RMN C350 It Was Over

Everyone held their breaths, waiting for any indication as to how Luo Lin would take to the potion. Shen Lei had given him a little less than half of the vial’s content, not wanting to take any risks.

After a few minutes, Luo Lin’s death grip on Shen Lei’s arm relaxed.

Shen Lei closed his eyes and heaved a sigh of relief, gently stroking Luo Lin’s back and feeling how the tension slowly left the rest of his body as well. He was still shivering but it wasn’t as bad as before.

After a moment, Shen Lei opened his eyes again and looked at Tan Xin. “It seems to be working. Should we … give him the rest as well?” If they could make sure that Luo Lin wouldn’t suffer at all, he would be more than happy. But right now, he didn’t dare to take a single step without getting some reassurance from a person who knew more about this than him. He didn’t know much about alchemy so this was naturally something where he wouldn’t dare to make any assumptions, not when Luo Lin’s life was concerned.

Tan Xin looked at Luo Lin and then at the vial, not quite sure what to say either. In general, it seemed to help. But then, she couldn’t say for sure how things might turn out after time had passed. “I would still wait. Let’s see if he shows any adverse effects later on or if the problem reoccurs.

“It could be that now that his spiritual energy is calm, his body will be able to deal with the red priest’s blood on its own but we’ll have to see about that. I’d keep the rest of the potion just in case so that we can use it again if need be. In the worst case, we might still have Elder Baili’s potion but as I said before, it is stronger so I wouldn’t necessarily want to use it on senior martial brother Luo if we don’t need to. Using a potion that is above your level generally isn’t advised for a reason after all.”

Shen Lei nodded and handed the vial to her for safekeeping. Then, he turned to Luo Lin and gently brushed over his forehead. “You’ll pull through. Don’t worry, little fairy. Anyway, didn’t you promise to marry me? You can’t just leave me alone now. You have to make it through.” He leaned down, kissing his cheek, and then just held him. Anyway, there wasn’t anything else to do. For now, they could only wait.

Elder Baili watched the two of them, the clogs in his head turning. If he had heard that right just now, something had happened between Shen Lei waking up and yelling for help. Well, it seemed like he had two disciples that were engaged now. And it seemed that they were the two youngest ones.

Not that he had ever expected to hear that Zhi Guan had found somebody to marry but, well, he still couldn’t help but be a bit surprised. Especially when he found out in this kind of situation. Then again, after what they had gone through today, it wasn’t that unexpected either. And anyway, he was happy to hear this.

Especially for Luo Lin, this was a big step. He really hoped that this would be able to give him what he wanted and needed. Because he was sure that there was still something that Luo Lin had been missing even after all this time in the Teng Yong Sect. Yes, there was something that he and Luo Lin’s martial brothers just couldn’t give him. But Shen Lei could. Thankfully, they had met.

Elder Baili smiled faintly. Anyway, for this promise, Luo Lin would surely pull through. He didn’t think that child would want to miss his own wedding.

After a while of waiting, Taishu Min excused herself, seeing as there wasn’t really anything else she could do. Tan Xin also handed the vial to Elder Baili, telling him to just give Luo Lin a bit more of the potion if the symptoms came back or to come and get her if things worsened. Then, she went back to her own room to catch some more sleep.

Recently, things had been stressful in the border region, to say the least. Now, there had been such a thing. She really needed to catch up on sleep or she wouldn’t be able to manage. Then, if such a situation were to arise again, she wouldn’t be able to do her best. Thus, it was better to use the time when she had it.

The others still stayed around though.

Mei Chao Bing couldn’t help but worry about Yun Bei Fen a little but seeing as this was his third senior martial brother, he didn’t try to get him to go to sleep. Even if he was tired and dragged into bed, he probably wouldn’t be able to sleep anyway. After all, he would surely worry about Luo Lin.

As for Zhi Guan, he had taken to standing at the side, his sword clutched to his chest while he stared at his third junior martial brother with vigilant eyes. To him, whether it was his Master or those three little juniors of his, they were all his family. He never wanted to see any of them in pain or danger.

This was probably the first time he had ever had to witness something like this. Yan Hong Min was stupid enough to get himself into trouble regularly but that was different. With this here, for a moment, he legitimately had been afraid that they might lose Luo Lin.

To see that he was finally doing a bit better had made some of the tension go away but he had to admit that he still wasn’t calm. He was still afraid of what might happen. Who knew if, at the end of the night, Luo Lin would be alright? For now, he still didn’t dare to believe it.

Everyone watched on, hoping for the best outcome while still worrying about how that might not be what they would get. But in the end, it seemed that the bet they had taken had been the right choice.

In the early morning hours, there was a moment when Luo Lin started to shiver again but Shen Lei gave him some more of the potion and after that, he was completely calm for the rest of the night.

By the time the sun had finally got up, and the other disciples in the town had started to go about their usual day, Luo Lin finally woke up, looking as if nothing had happened and was completely back to normal. It was just that he still seemed to be weakened and also slightly scared from what had happened to him but he clung to Shen Lei, and it really didn’t seem as if they needed to worry anymore.

Finally, everyone was able to heave a sigh of relief. This matter, it seemed that it was over once and for all.

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