SML V5C68 Sold!

Zhu Yi smiled wryly and already wanted to tell him the same as he told Zhi Bao Yu again but Li Ming was faster this time.

“We’re not. If you want to know more about my private life, we can discuss that just the two of us after the course.”

“I’m not gay!”

This time, Li Ming gave that huff out loud but he didn’t comment any further and simply looked at the rest of the course with a smile, encouraging them to ask the questions they had.

Honestly, he wouldn’t mind being open about being gay but … he wasn’t sure whether Zhu Yi would be alright with that. After all, himself accepting it without trouble didn’t mean that the participants of his course would. He’d rather not risk any consequences he couldn’t estimate beforehand.

“So, are there any other questions? Maybe … about my job? You can ask anything. If it’s something I can’t tell you, I’ll be honest about that.”

None of the others seemed to want to take the first step. After looking around for a bit, Xiao Na carefully raised her hand. Actually, she didn’t care too much since she had already heard a bit from Zhi Bao Yu earlier but she felt that Zhu Yi looked awkward and Li Ming being put on the spot also didn’t sit right with her. “Then, can I ask where you work? I mean, not the exact place but security guards work in a lot of different sectors, right?”

Li Ming smiled and nodded. “They do! Personally, I am doing security at a five-star hotel right now.”

This time, one of the other participants dared to ask further. “Then, how long have you been there?”

“Mn … it should be about three years now. Before that, I was working at a railroad station.”

“That was the one I worked at! We were co-workers.” Naturally, Zhi Bao Yu didn’t miss out on the opportunity to bring the fact up again.

Li Ming smiled wryly. “Yes, we were co-workers. At that place, I also spent a few years. Prior to that, I only did some short-term gigs to gather experience in different kinds of businesses.”

With two people going ahead and Li Ming patiently answering their questions, the others also slowly warmed up and threw in some questions of their own.

Zhu Yi didn’t interfere at all and simply let Li Ming take the lead in answering everything, happy that he seemed to get along with everyone save for maybe the two troublemakers of the course. Only when nobody seemed to have questions anymore did he clear his throat. “Alright, if those are all the questions you have, then let’s get started with today’s lesson so you can see Ah Ming in action!” He clapped his hands with a bright smile and then waved for Li Ming to get ready.

The participants indeed trusted in Li Ming’s ability after hearing him talk about his job and were curious to see how he would do. Thus, they watched closely as the two of them presented the first move they wanted to teach today.

Usually, Zhu Yi would ask one of the participants to come up and then slowly demonstrate everything so the other person wouldn’t get hurt. This time though, he and Li Ming quickly demonstrated the move to give an idea of how it should look if you knew it by heart. Only after that did they show it slowly again.

The participants’ eyes seemed to light up while they watched the first demonstration and they were focused on all the details when they did the second one.

Zhu Yi tried not to show how satisfied he was with this result and simply went over the move again, stressing what they needed to pay attention to. Then, it was time for the real test of today: Letting the participants give it a try and have Li Ming coach them at the side.

Everyone was already gathered in pairs so they turned to each other and tried to replicate what they saw.

Zhu Yi elbowed Li Ming and motioned ahead, standing back himself. Anyway, for now, he had to watch how Li Ming would do. Even though he was already completely sold on the idea of having him join just based on the first impression Li Ming had given him and what he had seen today so far, this would determine how well they could make it work.

Li Ming nodded and then went up to the first pair who happened to be Zhi Bao Yu and Xiao Na. Even though he had some personal issues with the former, that would never impact his work. Especially not when it came to something like this.

In Li Ming’s mind, self-defense was something everybody should be versed in. That way, you would feel safer and actually be slightly safer as well. Of course, this kind of course couldn’t turn you into a professional but it could get you out of some situations at least. So this was an important skill and even if he didn’t like somebody, he would still help them learn it because that was the right thing to do.

He had the two of them demonstrate, then nodded, and patiently pointed out the issues. Only when he was sure that they had gotten it, did he give his okay and continued on to the next couple.

Zhu Yi still stood in front, watching him with a smile. Well, he had already figured this would happen but yeah, he was once again sold. There was just nothing this guy couldn’t do. With that kind of patience, he was perfect for this role!

Smiling to himself, he started to help out the other three pairs, and soon enough, the course was back on track time-wise, even though they had done a long introduction for Li Ming. Just as expected, a second set of eyes and hands really paid off.

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