RMN C432 Ample Preparations

Tong Chen nodded and then turned around, whistling toward some members of the Teng Yong Sect.

The men looked up, sped up their fights, and then rushed over. “Senior martial brother Tong, what’s the matter?”

Tong Chen motioned further toward the northwest. “We will launch a large-scale attack in a while. When we give the sign, make sure that as many of our people as possible evacuate. We won’t be able to distinguish between friend or foe.”

The others exchanged glances but finally nodded without asking further questions. Tong Chen’s prestige in the sect was still high. After all, the talent needed to become a swordsman of his caliber was clearly high, not to mention that he was blind to boot. They didn’t dare to compare themselves to him and they also knew that the Elders put trust in him. If he said they could do something, they would believe it.

“We will see to it that the others are warned secretly. The other sects …”

Tong Chen gave a hum. “Leave that to them for the most part but if you get the chance to warn somebody who is unaware, save them. We are on the same side after all.”

The men nodded once again and then sped away, starting to spread the word.

With Tong Chen taking the lead, Shang Qiang and Yan Jian Hong warned their people as well and blue butterfly followed suit. She might not want to do this but now, that she had realized that there was no other choice, she at least wanted to prepare more so that they could save more of their people. She knew that there would still be collateral damage and that too many lives would be lost but what else could she do?

Soon enough, everyone that could be warned had been warned and everyone was on their own for preparing how to escape when the attack happened. They didn’t know what awaited them but most Elders and disciples had some kind of protective talismans or those that would allow them to dodge an attack or two. They figured that this would allow them to get away in time.

Some also covertly drew back, wanting to reduce the risk to their lives this way. While they didn’t know any details of the plan either, the ones this plan had spread from were clearly that group of youngsters from the four sects that had joined hands. As long as they made it to a spot closer to them, they figured their chances of survival were better.

Blue butterfly, Tong Chen, Shang Qiang, and Yan Jian Hong had continued to fight throughout, the latter being shielded by the former three somewhat. His role would be to heal blue butterfly before she launched her attack but for that to happen, his blood was necessary which would threaten his vitality. He couldn’t be too badly injured if this was supposed to work.

Other than them, they had also organized a group of people that was slowly forming arrays around them, trying to do so beneath the eyes of the demonic practitioners.

Blue butterfly wasn’t familiar with this technique. She had only used it once. So trying to do it again might require a couple of tries and in the meantime, she couldn’t be disturbed. The other three also couldn’t stand in her way or they might be caught up in the attack. The only one who wasn’t at risk as much as Shang Qiang. Thus, he was the one currently closest to her, both tasked with protecting her and shielding her from view as much as he could with his slender figure.

As for blue butterfly herself, she drifted in and out of her dreamscape, her brows tightly furrowed in concentration and her eyes closed. This was not an easy skill to perform. She wasn’t sure if she could do it but she knew that now that preparations had been made, she couldn’t back down. She had to get it right, she had to make this work, and pull as many demonic practitioners as she could down to hell. Otherwise, all of it would be for naught and they might have even put their people’s lives more into jeopardy than before.

The disciples laying the arrays finally backed off but they couldn’t help but question. “These arrays won’t hold long. At most half an hour, and that is if we’re lucky.”

In fact, they all knew that this time frame was only possible because they had woven a great number of arrays together. Otherwise, how could they have time in the thick of a battle to do this? This much alone was only possible because they teamed up and had the white jade and the black warrior there as assistance to hold back the demonic practitioners trying to ambush them.

Tong Chen had taken the lead in this operation. He could sense blue butterfly switching between the two dimensions faster and faster. Clearly, she had to have figured something out. “She won’t need much longer. Make sure you retreat behind white jade when it happens.”

The disciples nodded and then picked strategic positions, continuing their fight against the demonic practitioners, both trying to keep them away from blue butterfly while also ensuring that they wouldn’t get too close.

They had no idea what to expect, they weren’t even sure if they should hope for much, they certainly couldn’t have predicted what would happen a moment later but they had trust in these four people. And with all of them being on the brink of despair, this faint sliver of hope was more than enough to do their utmost to help.

Even if it didn’t work out in the end, they felt that they could die in peace with the knowledge that they had done all they could and exhausted their effort to keep themselves, their martial siblings, the Elders, and also the common people of this world safe. They could pride themselves in that.

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