OMF V9C265 A Place He Should Avoid

As for Xiao Li, he had first rushed out of the Hei Dian Sect before he stopped to think about what he should do. He could deal with Xin Lan simply through the threat of Hua Lin Yu’s reaction but the same couldn’t be done with the dragon king. Not to mention that that guy had said that Xin Lan was in the palace.

He didn’t know what exactly had happened there but if Xin Lan was back and this vision had somehow impacted Hua Lin Yu and made him get back together with him, then he was in major trouble. Just as he had thought before, as soon as Hua Lin Y broke up with him, Xin Lan would come after him to retaliate. He would kill him for sure and if he was unlucky, he’d even have to suffer before that. Naturally, he wouldn’t let that happen.

The problem was that there really didn’t seem to be any place where he could be safe from Xin Lan. The immortal realms were definitely off-limits. Xin Lan was very familiar with them and likely had contacts willing to inform him about his whereabouts everywhere. The same went for the territory of the spiritual beasts.

The mortal realm was slightly better since it was changing so fast. Xin Lan definitely couldn’t keep up with things here. But then, there was the Jian Yi Sect behind Hua Lin Yu and even though Sect Master Fei had agreed to their relationship, he was very well aware that she wasn’t happy with it either. Thus, he couldn’t be careless with where he went.

He continued to rush further away from the Hei Dian Sect, his thoughts churning. He loathed to give up on his place in the Jian Yi Sect but it couldn’t be helped. He had gambled when he got into that relationship with Hua Lin Yu and while it had worked at first, it was now all crumbling. He had lost. That status was forever gone and couldn’t be taken back. There was no way to save this.

A place where the Jian Yi Sect wouldn’t find him or even go to look for him … his mind suddenly flashed a picture and he slowed down. Actually, didn’t he know the perfect place? Hadn’t he just found out about this?

His lips curved up faintly. Yes, this was perfect. The regular disciples of the Jian Yi Sect wouldn’t care about him anyway. The only ones who might, were the disciples directly under Sect Master Fei. Thus, they were the ones he needed to evade. And the one place they would never approach was the place that could be dangerous to their little junior because the person living there was somehow interested in him.

Having made up his mind, Xiao Li rushed straight toward the Leyuan region. He needed to be fast. It had not been long yet since they left the other side of the demonic ancestor’s poisonous herb garden. Thus, for the time being, everything should still be the same. If they had disturbed the people inside though, it might be that they would soon change the location of the secret entrance. Then, without having Hua Lin Yu at his side, he would never be able to get in.

Thanks to Xiao Li slowing down, Hua Lin Yu managed to catch up to him. Or, at the very least, he managed to catch a glance of him and determine the direction he had gone in. Even though he was talented, he was only a human cultivator, not a half-demon like Xiao Li. Thus, he wasn’t able to travel as fast. He rushed after him but almost lost him several times. With the distance between them, no matter how he called out, Xiao Li didn’t hear him either.

He couldn’t help but feel vexed and almost wanted to give up when Xiao Li thankfully slowed down. Hua Lin Yu heaved a sigh of relief and then continued to rush after him, finally gaining some ground on him before Xiao Li began to travel at full speed again.

The small reduction of the distance between them allowed Hua Lin Yu not to completely lose him though. He followed him further and further, finally reaching the outskirts of the Leyuan region shortly after him.

At this place, Hua Lin Yu slowed down, feeling torn. He wanted to speak to Xiao Li about the vision and what he thought but he hadn’t forgotten his Master’s discussion with Grandmaster Shen before and everything the latter had said about the demonic ancestor’s poisonous herb garden and that An Rong who was likely living in there. This place … he shouldn’t be here.

His brows furrowed and he couldn’t help but search for Xiao Li’s figure again. Maybe he was misunderstanding this and Xiao Li would continue to travel from here. Or maybe there was another realm where he wanted to go and hide from the dragon king. He shouldn’t think too much.

Even though he was hesitant, Hua Lin Yu still followed Xiao Li until he indeed saw him stop on the cliff leading into the demonic ancestor’s poisonous herb garden. He couldn’t believe it. Why would Xiao Li come here out of all possible places? Surely, this wasn’t the best place to hide from the dragon king?

Anyway, even if it was, in light of what Grandmaster Shen had said before, he should still avoid this realm at all costs. After all, what if he drew out An Rong and made him aware that he wasn’t being kept in the secure Jian Yi Sect any longer? Wasn’t that too … risky?

The longer he thought about it, the more he felt that Xiao Li’s behavior was nonsensical and even dangerous. If he truly loved him, he shouldn’t be doing this. But then, if he didn’t … why had he been with him all this time?

Thinking of that, Hua Lin Yu rushed out before Xiao Li could enter that realm. He couldn’t let him get away! No matter what it was, he needed answers. Only then could he finally move on from whatever this was.

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