OMF V9C100 A Solution Might Not Be Far Off

Over at the Palace of Fate, Shun Tao wasn’t surprised at all when the senior official was led into his study. He put down the scroll of fate he had been working on and motioned for him to sit down. “I’ll assume that you need some information from the scrolls after all?” Even though the Jades of Love could provide some information, it wasn’t too strange that this wouldn’t be enough so he had half-expected this to happen.

The senior official didn’t even bother to sit down and just inclined his head. “Indeed. We compiled a list of names of either mortals or gods on their trials that might be able to provide us with relevant information.” He handed the lists over to the Fate’s Scribe before stepping back. “We would like to ask for all the scrolls of fate relevant to these people.”

Shun Tao looked over the list and couldn’t help but raise his brows. These were quite a few. Finding them would take a lot of time. But then, he also realized that this was necessary. “I will assign everyone who is currently available to work on this task. It shouldn’t take too long to get them.” He looked more closely at the list and realized that whoever had compiled them had been very thorough in doing so. There was enough information given to make it even easy to find the scrolls.

Having made sure of that, he got to his feet and then walked out of the study, sending a scribe outside to go and inform everyone that they needed to hold a meeting. Then, he turned back to the senior official. “Are you going to wait here until everything has been gathered?”

The senior official looked at the list and then figured that it should take quite some time. Most likely, his own time would be better spent helping the others at the Court of Justice to go through the rest of the Jades of Love. “We haven’t looked through all the Jades of Love yet. I will go back to that for now. When you find the scrolls of fate, please inform us.”

In any case, while a Jade of Love could be accessed by other people without a problem, the scrolls of fate were different. They would need the help of the people of the Palace of Fate to actually look at them. As such, there wasn’t much point in him waiting around.

Shun Tao wasn’t surprised either. When it came to the people of the Court of Justice, they were all rather matter-of-fact and job-oriented and wouldn’t use a single moment to slack off if there was still work to do. Since that was the case for even the lowest levels of officials, it needn’t be said what kind of attitude a senior official would hold. So he hadn’t really expected anything else.

He watched him leave and then went to the courtyard where he would usually make his announcements if there was something that concerned all the scribes.

Gathering everyone only needed a couple of minutes so he didn’t need to wait for long. As soon as the last person had stepped outside, Shun Tao immediately addressed them. “We have gotten an urgent task from the Court of Justice. We need to find the scrolls of fate that correspond to a list of names we have been provided. Everyone who isn’t currently working on a task that needs to be finished immediately, go to the archives to help look for them.”

The scribes nodded and immediately separated in who was able to go to the archives and who wasn’t. In any case, some fates still needed to be written and that in a timely manner. There weren’t too many like that though. After all, fate had a way of its own to come to be. There really was no need to keep an eye on it unless it was a very special kind of fate. As such, just a few of them stayed back while the rest immediately made their way over to the archives with Shun Tao.

Since he himself wasn’t often working on scrolls of fate and had more to do with overseeing the palace itself, he would naturally go and help out as well. Not to mention that this whole matter also had to do with the mistake he had made a few years ago. Now, he would naturally do everything he could to make up for that.

As soon as they got to the archives, Shun Tao handed three of the lists to his senior scribes and then had the other scribes stand in line, each of them receiving a name that they were supposed to look for.

The scribes rushed out, everyone looking for one scroll that they could hurry back with, only to get themselves another name. In this way, all of those scrolls were soon assembled, and put in a chest to be brought back to Shun Tao’s study. In the meantime, he send another scribe to the Court of Justice to inform the senior official that had come to see him.

By that time, An Bai had long made sure of what was going on with the half-bloods so he had returned to the Court of Justice as well, and was helping them work on the lists. By now, they had almost made their way through the next box of jades.

Just as the senior official had guessed, the number of jades that were found over at the Palace of Love had indeed dwindled down. As such, they didn’t need long and the roughly two hours that had gone by since the second chest was brought over had been enough to go through most of these.

When the message arrived that the scrolls had been found, An Bai looked up at the senior official, wondering what he thought they should do.

The man kept quiet for a moment, putting down his brush and looking at the other two officials that were still working. “They haven’t found that many jades anymore and I would assume that not many more will be found in the near future. Two people should be enough to go over the rest of this. How about we bring the new names we have so far over so they can look for those scrolls as well and then work with the Fate’s Scribe to see what we already have? I would assume that this way, we will finish this task as soon as possible.”

An Bai nodded and the two of them got up, taking the four lists, that were a little shorter this time, and then making their way over to the Palace of Fate. Yes, now, a solution might not be that far off.

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