OMF V9C334 Not Expected

Shen An De left after he got the information he needed and rushed straight back to the Hei Dian Sect to set things straight. Naturally, he wouldn’t let those Elders off. Even though he was simply the Grandmaster of the Hei Dian Sect and not the Sect Master, his word still had weight. If he went to scold somebody to their face, those Elders wouldn’t dare to do it again.

While Shen An De was out, the other six people exchanged glances.

Being reminded of the fact that the gathering would be in just another day, Jing Yi looked up at Qiu Ling. “We also need to inform the others at the Yun Zou Sect about the place.”

At this, Wu Ya piped up. “I could go!” Anyway, he had to make up for this blunder with the Hei Dian Sect.

Jing Yi and Qiu Ling exchanged a glance. Wu Ya also knew the people at the Yun Zou Sect so going to invite them wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Qiu Ling raised his brows. “I don’t mind but maybe you would like to go personally to see if Shao Hai is back?”

Jing Yi also hesitated. He really wanted to see Shao Hai again and also have a short talk alone with him. When everyone was in the capital city, it wouldn’t be the same. Although they could probably go and stroll through the streets just like he had done with Qiu Ling before, taking a walk down memory lane.

Wu Ya waited for the two of them to decide. Anyway, while he wanted to make up for everything, that didn’t mean that he would forcefully take over tasks Jing Yi would rather do himself. That wasn’t helping, that was simply inserting himself where he wasn’t wanted.

After considering for a while, Jing Yi finally shook his head. “Thanks for the offer but I think it’s indeed better if we go ourselves. There is something I’d like to speak to Shao Hai about first and … well.”

Wu Ya shook his head. “It’s alright. I get it. Some things can only be done in person. Anyway, I’m sure there are other things we can do here.” He looked at Hong Bao and then at Xiang Yu, waiting for some support.

Hong Bao nodded but Xiang Yu showed a hesitant expression.

Wu Ya took a double-take and then couldn’t help but worry. “What’s the matter?”

Xiang Yu hesitated and then turned to Jing Yi. “That … if you are having a gathering, wouldn’t it be nice to have more people?”

Jing Yi wasn’t sure what he wanted but still nodded somewhat. “I guess so?” Anyway, with more people, it would be more lively. It was just that he didn’t really know more people.

Xiang Yu was still hesitant but then found some determination. “Then how about I go and invite my older brother to come as well?” Anyway, Qiu Ling, Jing Yi, and Wu Ya had all three been able to accept him. The same went for Hong Bao, her sister, and her sister’s husband, although those three hadn’t been familiar with him as Hua Lin Yu. But if several people could get used to him as a fallen god, then surely, Hua Lin Rong and the rest of the Hua family could as well, right?

Jing Yi could guess what was going through his mind. Considering that he wasn’t really familiar with Hua Lin Rong, he hesitated but finally nodded. “Well, I might not know him but he is close to you and it can’t hurt to make new friends, right? Then you go and invite him along. Anyway, I’m sure that the others will have fun together just the three of them for the time being.”

Wu Ya nodded eagerly. In fact, he felt that it was a pity that Hong Ai hadn’t gone with her husband. If that was the case, he could have spent time with only Hong Bao. Ah, love might have just blossomed between them …

Since nobody had any objections, they finally decided to go about everything this way. Qiu Ling and Jing Yi bid their farewell and then left first to make sure that they could make it to the Yun Zou Sect and back again in time.

Xiang Yu also wanted to leave immediately but then reconsidered. After inviting his brother and coming back here, there would be the gathering. If he understood correctly, then as soon as that was over, Jing Yi and Qiu Ling would return to the dragon realm. Since he had said that he would accompany them, he would also leave by then. Surely, he would get to see Jinde and Leng Jin Yu. At that time, shouldn’t he have a gift?

He wasn’t sure what was appropriate when visiting a couple about to welcome a child but he felt that it shouldn’t be wrong to congratulate them and give a gift. This meant that he still needed one though. Thus, he also bid farewell to Wu Ya and the two Hong sisters and then simply walked out of the door, thinking that he could find something in the Long kingdom’s capital city for sure. This way, he also wouldn’t have to rush later on.

After walking down the street just a few steps, he stopped in his tracks and turned around, his gaze focusing sharply on an alley not too far away. A person was clearly standing there, staring back at him.

Xiang Yu’s eyes narrowed and he opened a gate to step through, appearing behind the other person in a flash. He wanted to attack, especially when he realized that the other person was a demon, but the other man was fast to turn around and hurriedly raised his hands with a smile.

“Xiang Yu, do you really want to attack me? Didn’t the two of us always get along well?”

Xiang Yu paused and blinked his eyes. The smile in front of him was hard to mistake, although he never would have thought he’d meet this person here. Thus, he couldn’t help but want to make sure. “Jin Ling?”

As a result, the demon king nodded happily.

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