OMF V9C97 A Broken Relationship

An Bai informed not only one of the officials of the Court of Justice but also told the half-bloods that they had found another way to gather information that he would personally be in charge of. As such, if they needed help for the time being, they would have to either work with the gods that were currently in the Tower of Wisdom as well or need to come and find him at the Court of Justice.

The half-bloods promised to do so but inwardly, all of them told themselves that they definitely had to be careful and make sure that they wouldn’t need to bother him. If adviser An Bai personally went to take care of that matter, then it had to be incredibly important. Of course, they wouldn’t want to be the reason for him to have to pause in his work.

There was only one reason they would go and bother him for and that was if they had managed to find a solution to the problem. And they didn’t think that that would happen just on their second day here. They’d be lucky if it happened in the first week.

Seeing that they seemed to be doing fine, An Bai nodded and then left the Tower of Wisdom. He’d probably go to check on them in-between, but other than that, he would focus on the jade slips from the Palace of Love. That just seemed like the best way to go about things right now.

Anyway, it was just as the God of Love had said: It was important to find a solution to the overall situation but their king’s current state of mind was an urgent matter to solve. Yes, they could treat the symptoms for now, but it was much more important to find a solution once and for all.

When he arrived at the Court of Justice, he was immediately led to a room where three officials that already gathered.

One of them got up and inclined his head toward him. “Adviser An Bai, thank you for coming by. The jade slips from the Palace of Love should arrive in another moment. The God of Justice has sent us to have a look through them with you.”

An Bai inclined his head as well, and then took the seat that they offered. “Is there anything about the jade slips that I should be aware of?”

The official took a seat again and shook his head. “No. Other than that they may not be damaged. But I guess that goes without saying. Just like the scrolls of fate, the jades of love are directly tied to a god’s trial or a mortal’s life. Damaging them might cause irreparable damage to their love life in the mortal realm.”

“I will handle them carefully.”

The god nodded, not having expected anything less. When it came to the dragons, among the people of the Court of Justice, the ones with the best reputation were definitely An Bai and Xiang Yong.

They were the ones who they had seen around when there were any diplomatic matters between the two realms going on, and there had never been any cause for grief when it came to the two of them. Now, the other advisers and Longjun himself were a different matter altogether.

Just as the god had said, the jade slips were soon delivered. “These are all the Jades of Love that the Palace of Love has found so far. From what they told me, they are tied to the dragons in some way whatever that might be. You will have to look through them to find out more.”

An Bai had already known as much but apparently, the three officials hadn’t been informed beforehand. They nodded and then took over the chest that the jade slips had been transported in. Only then did they open the chest, taking out the smaller boxes that were holding the jade slips.

The official that had explained to him beforehand handed one of them to An Bai. “This matter, the other officials haven’t been informed. Since this concerns the dragon king personally, we thought that it might be better to keep it under wraps as much as possible.”

An Bai heaved a sigh of relief. “You have my thanks. Should it be unable to be kept quiet any longer though, please feel free to give out the necessary information. With just the four of us, it might be difficult to look through all of them.”

The official nodded and pulled one of the jade slips out of the box he himself was going to look at. “Well, that is why we are only getting the ones that have something to do with the dragons. In any case, my suggestion would be to compile a list of all the dragons that were involved, and then see if you can find any kind of similarities between the cases.”

An Bai nodded, and picked out a jade slip as well, turning it between his fingers. “I’m not completely sure what kind of information will be given. Are there only the names or further information as well?”

“The names of the couple whose fates were woven together are indicated on the outside. For more information, just use your spiritual energy to see inside.” Saying so, the official took a look at the Jade of Love in his hands, noting down the names on a parchment of paper before closing his eyes, clearly taking a look at what was inside.

An Bai watched a moment, and then followed suit, noting down the names, and trying to see what kind of information he could get about the couple. When he did, he couldn’t help but be a little surprised.

This jade slip, apparently, it wasn’t all that old yet. It was from about the time the Long kingdom had been founded and was tied to the life of precisely the person who had founded that empire.

He wasn’t sure if it had been a god on his trial or just a mortal whose life was coincidentally tied to that of a dragon, but apparently, he had met one and they seemed to have been destined for each other. Unfortunately, according to this information, things had not turned out all that well.

Well, that was something he should’ve expected. These kinds of relationships, they would rarely last. Unfortunately, the Jade of Love did not hold any information about whether the dragon had survived or not, just that the relationship, in the end, had been broken.

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