SML V4C72 Not to Make Matters Worse

Li Ming could hear the skepticism from Rui Lan’s words but he didn’t mind. Anyway, his crush on Su Yan had lasted for a long time and his botched-up love confession — if it could even be called that — had been dramatic enough for resulting in Su Yan handing in his resignation letter so people had had quite a few thoughts on that.

To say that a few believed that he had been a bit obsessed with this coworker wouldn’t be wrong. Anyway, while he had believed that this wasn’t the case, maybe he had also thought too simply back. Yes, to a certain degree, maybe the others had been right. He had clearly been fixated on Su Yan to a degree that hadn’t been healthy.

“You really don’t need to worry about it. That matter with Su Yan … originally, I wasn’t over it by a long shot. But then when I fell in love with Mo Fang, that stopped. At the very least, whatever feelings I still had for him, those aren’t relevant anymore.” He fell silent after saying that and couldn’t help but sigh. “You know, back when we got together, well, probably a bit before we got together, Mo Fang and I talked about those things with Su Yan. It really helped me put it into perspective.”

Rui Lan gave a huff at that. “Looks like he did something right at least.”

Li Ming smiled faintly, happy to see that Rui Lan was always willing to defend him when it came to that relationship with Mo Fang. “Well, truth be told, there were probably a lot of things he did right. There was one big thing he did wrong but, well, that’s not the point right now. Anyway, I really am over it.

“As for asking for his boyfriend’s Weibo, it’s a bit …” He shook his head, not sure what to say. “Well, to make a long story short, I was out with friends last week and happened to see the two of them together.”

Rui Lan’s brows slowly climbed up, his thoughts clearly traveling to ‘so you got jealous’.

Li Ming immediately shook his head again when he saw his expression. “I wasn’t jealous if that’s what you’re thinking. To be honest, at that time, I was wondering if I should go over and apologize to him. Back then, nothing really got resolved between us and it’s been weighing on me. That is the only thing I currently feel for Su Yan. You can rest assured of that.

“Anyway, I figured he wouldn’t appreciate it but I’m not sure and I would like to make sure before I decide whether I should and shouldn’t do anything. But if I were to bother him, it would defeat the purpose of trying to make sure because, at that time, I would have crossed his boundaries already. So I thought that maybe I could reach out to his boyfriend instead, asking about the situation, and then decide.”

Rui Lan rubbed his face and gave Li Ming a look. “Su Yan’s boyfriend … punched you in the face.” Back then, even though the others hadn’t been there to witness that scene, Nie Chang had managed to hit him good, meaning that the next day, it really was obvious what had happened. And Li Ming had openly admitted to exactly what had gone down, even saying that it had been completely his fault.

As his friend, Rui Lan had had mixed feelings on this. Yes, you shouldn’t just walk up to somebody and kiss them just because your nosy coworker said that they loved you. But Li Ming had been in love for so long, hoping for some kind of sign that would give him hope, and then, it had ended like this. He could somewhat understand that.

And considering Li Ming’s personality, if Su Yan’s boyfriend had just told him that he was his boyfriend and asked him to step back, he was pretty sure that Li Ming would have understood. Maybe he would’ve been confused at first because he still trusted Zhi Bao Yu, but in the end, he would’ve done that. No use of fists necessary.

Li Ming’s lips twitched when Rui Lan basically said the same as Duan Zhi Hao and he couldn’t help but second-guess himself. “Well, I can’t reach out to Su Yan if I don’t want to bother him. So his boyfriend is really my only option, isn’t he? Yes, I don’t think his feelings for me are positive but it’s not like I have much of a choice. I would like to apologize, really. But not if it makes matters worse for Su Yan.”

Rui Lan gave a sigh, feeling that Li Ming was really a bit too upright. “Well, if you don’t want to, then one of us could just message him. Why go for his boyfriend?” Saying so, he pulled out his phone and scrolled through WeChat, looking for Su Yan’s contact details. Anyway, while he wasn’t in regular contact with him, Su Yan had never been difficult to talk to. He might be a bit airheaded most of the time, but it wasn’t like he was mean to people. If you reached out and weren’t cussing him out, you could probably expect a positive response.

Thinking for a bit, he finally decided to cut straight to the chase.

Rui Lan: [Hey, brother Su, do you still remember Li Ming?]

Looking at this message, he nodded to himself and then put down the phone. Considering just how airheaded he had experienced Su Yan to be, this was probably the kind of message he should open up with. Because he really couldn’t imagine that there was any way that Su Yan would be like ‘oh, yeah, the guy who forcefully kissed me’ and then tell him all about how angry was.

No, knowing Su Yan, it was good if he even remembered that Li Ming had been a coworker. And if that was the case, he was sure that Li Ming would finally be able to put his feelings to rest. Now, they just had to wait to find out if he was right or not.

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