OMF V9C155 A Last Matter to Take Care Of

The two of them continued to stand like that for several minutes before Li Yin finally gave a hum.

“That demon, Ye Yang, you know if he is still in the Nine Heavens, don’t you?”

For a moment, Leng Lu didn’t answer but there was a trace of annoyance in his features. In the end, he pulled out of Li Yin’s arms, taking a few steps away and out into the courtyard. “You don’t need to worry about that. That adviser An Bai of the dragon race already found him.”

Li Yin nodded, not sure if it had been the right to ask Leng Lu about this. This was something that he could use his held on but he also knew that his lover wasn’t in a good mood right now so asking for help was probably the last thing that he should do. He thought for a moment and then followed him, reaching out to take his hand.

The fallen god looked annoyed enough that he feared he would pull away again, but he still held him tightly for the time being.

“I know you’re angry. But right now, the situation is critical. As the God of Justice, I can’t just leave this matter be.”

Actually, it was useless to tell him. The fallen gods, if they were able to act rationally, they would have a lot fewer problems. But unfortunately, they weren’t. So really, he might as well be talking to himself.

Li Yin lowered his head for a moment, his brows furrowing slightly. “I need to make another trip to the dragon realm. After that is done, things should calm down a bit. At that time, the two of us can spend some time together. If I’m missing for a few days, it won’t matter.”

Leng Lu stared at him, his dark gaze boring into Li Yin’s. “You are … trying to coax me.”

Li Yin couldn’t help but hook up the corners of his lips. “Well, is it working?”

Leng Lu continued to stare at him for a moment before he turned away. “It would work better if you wouldn’t constantly put conditions on these kinds of things. Talking to you, I sometimes feel like you are spouting some of your laws. What am I? Just trueborn god that can be brought to justice?”

Li Yin stepped closer again, letting go of his hand and instead pulling him back into his arms once again. “I don’t think you still count as a trueborn god at this time. Either way, this isn’t about bringing you to justice. I am being genuine even though I am trying to coax you.” He fell quiet for a moment and then tilted his head, kissing Leng Lu’s shoulder. “I have been busy these days. That hasn’t been a lie. You also know that.”

Leng Lu gave a hum. “What is there that I don’t know?”

“You know that I’m not lying. And you know that I have finally found the answer to that one question that has been occupying not just me but most of my Court of Justice. So after I’ve solved this matter, I really will have more time. And when having more time, there’s nothing I’d rather do than spend it with you.”

Leng Lu tilted his head to look up at the sky, seemingly not sure what he should say to that.

Li Yin glanced at his profile, then gave a drawn-out hum, finally pulling out the big guns. “Ah well, we could also make it a family trip. Wouldn’t you also like to take Ru Zhen with us to go and play somewhere? It doesn’t need to be in the Nine Heavens or even in the immortal realms. I think he would have fun in the mortal realm too.”

Leng Lu narrowed his eyes. “I don’t like the mortal realm all that much.”

“Let’s not go there then. You decide where we go. I’ll tell Ru Zhen?”

Leng Lu turned his head and stared at him, unsure if he should get angry or not. Using his own son against him, this was really too low. “No need. You can take care of your matters in the dragon realm. I will go and find our son myself.”

Li Yin nodded and craned his neck, giving him another kiss. “Do that. I’m sure he’ll be happy to see you again. Unless … you were secretly going to see our son but didn’t come to visit me?”

Leng Lu didn’t answer and just pulled out of his arms again, raising a hand to open a portal that was clearly leading to some other place in the capital of the Nine Heavens. Then, he was already gone, leaving Li Yin alone in the study.

The God of Justice sighed and then shook his head before he himself also turned around, striding out of his study and his Court of Justice to make his way over to the dragon realm.

Now, there was only one thing that was left to do before he could take some time for himself to spend with his family. Unfortunately, this matter … he was not sure how easy or difficult it would get. Experience told him that he probably shouldn’t hope for too much but then, thinking back to yesterday, maybe he could allow himself to have higher hopes. After all, after seeing your lover almost die, wouldn’t you be willing to do just about anything to keep them safe?

Yes, even giving up your life shouldn’t be too much as long as it could just guarantee his safety. He should know. After all, he had experienced it himself.

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