OMF V9C258 Come Back

By the time they arrived, Jinde had already had Qiu Ling describe the symptoms he was seeing in Hua Lin Yu. Thus, when the door opened, he didn’t bother to beat around the bush. “It’s Qiu Ling. He’s in the mortal realm and happened upon Hua Lin Yu. Something is wrong with that boy. I can’t say what for sure but it might be some sort of qi deviation.”

Xin Lan froze, his body seeming to freeze over. “Where?”

Qiu Ling couldn’t see him yet but he had heard him. “The Hei Dian Sect, Grandmaster Shen’s palace. You come over here right now. He doesn’t react if I call him or shake him.”

Xin Lan wasn’t even listening anymore at the end. As soon as he heard the place, he rushed out of the dragon king’s palace, left the realm, and rushed over to the Hei Dian Sect and into that palace.

The guards tried to stop him but he pushed them out of the way, only focusing on the place where Qiu Ling and Hua Lin Yu had to be. He could sense their energy so it wasn’t difficult to find them.

When he opened the door, he stormed over there, pushing Qiu Ling out of the room, and gathering Hua Lin Yu into his arms. His gaze brushed over his pale face and his shaking figure, his heart squeezing in pain. Where the fuck was that half-demon? Why wasn’t he with him?! Why wasn’t anyone with him?!

Qiu Ling wasn’t bothered by the treatment he had just gotten. If this had been Jing Yi or Jing He, he would have reacted the same. He just watched the two of them and then silently got to his feet. “This is the Grandmaster’s palace so he should have met him before. I’ll try and find him. Maybe he knows what’s going on.”

Saying so, he turned on his heels and rushed out. He didn’t think about Jin Ling any longer. Right now, what counted was somehow helping that youth. He might not be responsible for him, but he also wouldn’t turn the other way.

As for Hua Lin Yu, he was still trapped in that vision, watching in horror as the person in there was increasingly dissatisfied with what was in front of him: After taking out the eyes, he now didn’t like this ‘soulless’ stare. Either way, this thing in his hands suddenly didn’t look like what he was used to and he didn’t like that either. As a result, he went on to try and find ways to save the situation until finally, only a bare skull remained that belied how this man had been alive just a mere hour before.

Outside of the vision, Hua Lin Yu’s hands had long curled into fists and he was shaking worse than before. If his mind hadn’t been completely preoccupied with this vision, he would have regretted ever eating that fruit.

Xin Lan held him as gently as he could and brushed back his hair. “Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu …” He whispered his name, not knowing what else to do.

He had no idea how Hua Lin Yu had gotten himself into this situation and he also didn’t think he had the luxury of sitting around and waiting to find out. No, seeing the one he loved in so much pain, he felt the need to do something. Unfortunately, save for this, there was nothing else.

He took a deep breath, trying to stay calm himself before he spoke up again. “Xiao Yu, it’s me. Can you hear me?” He knew it would be futile to hope for an answer but if this was indeed some kind of reaction to Hua Lin Yu’s spiritual energy going out of control as Jinde had guessed, then maybe he could still hear what was going on outside. A familiar voice might be able to guide him back then.

Hua Lin Yu could indeed hear, although things still sounded as if they came from far away. Even though that was the case, he still perked up.

That voice! Even at such a moment, he could recognize it. Without a doubt, it was Xin Lan’s. He had no idea how he could hear his voice right now. Most likely, this was just his imagination. He hoped for somebody to save him and with this man who looked so much like Xiao Li just having been killed by what seemed to be his own hands, Xin Lan was naturally the one he would look for. Ah, if only he could really be there …

Xin Lan watched him closely and realized that there were tears hanging on his lashes now. He hadn’t seen them before and couldn’t help but wonder if they had either been prompted by the pain he likely felt or if maybe he could indeed hear him and felt some kind of relief. Either way, he wouldn’t give up.

“Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu! I’m here. Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. Just open your eyes.”

Even though the voice came from far away, it was still clear. In fact, it seemed to be coming closer. Hua Lin Yu clung to this hope, trying not to pay the vision any more heed. Even though it was directly in front of his eyes, he simply focused on that voice, trying to reach for it.

Xin Lan saw his hands twitch and this time, he was sure that it wasn’t a simple coincidence. He grabbed one of his hands and squeezed it gently. “I’m here. I won’t leave you alone. Just … just open your eyes for me. Come back.”

Hua Lin Yu tried reaching out but he was caught in that vision, only seeing as that person finally pressed the bare skull against his chest and then picked up the sword again, leaving the room. He didn’t want to know what else was going to happen. He just wanted out. He wanted … he wanted to go to wherever Xin Lan was!

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