RMN C452 A Thought for Later

Zhi Guan gave a nod and went over to the other door.

At this time, Mei Chao Bing had long been awake. He had spent most of the night cultivating, hoping that he would be able to advance just a little further before he had to confront any of his other senior martial brothers or his Master. He had also noticed that the two guardians had returned from blue butterfly’s dreamscape but since they didn’t try to wake them up, he figured that they wanted to see Luo Lin’s situation first. Thus, he hadn’t bothered going out.

Now that Zhi Guan was in front of the door, he hurriedly slipped out of bed though and opened the door, inclining his head toward him. “Everyone is back?”

Zhi Guan nodded. “The black warrior said to bring Fen’er. We might have figured something out.”

Mei Chao Bing gave a hum and went back to the bed, gently shaking his little bunny who was still curled up in the blanket, sleeping happily without a care in the world. It was difficult to imagine that he had just trained his sword arts in a dream. He sure didn’t look like work had been on his mind in recent times.

Mei Chao Bing smiled to himself at that thought and shook him again. “Fen’er, it’s time to get up.”

Yun Bei Fen gave a hum and turned around, burrowing into Mei Chao Bing’s arms without even opening his eyes. He grabbed onto the lapel of his robe and seemed to slip even deeper into his dreams.

Mei Chao Bing chuckled to himself. If this had been any other day and the situation in the border region wasn’t as serious, he would have let him sleep in. But, unfortunately, this was precisely the kind of situation they had found themselves in so he couldn’t do that. He shook him again and then simply pulled him up while prying away the blanket.

Yun Bei Fen furrowed his brows and then carefully blinked his eyes. He felt cold but seeing Mei Chao Bing in front of him, his expression smoothed out again, and there was even a beautiful smile on his lips. “Mei Chao Bing!”

“Mn.” Mei Chao Bing kissed his forehead and then motioned to the door. “It’s time to get up. Your first senior martial brother and the others are waiting for us.”

Yun Bei Fen gave a hum and then rushed to get out of bed. Now that he was awake, he naturally didn’t want to make trouble. Anyway, while he might not have paid too much attention to everything else while training his sword arts before, he had still noticed that his first senior martial brother and the two guardians were whispering the whole time after Zhi Guan went over. Speaking of the time in the dreamscape though …

He looked up at Mei Chao Bing with an aggrieved expression. “You weren’t there before. Shouldn’t you also have entered the dreamscape? Were you unable to sleep?” He tugged at his sleeve, not sure if he should feel sad that Mei Chao Bing hadn’t been there with him or distressed because he must have had a sleepless night. He wasn’t sure how much time they had spent in there but it should have been a lot.

Mei Chao Bing naturally realized what was going on. He rubbed Yun Bei Fen’s head and shook his own. “That’s not it. Originally, I wanted to accompany you but the black warrior said that I didn’t have to. Honestly, I feel like he isn’t wrong. There isn’t much I can do in the dreamscape since spiritual energy can’t be used. Thus, I stayed outside and used the time to cultivate instead. I do need to get stronger so I can have a better chance to win if we encounter my Master.”

“Oh.” Yun Bei Fen nodded. He still felt a bit sad but he also knew that it was important for Mei Chao Bing to train as well. He couldn’t expect him to just sit around and spectate while he practiced some simple sword skills. “Well, I hope you managed to make the progress you wanted!” He cheered up just as fast and gave Mei Chao Bing a big smile. Anyway, they were together right now and there would be a lot of time in the future as well. He didn’t need to fret about a few hours.

Mei Chao Bing smiled and nodded. “Well, a little bit. I still have a long way to go.” He sighed at that. To be honest, he also knew that no matter how hard he trained right now, he wouldn’t be able to catch up.

He had been the youngest disciple of his Master. Even though he had tried hard these years and had advanced by leaps and bounds, he wouldn’t be able to win against his Master. Maybe his other senior martial brothers, considering that the others likely weren’t as tough as Qu Yijun, but even that wasn’t a given. He’d still have to do his best in any fight against them. It really was a pity that cultivation needed time more than anything else.

At that time, they reached the room next door and Mei Chao Bing couldn’t help but glance at the black warrior. To be honest, other than cultivation skills, there was one more option he could explore. So far, his sword skills weren’t bad but he couldn’t compare to people like Zhi Guan or the black warrior by far. His senior martial brothers had also mostly focused on cultivation skills. So if he was able to brush up on his sword skills, maybe it could give him an edge over the others.

He kept the thought to himself for the time being but figured that he should try and bring it up tomorrow. Even though he agreed that Yun Bei Fen needed to become stronger and not rely on him so much, his own strength was also important. After all, he seemed to be an essential part of his Master’s plan. So whatever hidden advantage he could cultivate, it would certainly be for the best. Surely, even the black warrior would agree with that. For now though, this should be about Yun Bei Fen and Luo Lin so he shelved the thought for later and instead waited for the guardians to explain.

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