SML V5C69 Welcome on Board!

Zhu Yi finally closed the course for that day and the two of them waited until even the last participant had left. Then, Zhu Yi immediately turned around and jumped up to hug Li Ming. “Oh my god, you’re the best!”

Li Ming’s eyes widened and he wasn’t sure how to react. In the end, he could only clear his throat in embarrassment and try to play it cool. “Uh … thank you?”

Zhu Yi let go of him and stepped back, still beaming. “We definitely have to go on that double date as soon as possible. You have to meet Xiao Xiang.”

Li Ming nodded. “I’ll tell Ah Chen as soon as I get home.”

Zhu Yi nodded and then waved for him to follow him back to the changing room. In the meantime, he couldn’t help but try to find out some more. “So … you and your boyfriend, are you living together?”

Li Ming shook his head. “No, not yet. Actually, we haven’t even thought about it so far. I guess … I’d rather take it slow.” He didn’t say anything further than that, feeling that those details of his relationship really weren’t important for Zhu Yi to know. That kind of thing, he’d rather keep it to his romantic partners.

Zhu Yi didn’t try to force the issue either and just jumped to the next topic. “So, what do you like to eat? And what does your boyfriend like to eat? Actually, do you have a place you like to eat at? Or would you like to come to our place to have a meal?” He stopped and pointed at his own nose, suddenly feeling that this idea wasn’t too bad. Anyway, Li Ming might be rather open about his orientation but maybe going out wasn’t something he liked to do? He wasn’t sure and he also wasn’t sure if he could ask about it directly.

Li Ming also stopped in his tracks. “Well, your girlfriend is still healing from her injuries, right? What would be more convenient for her?”

Zhu Yi blinked his eyes and then felt like giving Li Ming another hug. “You’re being way too considerate! Is there anything I can say that you won’t react to in the most perfect way?”

Li Ming raised his brows. “I feel like you’re being too optimistic about me. Isn’t that what everyone would ask in this situation? Anyway, you still didn’t tell me.”

Zhu Yi pursed his lips. He really didn’t think that he was thinking too much. No, this was clearly just the type of person Li Ming was. He always thought of other people and what was most convenient for everyone. It was already an ingrained behavior. “Well, I think both would be alright but I’ll ask her what she’d prefer.”

Li Ming nodded. “That might be for the best.”

Zhu Yi took out his phone but then remembered that they still hadn’t signed the contract so he waved at Li Ming to continue walking, sending the message on the side. “Well, in the meantime, let’s go and sign your contract.”

Li Ming gave a hum and then silently followed him.

He thought they would first change their clothes but as soon as they reached the changing room, Zhu Yi rushed up to his locker, pulled out the contract, and held it up to Li Ming’s face.

Li Ming raised his brows in return and did him the favor of taking the contract. He couldn’t help but give him a questioning look though. “Do you want me to sign it right now?” That had to be the oddest time and place he had ever signed a contract at.

Zhu Yi nodded though and he did so with fervor. “Of course! If I could have had my way, you would have signed this ages ago already. Do you have a pen? Wait, let me give you one!” He hurriedly looked in his bag and found the pen he had prepared, handing it over to Li Ming. Then, he eagerly stared at him.

Li Ming felt put on the spot. He didn’t mind signing. He had really liked the course today and he got along well with Zhu Yi. Suddenly being handed a contract and a pen in a changing room was strange though. He took a moment to look back at Zhu Yi and then just shook his head in resignation. Well, with how Zhu Yi was, this was the kind of thing he’d have to live with in the future.

He looked over the contract to make sure he was alright with all the terms and then clicked the pen. Looking at the thin paper, he looked around the room and finally got up. Putting it up against the locker, he finally signed his name.

Zhu Yi squealed and grabbed the contract from him, stuffing it into his bag while pulling out a copy. “This one’s for you. You can sign it directly as well and then take it home.”

“Oh.” Li Ming nodded and put his signature below the copy as well before carefully putting it down. He hadn’t taken anything with him to transport this in and he wasn’t as casual as Zhu Yi that he would simply put it in his bag. Well, maybe he could get something at the reception. He’d have to ask later on.

Zhu Yi still beamed at him. “Welcome on board then! I swear you won’t regret it! You will absolutely love working with me and you’ll also enjoy the course after getting used to it. The other group isn’t as difficult as this one either. And what are the chances of meeting somebody you know again? I’m really sorry about that, by the way.”

Li Ming just laughed and started to change his clothes. “Don’t worry about it. That was … an odd coincidence indeed. I never would have thought to meet somebody I knew either.”

“And I guess you especially didn’t think it’d be somebody like her.” Zhu Yi sighed and started to change his clothes as well. “At the very least, you’ve gotten a glimpse of the two most troubling members of my courses. So … it can’t get worse than this.”

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