OMF V9C136 It’s Decided

Having made up their minds, the disciples had an easier time dealing with matters. In just a couple of minutes, they had already decided who would go: Hua Lin Yu was the only one who could see the array so he was the obvious choice. The same went for Xiao Li considering that he was the one with the most experience and the highest cultivation level among them if you didn’t count She Fen. And the latter would have to stay back to make sure that the other disciples wouldn’t get into trouble on this side of the array.

Other than those two, Yan Chang would accompany the group to the other side so she could continue in her role as their leader. They would also take along the boy who had been complaining before, because even though he may not be able to shut up when things weren’t going the way he liked them to go, he was still a good fighter and if they got into trouble on the other side, that really was what they might need.

The last one to follow them was the boy called Zi Huang who had been learning about arrays. Since they didn’t know what would be on the other side, they needed to prepare for several scenarios. The passage was created through an array so there was a good chance that there would be others further in. Even though he hadn’t been able to recognize this one, it didn’t have to stay that way. In any case, they wanted to give it a try.

As soon as they had decided, the five disciples were ready to go down there. In any case, there wasn’t any preparation to be done if you didn’t know what lay ahead. The only thing left was giving some further instructions to clear up what they’d do going forward.

Yan Chang turned to the others and motioned over to where the fox was. “You’d better keep an eye on that one. We’ll return as soon as possible. Should we not be back until the end of the day, then we are probably in deeper trouble than expected and won’t be able to get out without help. In that case, I will leave it to senior martial brother She to handle any further decisions.”

She Fen nodded, starting to feel uneasy when she mentioned that. If the one following along had been Xin Lan instead of Xiao Li, he wouldn’t have felt like this. Don’t mention that he was stronger, he was also somebody that was more trustworthy.

No matter what happened, Xin Lan would always keep Xiao Yu safe. He might ignore the other disciples, but he would definitely make sure that his little junior came back without even a hair out of place. With Xiao Li, wasn’t too sure if that would be the case. But then, he was strong as well considering his level and heritage. He just had to trust him this time around.

Before they could leave, She Fen turned to Hua Lin Yu, grabbing him by the shoulders. “Xiao Yu, when you go over there, be careful. Listen to your junior martial sister Yan and stay out of trouble.”

Hua Lin Yu nodded, also feeling that it was better to be careful. The situation was a bit strange. He did have to admit that. So it was best to be careful.

Seeing that he didn’t even try to argue, She Fen felt a bit better. He patted his back, and then motioned to the lake and stepped back with the other disciples, leaving this to Yan Chang.

The five of them went into the lake, swimming down there, and after a short moment, the array lit up, actually becoming visible to everyone before the disciples disappeared and the array with them.

She Fen’s brows furrowed and he couldn’t help but wonder if they had made the right choice. Now, without being able to see the array, would he even be able to do anything if they didn’t return until the evening?

He knew he could bring the other disciples back to the entrance of the realm fast. After all, they had made a full round at the edge of the realm and only gone in a little further since then. But while getting them back to safety was easy, saving his little junior from the other side of that array of passage … that might turn out to be much more difficult. He didn’t like that thought one bit.

He rubbed his forehead and groaned, finally motioning for the others to step back from the lake a little.

“Well, you heard what your senior martial sister Yan said. We’ll have to wait either until they come back or until the evening to make any further decisions. In that time, how about getting back to your original task? There’s still quite a bit of grass that hasn’t been looked through and it’s a good way to pass some time. Make sure you stay together though. Don’t forget that you are lacking five disciples now. If you are attacked, you’ll have a much more difficult time now.”

The disciples nodded and then went to get to work.

Meanwhile, She Fen turned back to the lake, glancing at the ground before he looked up at the little fox over on the boulder. Maybe it would be a good idea to take a closer look at this one. It might give him some kind of hint as to how worried he should be.

While She Fen stepped closer, the little fox seemed to become vigilant. It raised its head, its eyes gleaming even more than before and its fur slightly standing up.

She Fen furrowed his brows, feeling that this wasn’t a good sign. He stopped about a dozen steps away from it, making an effort to smooth out his expression. “That one there, I’m sure that you have another form to turn into. Is there anything you can tell me about that array down there? I would be very grateful if you would.”

The fox stared back at him, not looking like it intended to tell him anything or even acknowledge what he had just said.

She Fen couldn’t help but wonder if he had made the wrong choice. Maybe this was something that they should have done before the disciples went down there. Or maybe he should’ve seen this beast being here as a warning. But then, it could also be that he was being overly vigilant because this was about his little junior.

Yes, when it came to Hua Lin Yu, he clearly wasn’t thinking straight. He had to keep that at the back of his head. Otherwise, he would make the wrong decisions.

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