OMF V9C344 We Should Adopt This One

Xiang Yu had gone to a spot not far from the gates of the dragon realm’s capital city. He wasn’t sure where exactly Jinde was currently staying so he had figured that it was better to start looking for him from somewhere that wasn’t in the middle of a bunch of people. After all, not everyone was as relaxed as Jinde when it came to seeing a fallen god.

He had seen that displayed in the mortal realm just a few days ago and the mortals didn’t know much. If he appeared among those of the immortal races … he didn’t even want to think about it.

Looking at the city, he touched the mark between his brows, looking for Jinde. As it turned out, the person in question was in the dragon king’s palace. Xiang Yi didn’t really know his way around that place but he figured that he could manage. As long as he had the general direction, he could certainly find the person. Thus, he opened yet another gate and reappeared somewhere in the palace that should be close enough to where Jinde stayed.

Looking around, he was in a corridor with no people inside. Xiang Yu smiled to himself and then extended his senses, trying to get a more accurate read on Jinde’s position. Actually, he shouldn’t be far away, maybe only a few steps. So, it was likely that he was in one of the rooms next to him.

As expected, he found him in a room to the left and there was another person with him that should be his husband. He wanted to rush over when the door behind him opened. He looked back to see who it was and found a blond dragon staring at him.

The other person yelped and then jumped into the arms of the person behind him. “A fallen god!”

Fu Heng tilted his head and then patted his husband’s back. “It’s the one we know from the demon realm though.”

“Huh?” Fu Min froze and then glanced over his shoulder. Indeed, what stood behind him looked like a gloomy youth. That was indeed the fallen god who had suddenly appeared outside their cell back in the demon realm.

He calmed down and heaved a sigh of relief. “Oh, so it was him.” He waved a hand and then curiously looked at Xiang Yu. “What are you doing here?” Actually, even if they knew the person, he wasn’t sure if it was safe to speak to a fallen god. But then, the person was now inside the dragon king’s palace so it was better to find out what was going on.

Xiang Yu pointed at the door in front of him. “Visiting Jinde.”

“Oh.” Fu Min nodded and then motioned down the corridor. “Well, we were just leaving so we shouldn’t keep you.”

Xiang Yu nodded, turned away, and knocked on Jinde’s door, quietly waiting to be called in.

When he disappeared on the other side, Fu Min and Fu Heng looked at each other.

“Should we do anything about this?”

Fu Heng hesitated but then shook his head. “Think of who he is visiting.”

Fu Min nodded slowly. Right. The previous king would definitely be able to deal with this better than they ever could. He shouldn’t think too much. “Well, then let’s go.”

Fu Heng nodded and the two of them indeed simply left as if they hadn’t just met a fallen god in the halls of the dragon king’s palace.

Meanwhile, the fallen god in question had entered the room and was looking around curiously. The only one in sight was Leng Jin Yu who raised his brows questioningly, not sure what to make of his appearance.

Xiang Yu ignored him after a short nod and then rushed to the door to the courtyard where he could see Jinde’s figure. “Jinde!”

Jinde looked up and then blinked his eyes in surprise. “Xiang Yu?” He hadn’t seen him in a while but now, here he suddenly was. It sure could be called unexpected. He glanced in the direction of his husband who slowly followed but then got to his feet. “I didn’t think you’d come by. Is there a problem?”

Xiang Yu shook his head and then rushed over to his side, looking at him with bright eyes. “I heard from Qiu Ling that you were having a child so I brought gifts.” He hurriedly took out the comb and the rattle drum, holding them up so Jinde could see.

Jinde raised his brows but then took the gifts with a smile. “So you met Qiu Ling. Was that in the mortal realm?”

Xiang Yu nodded. “Mn. He’s there with his fiance. I heard they are going to have a wedding soon?”

Jinde nodded and looked at the comb in his hand. He did have to say that Xiang Yu had picked will. This really suited his likes. “This is really pretty. And this is for the little one, I assume?” He shook the rattle drum, his lips curving into a smile.

Xiang Yu nodded. “It is! I heard it will be a few more months but that I’m supposed to bring them as soon as possible. I hope you like them.”

Jinde nodded and handed the gifts to his husband before reaching out to pat Xiang Yu’s head. “I do. Anyway, somebody thought of me and brought me gifts. How could I dislike them?”

Xiang Yu nodded and then looked at the shell that was half-submerged in the water. “Is that …” He pointed at it but wasn’t sure how to ask. Most likely, this was the shell for the dragon baby but he didn’t know how to say something like that. He couldn’t ask if it was the child, could he?

Jinde chuckled when he saw him struggle and nodded. “Yes, that’s where our little one is growing. Do you want to have a look? It’s okay to touch. Just be gentle.”

Xiang Yu nodded and crouched down, carefully reaching out until his fingertips touched the shell. He gently rubbed it, not sure if he should say anything. In the end, he felt that a greeting should be appropriate. “Hello … uh … I’m Xiang Yu.”

Next to him, Jinde hugged his husband’s shoulder and laughed into the fabric of his robe. “You know, maybe we should adopt this one on top. I feel like he would fit right in with the rest of the family.”

Leng Jin Yi simply patted his husband’s back, not sure if they should really add another family member. It seemed like they’d have their hands full with just the ones they already had.

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