OMF V9C305 Bad News

Hua Lin Yu covered his chest, his eyes wide, and looked up at An Rong in a daze. “He … actually tried to kill me. And … he still had the gall to say I should trust him!”

He had already lost all his love for Xiao Li when he not only saw the vision but also caught him in those lies. But even after that, he had only thought that he was a scumbag who had been using him. He never would’ve thought that he was this ruthless.

An Rong was finally pulled out of his memories and rushed over, grabbing Hua Lin Yu around the waist and pulling him to the ground. “Don’t talk!” He pried Hua Lin Yu’s fingers away from his chest, trying to take a look at the wound beneath.

He furrowed his brows when he saw it, cursing that half-demon in his mind. This was really too vicious. Attacking him to divert his attention was one thing but he had gone in for the kill. The weapon had injured his heart. Not all hope was lost just yet but he needed to be fast. Otherwise, there would be no way of saving Hua Lin Yu. “You’re lucky this happened in front of me. I can still save you!”

Hua Lin Yu wanted to give an answer but his throat was filled with blood. He coughed, some of it spilling out, dying his lips red. Only then did he realize how bad things really were.

He stared at his hands in a daze, not feeling the actual pain. His whole body just felt numb. Seeing his blood and realizing what was going on made fear claw at his heart. He couldn’t help but feel … that things were really over.

He didn’t listen to what An Rong was saying and reached up to his ear. He grabbed the earring that Xin Lan had gifted him in the dragon realm, and hastily took it off, imbuing his spiritual energy into the transmission stone.

Back in the Hei Dian Sect, Xin Lan was still waiting for Hua Lin Yu’s return. Feeling the transmission stone pulse that was connected to the one that he had given Hua Lin Yu, his heart beat faster and a smile immediately sprang to his lips. He didn’t waste a single moment to respond. “Xiao Yu!” A smile was contained in his tone and his voice was overflowing with gentleness. His expression immediately changed when he saw the image in front of him though.

“What happened to you?!” Even though he couldn’t see the wound or Hua Lin Yu’s blood-soaked hands, he saw the blood on his lips and even the mark on his forehead which clearly showed that he was a fallen god.

Xin Lan didn’t care about the mark right now. He only focused on the former, leaping to his feet. “Where are you right now? Are you still in danger?!” There was panic in his voice and, for a moment, he didn’t know what to do. He had never thought of putting a mark on Hua Lin Yu so he couldn’t find him unless Hua Lin Yu himself told him about his current position.

Hua Lin Yu’s lips trembled. “Xiao Li … he attacked me!”

His voice was no more than a whisper, scaring Xin Lan. He made a choked sound and raked a hand through his hair, his hand shaking. “Where are you?”

An Rong had already taken out a potion and hurriedly grabbed Hua Lin Yu’s chin. “Stop talking and drink this!” At the same time, he turned to glance at the transmission stone and the panicked face of Hua Lin Yu’s lover. “In the Leyuan region, the Demonic Ancestor’s Poisonous Herb Garden. Do you know where that is?”

Xin Lan originally hadn’t but after spending so much time in the mortal realm with Hua Lin Yu, he had also become more knowledgeable. “I’ll be there in a moment.”

He cut the connection, unable to focus on that and also flying over. He rushed out of Shen An De’s palace, leaped into the sky, and tried to change his form.

His face started to hurt, and there was a resistance that he had never experienced before. He made a sound deep in his throat, cursing his stupidity. Who cared about his face? He just wanted to see Xiao Yu!

He gritted his teeth and then forced himself, not caring what would happen to him if he did this. For a moment, nothing happened but then, his form actually changed. He felt his skin rip apart, the scales beneath breaking into two, before finally, he managed to take on his dragon form.

He didn’t check what kind of injuries he had received and simply rushed to the Leyuan region and the realm that An Rong had told him about.

Over there, An Rong continued to force-feed Hua Lin Yu the potion, meanwhile taking out a black crystal mirror, activating it with his spiritual energy.

It only took a moment for another person to respond. “Sect Master!”

“Go to the entrance of the outer realm. There will be a dragon arriving in a short moment. Bring him to me. Also, he might be a bit out of sorts, so be careful.”

The person looked startled but simply nodded and then rushed out.

An Rong threw the crystal mirror on the grass next to him and focused on Hua Lin Yu again. The wound was closing at a speed visible to the naked eye but somehow, Hua Lin Yu’s body was still shivering as if this hadn’t made the situation any better.

An Rong frowned. “What’s going on with you?” He could feel the vitality draining from his limbs while he held him but he couldn’t understand. Clearly, he had acted as fast as he could and that had been the strongest potion he had on him! Even with that grievous an injury, it should have worked. So why, why was this youth not getting any better?

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