OMF V9C335 A Kind and Beautiful Person

Xiang Yu wasn’t sure what to think. He tilted his head and then walked a half-circle around the other person, trying to figure out what was going on. Unfortunately, the demon king seemed exactly the same as always as if it wasn’t strange at all for him to be here.

Finally, Xiang Yu stopped again in front of him. “Why are you here? Shouldn’t you be in the demon realm?” He didn’t like to see demons venture out of their realm. The only reason why he didn’t think to attack this specific one was that he indeed had gotten along alright with Jin Ling in the past.

After his wedding to Yan Xia and his husband’s subsequent death, he hadn’t known where to go. After all, he was now a fallen god. Not to mention that the gods wouldn’t welcome him like this, he was also ashamed to return home. His mother had told him this wouldn’t go well but he hadn’t listened. Now, just a day later, it had turned out like that.

At that time, it had been Jin Ling who finally suggested for him to stay in the demon realm and even found the perfect place in the demon king’s palace where he could stay without constantly being bothered by the demons coming and going. As a result, Xiang Yu’s impression of Jin Ling was a good one.

Well, admittedly, he might also have been a bit bewitched by that smile. Jin Ling was a handsome man and his smile was the most beautiful. Even Xiang Yu who usually hated the charming appearance of demons couldn’t help but feel attracted to it. He didn’t know why. Maybe it reminded him of the early days with Yan Xia when he had believed them to be in true love.

Also, Jin Ling had advocated against the war with the dragons for a long time. As somebody who thought that dragons were clearly superior with how they would only ever love one person in their life, he was satisfied with that. Either way, now that Jin Ling stood in front of him again, he didn’t feel disgusted. He was merely curious to know what he was doing here.

Jin Ling still smiled that same smile as before. “Ah, there is something I have been looking for so I came out for a while. Anyway, it’s not like I’ll be gone for a long time thanks to the time difference.” But then, even if he was, he wouldn’t mind. He felt like he was only one step away from finding Jinde. He would patient until that happened. As for his throne … well, he didn’t care too much. If Jinde really wanted him to have it, he’d just get it back later on. He knew that he could do that. For the time being, Yong Hai might as well have it.

Xiang Yu nodded, feeling that this was also right. “I also came to look for something. I’m just not sure what.”

Jin Ling raised his brows. He had followed Qiu Ling and Jing Yi, always making sure to put some distance between them so he wouldn’t be detected. So far, it had worked out well but that also meant that he didn’t know what they were talking about so he couldn’t get any information that way.

He had noticed them meeting up with several people though, including Shen An De and Wu Ya, as well as Xiang Yu. If those two had brought Jinde up, then these people were the most likely to know about him. Unfortunately, Shen An De was against him and wouldn’t let anything slip. That Wu Ya … he was a better choice but still not too reliable. After all, as a spirit beast that was obviously of a high level, he surely wouldn’t be easy to trick.

This Xiang Yu was a different matter altogether though. He had been young when he fell and they had at least had a neutral if not slightly positive relationship before. Surely, he would be the one that was easiest to trick into revealing anything. Thus, he had shown himself. Now, he only needed to work consistently until he found what he was looking for.

Jin Ling revealed a puzzled expression in response to Xiang Yu’s words. “You’re not sure? Well, maybe I can help?”

Xiang Yu hesitated for a moment but figured that it might not be such a bad idea. “It’s supposed to be a gift for a person.”

“Oh? What kind of person?”

Xiang Yu pondered again. Well, what kind of person was Jinde? “Somebody very kind and beautiful?”

Jin Ling raised his brows. Was that the kind of feature you chose gifts for, nowadays? Well, maybe it wasn’t as straightforward as that. “So … it’s a gift you’re giving to express your gratitude?”

Xiang Yu shook his head. “No, he’s having a child. I thought that sounded like a happy occasion so I should get him a gift before I go to see him.”

“Oh.” Jin Ling thought about it. “Well, if he is having a child, the child should currently be the most important to him, no? So maybe you could get something for the child?”

Xiang Yu pondered for a moment and then nodded. “That doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.”

Jin Ling gave a hum and then motioned down the street. “I can help you look. Anyway, I have some time.” He had already found out that Qiu Ling’s lover would be holding some kind of gathering here so he hadn’t run after them.

No, since neither Jing Yi nor Qiu Ling had gone to see Jinde at the Yun Zou Sect so far despite having the time, he was pretty sure that he might not actually be there anymore. Thus, he was now simply trailing them to find out where he really was. Surely, after that gathering was over, they would go and see him before leaving the mortal realm. Then, he simply had to follow along and maybe he could even get a head start if Xiang Yu knew anything.

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