OMF V9C373 Looking Forward to the Future

Jinde simply smiled. He also knew that Qiu Ling wouldn’t directly go after Jin Ling even if he might like to. He just wasn’t the type to go looking for trouble. Especially not in a situation like this. “That’s more than enough. Anyway, I believe there are more important matters at the moment.”

Qiu Ling pulled back and raised his brows. “What’s more important than Jin Ling maybe wanting to kill your child?”

Jinde’s lips twitched. “Well, there is nothing more important than that, of course, but we’ve already contained the threat as well as possible thanks to Xiang Yu. So nothing speaks against focusing on other matters.” He glanced at Jing Yi behind Qiu Ling and smiled faintly. “Have you planned everything for your wedding yet? You know, I planned one in the mortal realm myself so I have experience.”

Qiu Ling also couldn’t help but smile again. “Unfortunately, we’re already completely done. It’s supposed to be a simple ceremony, after all. Thank you for offering though.”

Yes, just hearing Jinde say that meant a lot to him. It was a preview of what life would be like when all the dangers were taken care of and they would live here in the palace, both of them married to the people they liked, Jinde with the child he had always wanted, and … well, maybe he and Jing He would one day also add one to the family.

Qiu Ling couldn’t help but be in a daze when that thought struck him. As he had told Jing Yi a while ago, he wasn’t necessarily eager to have a child soon. For one, Jing He was much too young to have a child of his own. And two, he wasn’t sure if he was ready yet either.

He had missed out on so much of his own childhood and youth that he felt the need to make up for it somehow. He wanted some years with just him and Jing He and he wanted to watch his sibling grow up. He also wanted some years with Jinde and Leng Jin Yu living close by, allowing him to finally have that sense of family that he had missed for so long.

But after all of that had happened, yes, he would be ready. And he was sure that Jing He and he would be able to make the most adorable child ever. The kind that people couldn’t help but dote on. And with his sibling already being grown up, there would even be another person to do so.

Qiu Ling gave a hum. This wasn’t bad. Although, truth be told, it also wouldn’t be bad to have a child their child’s age around. Not that that was anything he had to think about right now. So far, he hadn’t even gotten married to Jing Yi, much less Jing He, or spent all those years he wanted to have together. He still had more than enough time to plan this. By then, he could probably try and convince his advisers to have some children as well. Yeah, that sounded like the perfect plan.

Qiu Ling cleared his throat, trying not to follow that ridiculous line of thinking any further. “Anyway, it’s still some days. So we can go over everything and you can see if you have any further suggestions.”

Jinde nodded and finally let go of him. “I’d love to. Let’s just do it here where I can see the little one.” He turned back to the shell and crouched down, rubbing the top of the shell.

Even though it was indeed as he had said and the danger was over, he couldn’t stop worrying that easily. He simply didn’t want to give Jin Ling any chances to break through. Even a fallen god wasn’t infallible, after all. Who knew if there wasn’t something Xiang Yu hadn’t thought of that Jin Ling would be able to use? No, he simply couldn’t risk it.

Qiu Ling and Jing Yi both nodded. Anyway, they had the room next door that even led to the same courtyard. It really wasn’t a problem to spend their time out here.

Qiu Ling actually would have stayed right there the whole time but then, glancing at Jing Yi, he finally decided against it. “Let’s do that tomorrow then. For now, we should probably retire. It’s been a long day in the mortal realm.”

Jinde cleared his throat. “Right, I almost forgot about that. You go in then.”

Qiu Ling nodded and then turned to the other two to bid his farewell before returning to their own room with Jing Yi. Back inside, he couldn’t help but sigh. “Ah, I really wish things would be simple for once.”

Jing Yi could only nod. Yes, that really would be a nice change of pace. He hesitated for a moment but then hugged Qiu Ling like Jinde had done just now and simply held him. “It’s going to be alright. Anyway, you have a lot of people on your side. One person won’t be able to destroy everything you’ve worked so hard for.”

Qiu Ling nodded. Yes, he sure hoped that was the case. Otherwise … well, he wasn’t sure what he would do but it certainly wouldn’t be pretty. If Jin Ling dared to try and harm his unborn sibling, his father’s reincarnation, or his lover, he would make him regret whatever decisions had led to that. Nobody would get away with harming his family. Not even somebody who was loved by one of them.

He narrowed his eyes and hugged Jing Yi back, trying to restrain those emotions. Anyway, nothing had happened yet so there was no need to get lost in rage. No, for now, he would focus on the positive in his life and do whatever he could to preserve it.

Reminding himself, he took a deep breath, and then inclined his head, kissing Jing Yi’s temple. “Well, let’s go to sleep. It’s only two more weeks until the wedding. We shouldn’t run ourselves ragged. We want to look our best that day after all, don’t we?”

Jing Yi chuckled and then nodded in response. “I doubt you wouldn’t look good even if you didn’t sleep.” After all, hadn’t his fiance proclaimed himself to be the most handsome man in the immortal realms? That kind of person surely wouldn’t look bad even after not sleeping well. It would probably just give him a different kind of charm.

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