Announcement: OCN going public

It’s been quite some time since I announced that I was going to start The Onion-Cutting Ninja’s Secret Crush over on Patreon after the end of IRL. By now, we’re in the fourth volume and I figured it was about high time I also start posting the project publicly. As usual, chapters will be uploaded to my website, my ScibbleHub account, and over on Tapas. This time, I will also post to Wattpad again. The release schedule is twice a week with one chapter being uploaded on Tuesday and the other on Thursday, so they’ll fit snugly in-between those RMN and SML releases.

For those of you who can’t remember the announcement back then and have no idea what the series is about, here’s a refresher:

He arrives like the wind and vanishes in a cloud of smoke. His blade is as fast as lightning and no secret stays hidden in front of his eyes. There is but one skill that Si Jin, the head of the deadly Si clan, does not possess: The ability to make tasty food instead of poison.
What a major oversight on his part to not have learned this art sooner! After all, this skill alone is able to secure him a date with food anchor Xiao Ming. But Si Jin is unwilling to capitulate before even trying. No matter whether he needs to slice ten-thousand onions or scale a mountain of broccoli, ninja Si Jin will not retreat until he manages to cook himself into the cooking show’s finals and into his secret crush’s heart.

So, basically, it’s a somewhat silly story about a ninja in love with lots of cooking at the side. There is a rather large cast in this one that might be slightly difficult to get used to at first because the ninjas are referred to by their rank in the clan instead of distinct names. On the bright side: If you always wanted to learn how to count to twenty in Chinese, here’s your chance! For those who want a headstart, I have a cheat sheet of the members of the Si clan that you can reference for the time being:

I’ll update this cheat sheet every now and then since more information about the ninjas will be revealed throughout the series.

As for the first chapter, it’ll go up in about an hour from now so stay tuned!

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