OMF V9C343 Is He Still in the Mortal Realm?

Jin Ling hardly even noticed when Xiang Yu returned and rushed out of the store to get a comb in the one on the other side of the street. Only after taking a few deep breaths to clear his mind did he finally look around and followed him.

He still couldn’t believe it but then, it also didn’t seem so strange. That bastard’s reincarnation was with Jinde now and Jinde had always loved children. Of course, he would want to have one with him.

Jin Ling clenched his hands into fists but tried not to give anything away. Xiang Yu knew Jinde and clearly liked him. If he noticed that anything was off, he might insert himself into the situation and then things could turn ugly. This shortly before reaching his goal Jin Ling naturally wouldn’t allow that to happen.

He forced himself to focus on the good parts: The fact that not only did he know for sure that Jinde was alive but also what was currently going on in his life. Now, the only question was where Jinde was currently staying but it shouldn’t be difficult to find out about that. Xiang Yu clearly didn’t have his guard up around him.

He finally found him in the other store, looking at the combs closely. Jin Ling smiled to himself and joined him again, taking a closer look himself. “Well, if this is for Jinde, I can probably help you much better at finding the right thing. For the comb, you should go with something that fits his aesthetic. Jinde has always liked the more simplistic designs. He sees them as more elegant. So, try to pick a more understated piece.”

Xiang Yu nodded and looked around for a while before picking one up. “How about this one?”

Jin Ling gave it a glance and nodded. “Yes, he should like that.”

Xiang Yu gave a hum and rushed to pay, happily putting the comb away as well before he returned to Jin Ling. “Alright, I still have to get my brother for the gathering. Do you want to come along for that as well?”

Jin Ling shook his head. “No, I don’t think you’d need help for that. Although …” He put on a troubled expression.

Xiang Yu looked at him curiously. Jin Ling had really helped him just now so he was willing to take another minute or two to hear his thoughts. Maybe there was something he had overlooked, after all.

Seeing that he had his attention, Jin Ling sighed. “I know this doesn’t concern me but I was just wondering when you found out that he was expecting a child?”

“This morning.”

“Oh. Well, I was just asking because I figured you wouldn’t want to give the gift too late. Do you know how long it will be until the child is born? Usually, you’d give the gift pretty early on.”

In fact, even though he was trying to get Xiang Yu to spill the beans in regard to any information he had about Jinde, this wasn’t wrong. For couples who did the ceremony to create their child, it was indeed customary to give a gift right after the ceremony if you wanted to give one. If not at that time, most people would wait until after the child would come out of its shell.

Xiang Yu suddenly felt troubled. “Well, Qiu Ling said it would be some months. Wouldn’t it be alright to go a little later?”

Jin Ling pursed his lips. “It wouldn’t be customary at least. But then, Jinde isn’t the type to mind that. I’m sure he will be happy that you’re happy for him. Surely, these kinds of technicalities, he wouldn’t care about too much.”

Xiang Yu nodded but he still felt a bit bad. Having a child was a big deal. It seemed wrong not to follow the customs if he was already told about them. “I said that I would go and get my brother for Jing Yi’s gathering though.”

Jin Ling gave a hum. “I get that. Although, then again, maybe you could manage both in time? I mean, is he still in the mortal realm? Then you could go there in a flash.”

Xiang Yu shook his head. “No, he’s in the dragon realm but it’s not like traveling there would take much time as a fallen god.”

“Oh, you’re right. Anyway, in that case, why don’t you go and bring the gifts to him right now? Then after that, you can still go and get your brother. Anyway, while having a gathering with friends is nice, it can’t compare to having a child, right? That is … a very special moment.”

Xiang Yu hesitated but then nodded. Anyway, it wasn’t Jing Yi who cared about his brother being there but he himself. So, if he didn’t make it back in time, that wouldn’t be a problem. In fact, Jing Yi probably didn’t even care too much whether he was there, considering that they hadn’t had much to do with each other in the past. Qiu Ling had probably only casually invited him along for this. The more important part was definitely going to the dragon realm to see Jinde.

Having thought it through, Xiang Yu finally nodded. “You’re not wrong. Then I’ll go and give him the gifts first. Anyway, I also haven’t seen him in a while.” His eyes lit up when he thought of seeing Jinde. That person would never judge him for being a fallen god.

He looked at Jin Ling and nodded. “Then I’m off. Good luck with what you were doing.” Without waiting for a response, he opened a gate, and stepped through, vanishing from the spot.

Jin Ling stared at the spot where the gate had been, his lips slowly curling up into a smile. “That was the capital city for sure.” He shook his head and laughed faintly, going to get a gift of his own. Anyway, he couldn’t go to meet the love of his life without getting a little something for him, could he?

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