SML V5C33 Not a Good Topic

Zhao Chen wasn’t sure if he got it. As somebody who moved on fast whether it was from a crush or a relationship, this kind of intense longing felt odd. “If you don’t mind me asking, what do you like so much about him? I mean, I’ve seen pictures but …” He shook his head. This Linghu Jiahao didn’t know Li Ming so he should have no idea how their relationship had gone. He certainly wouldn’t bring it up on his own.

Linghu Jiahao didn’t need him to say anything though. He had been together with Mo Fang for a while and had then always kept an eye on him. He had seen the bad parts. Even if he didn’t know any specifics about the relationships he had had other than him, he at least knew that not everyone had had a breakup as amicable as the one with Si Tao. With Zhao Chen asking like this, it was pretty clear that his current boyfriend had not had that luxury.

He thought for a moment about how to answer that. “I think I liked his … energy, for lack of a better word. From the moment I first saw him, he was always energetic.”

“He was a wild child, you mean.”

Linghu Jiahao gave Si Tao a look but finally nodded. “I guess you could say it like this. I don’t know how much brother Li has told you about him but he’s very … rich in temperament. One moment, he’ll be sweet with you, complimenting you for something you did, then the next, you’ll have to coax him because you stepped on his tail.”

Zhao Chen stared at him, wondering which part of that sounded like the type of guy you’d want to build a life with. He sounded like a nuisance!

Next to him, Li Ming had lowered his gaze. Actually, he had only ever gotten to see the former side of Mo Fang, other than maybe that time when he had been drunk. But even then … it had still seemed amusing because he was simply professing his love for him.

Linghu Jiahao saw the expressions of the two and cleared his throat. He probably shouldn’t talk about this any longer. “Well, no matter what, he broke up with me in the end and left. Since then, I don’t think he’s ever looked back. Mo Fang … he moves on fast. I guess he’ll keep doing so until he finds the right one. As for when that will be …” He sighed. “Who knows? I know he’s currently once again dating a new guy and it’s been a while. I think they’ve been … going strong for almost half a year?”

At that, Li Ming looked up again. Mo Fang? Dating for half a year? That … well, hearing that made him feel strange. He knew he shouldn’t feel about that in any way. After all, they were broken up and he was in a new relationship. Why should he care? And yet, he couldn’t help but feel … annoyed?

No, maybe that was the wrong word. He felt betrayed. Yes, that was probably it. He had really liked Mo Fang. Not at first, maybe, but then, after Mo Fang insisted, he had finally fallen in love and he had wanted to spend his life with him. But this person who had meant so much to him had refused to show him his true self.

The parts that others had been allowed to see had been kept from him and their time had been cut short when he finally found out and had to draw the consequences. Now, Mo Fang was with somebody else again. He didn’t know any specifics but he had been with this person for half a year, a stretch of time that the two of them hadn’t been able to reach because of Mo Fang’s lies.

Why wouldn’t he feel betrayed? Something beautiful had been taken from him through no fault of his own. They could have had that future together but he hadn’t even been given a chance to show Mo Fang that he could accept him as he was. That was vexing.

Si Tao had been looking at him the whole time since Zhao Chen asked about Mo Fang and realized how his mood dropped. He himself had had an amicable breakup with him but things had been different for Li Ming. He had already noticed long ago that he hated talking about Mo Fang. He had in the beginning because he needed that to get closure but after that, whenever you brought him up, he’d just react negatively.

His boyfriend clearly hadn’t realized that yet and had just asked because he was curious. But this wasn’t a conversation they should have. Not with that many people around. And especially not when it was about news regarding Mo Fang that Li Ming hadn’t had the chance to come to grips with.

He cleared his throat and shook his head. “Anyway, who knows what type of guy he is? Sometimes, Mo Fang lucks out and finds somebody who will put up with him for longer. Doesn’t matter either way.

“Brother Li and I have already moved on and you …” He sighed and reached over, patting Linghu Jiahao’s shoulder. “You’re hopeless, my friend. I’ll have to introduce some friends to you in the future. When you see what else is out there, you’ll also stop thinking about him.” He gave him a deep look while he said so, daring him to argue any further at this point.

Linghu Jiahao faintly raised his brows but then glanced in Li Ming’s direction. Seeing his expression, he realized that this probably wasn’t a good topic. Well, he could understand it. He was indeed only talking about this because he couldn’t get over him like a fool. He sighed and finally nodded. “Well, I definitely should stop with this. As for meeting your friends … I’m not sure if I’d like to be set up with anyone. That type of thing usually goes wrong, doesn’t it?”


Little Theater:

Mo Fang: *floats into the room*

Zhao Chen: Huh? What’s that? A ghost?

Li Ming: Shit, I’m indeed being haunted!

Linghu Jiahao: Is it you, my love?!

Si Tao: *grabs fly swatter*


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