most

Ye Yang’s warning had come at exactly the right time. Yong Hai had been planning his attack for several days since he noticed that Jin Ling had left. Everyone on his side knew exactly what to do so as soon as Yong Hai declared himself king of the demon race, they started on their plan.

First, they took care of those supporters of Jin Ling’s who still wouldn’t see reason. In and out of the demon king’s palace, it was bloodshed. Then, they left the realm, their army splitting into three parts.

Ye Yang wasn’t wrong: Yong Hai indeed didn’t want to bother about the border regions. No, he wanted to attack the capital city in the heart of the realm. After all, only that would prove that they were the stronger side. Actually getting there required some work though.

He sent in the two smaller parts of his people to attack at two different fronts. Surprisingly enough, they weren’t attacked in return. It was as if all the dragons had decided to take a vacation at the same time and left their home unattended.

Yong Hai narrowed his eyes as soon as the news came back. “That seems deliberate.” He pondered for a moment but finally huffed. “Well, we were going for the capital city anyway. Let’s go then.” He motioned for the larger part behind him to stay where they were and even keep out of sight. Anyway, he wasn’t an idiot. This was absolutely a ploy. But in that case, it would be better to have some reinforcements ready for when they needed them.

Having dealt with that, they rushed ahead. The situation along the way stayed the same and soon, the capital city of the dragon realm appeared in the distance, and with it the dragons that were already waiting outside.

Yong Hai smiled. “Seems I was right. This was indeed a plot. I wonder which traitor gave them the information.”

His gaze brushed over the people he could see but unless they used dark magic or changed their form, dragons and demons were virtually impossible to distinguish. And even though Ye Yang was a well-known person among the demons, that only concerned his name, not his face so even Yong Hai couldn’t recognize him.

Instead, he turned his attention back to the person on the forefront. Looking at the black hair and robe billowing in the wind and the cutting gaze, he actually stiffened. He would have loved to have a fight with Jin Ling to gauge his own strength but he had managed to seize the throne without. Now, he had to fight against a person who was strong enough to even kill Jin Ling’s predecessor who had always been considered a stronger leader. Needless to say, his confidence in winning against this person wasn’t high.

Yong Hai pursed his lips but after a moment, they curved up into a smile. Anyway, there were ways to accomplish whatever you wanted to. “This is the moment we have been waiting for so I won’t lose useless words. Charge!”

He yelled the last word, generating some dark energy at the same time. While the rest of the demons indeed charged past him, his figure dissolved into black mist and reappeared at the side of the battlefield. What he needed was an opportunity to strike where it would hurt the most. Thankfully, he had done his homework and knew exactly what to look for.

On the side of the dragons, Qiu Ling scoffed. “Huh. Will you look at that! That Yong Hai is really a coward. He doesn’t even dare to come at me directly.”

Xiang Yong glanced at him and cleared his throat. “Don’t get overly excited. They’re demons. They’re bound to be sneaky. Always make sure you have somebody at your back.”

“Sure.” Qiu Ling said so but the next moment, he pushed off the ground, merely waved at the dragons behind him, and then dashed ahead, directly entangling one of the demons.

Xiang Yong sighed and then glanced at Fu Heng. “Try and keep at least one eye on him.” Then, he changed his form and rushed ahead as well.

Fu Heng gave a hum and glanced at his husband before following Qiu Ling. He had to trust that Fu Min would be able to handle himself. Anyway, he was more likely to hang back and engage just a few of the demons. On the other hand, their king had always liked to go big when a battle ensued.

Fixing his gaze on the back of the figure dashing ahead, he couldn’t help his heart from racing. He wasn’t eager to be at war but he was usually itching for a good fight. Even just watching one was a good thing. The last time he had had the chance to see his king in action though, it had been a long time ago. Now, it was finally time again. To be honest, he was excited about this.

Qiu Ling didn’t even think about the people behind him. Ever since he had become king, he had always fought like this: Charging ahead, killing every demon that got into his way, without hesitating for a moment or taking anything else into consideration.

As for being sneak attacked … well, you needed to be sneaky to do so. And to him, that dark energy of theirs stank. So as long as they used that to appear behind him and try to kill him, he’d know exactly where they were. They’d have an easier time getting close by relying on their physical speed but then, they never thought of that. This time was no exception.

Thus, with both sides trying to kill off as many people on the other side as possible, the renewed war between the dragons and demons began.

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