OMF V9C242 Still More Tasks to Accomplish

Niu Hai pursed his lips. To be honest, he was angry. Not at Jing Yi, of course. After all, it wasn’t like Jing Yi knew the whole story. No, this was totally Yue Lin’s fault! Why did he have to bring that up in the first place?

Ugh, just thinking of that moment when he had been with Zheng Yin, feeling that he would soften and finally give him a chance, only for that Xin Lan to swoop in and destroy everything. What did that guy have that he didn’t have?!

Well, that question only made him feel stupid. It seemed that he might as well ask himself what he didn’t have that Jing Yi’s fiance had considering that he had also returned but still wasn’t available again.

The answer to that was pretty easy: He wasn’t a dragon but those two guys were and he was merely a regular disciple while one was a ‘high-ranking member’ of the dragon race and the other was their fucking king. So much for that. Of course, he couldn’t win.

Ah, when would he finally manage to snatch up a cute junior for himself? If things went on like this, then one day, he would ascend and still be single. That really was unbearable to think about!

Jing Yi was relieved that Niu Hai didn’t ask about his relationship with Qiu Ling in return, considering that this very much applied to them as well. He didn’t want to give him — or probably rather Yue Lin — the chance to change that so he tried to shift the topic to the reason why he had originally come here.

“Anyway, it’s nice to see the two of you again. As I said before, I’m not going to stay in the mortal realm for long. But I was thinking about meeting up with everyone to catch up so I’m happy I managed to catch the two of you on my first try.

“I was also thinking of maybe having a little … get-together. You know, just a time when we could meet up with everyone we know, talk, and just have a good time. I’m not sure if the two of you would be interested in coming?”

At that, Yue Lin actually lifted his head again.

Niu Hai didn’t even think about it and immediately nodded. “Of course! Just tell us when and we’ll be there! In fact, if you need help with preparing anything, you can also tell me.” He patted his chest, feeling that even though things between him and Jing Yi wouldn’t work out since he couldn’t very well win against the freaking dragon king, that was no reason not to help a friend. Also, who knew if Jing Yi didn’t know some other juniors that might be more interested in finding a good man to share their life with? One could still hope!

Contrary to Niu Hai’s excitement, Yue Lin wasn’t immediately on board and instead narrowed his eyes. “Well, when is an excellent question. You see just how much work there is still left to do.” He looked at the table in front of him, his gaze looking like he was regretting this very much. “If only there was somebody to help me …”

Jing Yi chuckled when Yue Lin finally brought up what he had clearly been thinking all along and figured that he should compromise. “There are still one or two people that I want to invite and we still need a venue but if there’s still time after that, I wouldn’t mind helping you so that you’d have enough time.

“As for when to meet, I was thinking of making it in one week’s time. That way, everyone can get the things done that they need to finish before then.” Anyway, a week in the mortal realm was absolutely nothing in the immortal realm so it wasn’t like he was losing a lot of time. He would likely be back before Qiu Ling and the others even returned.

Seeing as he had gotten the long-desired help, Yue Lin naturally didn’t have any reason to deny himself a break. “Well, then let’s do it! I still need to be busy for the next few days. The sooner you can start helping me, the better. In fact, if you need somebody to run errands to get a venue or a message to those people, just let Niu Hai do it. He doesn’t have anything better to do anyway.”

Niu Hai certainly had things to do as well but he didn’t mind doing something for Jing Yi. So he once again slapped his chest, looking eager to help out. “Yes, ah! You just tell me what you want me to do and I’ll go and do it immediately.”

Jing Yi hesitated but finally nodded. “Actually, maybe you could do me a favor. I was thinking of making the spot to meet the capital city of the Long kingdom. The people I’d like to come are from both the Yun Zou Sect and the Hei Dian Sect so I thought we should meet somewhere in between. Do you guys think that would be appropriate?

“If so, then maybe you could go and already find a venue that we could use. I could go there myself later on but I guess the sooner we do this, the better. Anyway, depending on how easy the other people are to find, I’m not sure when I would make it.”

Niu Hai didn’t even wait for him to finish and jumped to his feet when he heard what his task would be. “Don’t worry about it! I’ll go immediately and take care of it. You don’t worry about a thing! In fact, I’ll go now, find the venue, and as soon as I’m back, I will find you and you can tell me about the last person you need to find if you still haven’t by then. I’ll help you contact them!”

Jing Yi wasn’t sure if he would need any help with that since he was going to see the grandmaster and his wife but he still nodded. “Yes, we could do that. Let’s just see if we can find her before then. Anyway, you don’t have to rush. There is still a week after all. But thank you very much for your help.”

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