OMF V9C135 An Experience Knocking on the Door

Author’s Note:

Over Christmas, I did some additional OMF chapters. Since Patreon chapters are ahead by a bit more than two weeks, you’re finally profitting off of that as well now. So, enjoy some more OMF updates today!

Looking at the symbol that his little junior had drawn, She Fen wasn’t too sure what to make of this. When it came to the Jian Yi Sect, the disciples were rather free in deciding what they wanted to pursue. While there were some Masters that went in a certain direction and most of their disciples followed, if somebody’s interest was piqued by something else, they were never prevented from going in that direction.

As for him, arrays hadn’t really been something that he was interested in too much. In fact, he had always enjoyed basic cultivation the most. Even using weapons was something that he only used as a way to supplement his cultivation techniques.

As such, being confronted with something that was likely of demonic origin and also about a topic that he didn’t know much about, She Fen felt a bit helpless.

He looked up at the little juniors that were looking at him expectantly and handed the piece of paper back to Hua Lin Yu while looking at Yan Chang though. “Well, if I wasn’t here, how would you make a decision?” In any case, no matter whether he knew or not, this was something that they should decide on their own anyway.

The disciples were taken aback and then remembered that they weren’t supposed to ask him anything if it wasn’t absolutely necessary. They exchanged glances and then also turned to Yan Chang, expecting her to take the lead.

The disciple narrowed her eyes and looked at the piece of paper in Hua Lin Yu’s hands. “Well, the situation is a bit odd. The only one who could spot what was on the ground of the lake was senior martial brother Hua. Even now, I still can’t see what exactly is down there. That doesn’t seem reassuring.

“On the other hand, that might also mean that whatever is down there is important. A hidden part of the realm might hold something that is worth exploring. Not just for us and the Jian Yi Sect but for the cultivation world as a whole. After all, from what the seniors said, the demonic ancestor’s poisonous herb garden is pretty important. Anything new that is discovered about it might add to its value.

“We do have to keep our cultivation levels in mind though. Up here, even if we walked to the core of the realm, we will still be able to deal with everything. When it comes to this place, we can’t be sure that we will.

“None of the seniors mentioned that there was a layer beneath the realm. So if what senior martial brother Xiao says about this array is right, and it really leads to something right beneath the lake, then I’m afraid that it might be something that nobody else has managed to find so far.” Yan Chang furrowed her brows when she said so and then turned to look at Hua Lin Yu.

As the disciple of the Sect Master, there was no doubt that he was extraordinary. Also, from what she had heard, he hailed from the Hua cultivation family that was also well-known. To say that he was special wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

Still, the situation was rather odd. Whether it was Xiao Li or She Fen, both of their cultivation levels were higher than his. “Senior martial brother Hua, I hope I’m not being impolite here but can I ask if you have any idea why you are able to see this while no one else is?

“Senior martial brother She is of a higher level than you but even he can’t see anything. There should be a reason for that.” She didn’t mention the fox for now even though she felt that this might have something to do with that.

Hua Lin Yu furrowed his brows, actually, he hadn’t thought about that. “I’m not sure. You also know that I haven’t really left the sect much before. So I never came about a situation like this to find out.” Well, he had traveled quite a lot and seen many things with Xin Lan but he doubted that that situation was comparable.

Whatever he saw, Xin Lan would certainly be able to see as well. Whatever was keeping this array at the ground of the lake from everyone’s eyes, he was sure that Xin Lan would be able to spot it at a glance. He was just powerful like that.

Hua Lin Yu furrowed his brows further when he thought of that, annoyed at himself for always thinking of Xin Lan. It really was vexing! When he was with him, he would think of Xiao Li. But when he was with Xiao Li, he couldn’t help but think of Xin Lan. Just what was wrong with him?

She Fen had a very good guess just what was going on in his little junior’s mind but he figured that he shouldn’t draw more attention to it. Instead, he turned to Yan Chang. “Usually, I should not get involved further but considering that the circumstances are somewhat special, you should know that I don’t recognize that array either.

“That is to say that it could be that Xiao Li is right but it could also be that he is wrong. I can’t tell you so you really need to make sure that you make that decision wisely. Nobody but Xiao Li knowing about this is one thing to take into consideration, as is my little junior’s ability to see this. I can’t tell you how dangerous it will be either. I will leave the decision up to you though.”

This was something he didn’t say lightly. The Jian Yi Sect took care of the young disciples well but there could always be unforeseen circumstances and some disciples hadn’t managed to make it back in the past. This group had now happened upon a situation where something like that might happen as well if they didn’t tread carefully.

Yan Chang nodded, but she couldn’t help but furrow her brows. It was good that senior martial brother She had clarified but this didn’t help her much. “Well, we did want to make more experiences here. And there is a big chance that there is something interesting behind this.

“We should take a careful look at this first and then decide how to continue. My suggestion would be to send a small group of people over — potentially the ones with the best ability to defend themselves — and then have them return to tell us what is on the other side. Knowing that, we will have an easier time deciding.”

When she looked around, the other disciples hesitated at first but then nodded. Anyway, such experiences were exactly what they had come here for. So now that one was basically knocking on their door, how could they say no to that?

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