OMF V9C116 The Smartest Group

There were different kinds of realms. Some would only appear every couple of hundreds or maybe even thousands of years. Others could be entered at any time as long as you had the key like the one that Qiang Yan’s reincarnation and his wife had created.

And then there were realms like this one, those that were bound to an array that was visible on top of the cliff at all times. Entering them was as easy as stepping through the archway that had been built right in front of it, touching the array with your foot, and putting a little bit of spiritual energy in.

This kind of realm was actually quite rare. And they really made people wonder for the longest time just why they had been created in the way they had been. Creating a realm wasn’t easy. To do this, you needed to be of the highest realm that a human could reach before becoming a deity. And by then, why would you share your resources with others?

To create such an expansive realm like the demonic ancestor’s poisonous garden, and then just let people walk inside, it seemed odd. But clearly, the person that created this place had never cared about that. They had done so and then they had left it there for anyone who wanted to walk into, not putting the slightest restrictions in place. It really did seem unbelievable. But for the rest of the cultivation world, whether it was the righteous or the demonic sects, this was definitely a blessing.

Nobody knew whether that demonic ancestor was still in the world. Whether he had ascended or died, or if he was still living somewhere in seclusion. Maybe he had a second realm somewhere, one that was hidden from the world like those that had been created by other masters. He wouldn’t be the first to do something eccentric after reaching a high level. Anyway, all those were just speculations and it was to everyone else’s benefit so they could only thank him, wherever he may have gone.

The disciples looked around when the light from the array had faded and they suddenly stood on a cliff not too different from the one before. It was just that while in front of them, there was a faintly visible layer through which they could see the Leyuan region that they had come from, behind them, there seemed to be the same arch they had just walked through with a completely different world behind it.

The younger disciples probably would’ve started talking again but all of them still remembered what they had just been told. Now, the test of their skills had begun. No matter how excited they were, they needed to stay vigilant and focus on their task. As disciples of the Jian Yi Sect, they wouldn’t allow themselves to go home without doing their utmost to finish what they had been tasked with.

The senior that was accompanying them was merely there to lend some support if it was absolutely necessary and be there for guidance if they had any kind of questions. Other than that, the disciples were left to themselves.

They looked at each other, and then hastily decided on who would lead them, and finally, that person walked ahead, the other disciples following behind, while the senior brought up the rear.

As for the group that Hua Lin Yu and Xiao Li were in, they were the ones who hung back at the entrance of the garden the longest. They couldn’t help but look at these two people, wondering if either of them should take the lead. Because clearly, they weren’t quite the same as the other seniors that were accompanying the groups so it could probably be said that they were supposed to be disciples undergoing this mission as well. Looking at it from that perspective, they had more seniority than them and were also stronger so making them the leaders would be the smartest decision.

She Fen’s lips twitched when he saw this happening. It really made him wonder why this was the kind of mission that their Master had sent Xiao Yu on. Clearly, something small would have been a better idea. Because even though he was young, he stuck out like a sore thumb among these little ones.

He sighed and then cleared his throat, catching the disciples’ attention. “When it comes to who is to lead the group, don’t take my junior into consideration. Our Master stuffed him in here for her own reasons. Just pretend he is one of you and of a low level.”

Hua Lin Yu turned to look at his senior martial brother and pursed his lips. What low level? Clearly, he was very talented! He didn’t dare to complain though and, to be honest, he also wasn’t sure if he was up to the task. He didn’t have any more experience than these young disciples. Add onto that the fact that currently, he was pretty distracted, he wasn’t sure if he would be of much help to them. No, rather than that, it could probably even be said that he might make more trouble for them. At the very least, there was a chance of that happening.

The younger disciples also weren’t quite sure what to make of that but since the senior had already spoken, they just convened and finally decided on another young disciple.

Having been elected, she nodded and then looked at everyone, picking a direction at random to go in. “We don’t know the exact structure of this place but from what I know about realms in general, they’ll often get more dangerous the further in you go. This right here is still a safe spot so we should take a closer look at the herbs we need to find. Then, we can decide where to go depending on how low or high level the herbs are. Maybe we can already gather some in the perimeter.”

The other disciples nodded and sat down, taking out their lists, as well as the spiritual jade. They put the latter on the ground between them and then all stretched out a hand to imbue some spiritual energy to take a look.

Watching this, She Fen couldn’t help but sigh. Thinking back, his generation of disciples hadn’t seemed to be this smart. But then, it seemed that the other groups in this one hadn’t been either. Maybe his Master had actually made sure that the best disciples were in the group that his little junior was a part of. That was probably her way of protecting him even after she had let him go out for once.

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