OMF V9C96 Helpless in Front of Heaven’s Will

The God of Love led An Bai to a big hall where more of the gods in the light-colored robes with the red belts were sitting, all of them looking through jade slips. He motioned for one of them to come over who had been going around, gathering the jade slips from the tables that the others had finished working on and bringing them to a cupboard at the side where quite a few had already been gathered.

The god immediately came rushing over and inclined his head toward the God of Love and then An Bai. “God of Love, Scholar An Bai.”

An Bai requited his greeting while the God of Love motioned at the hall.

“How far have you gotten? Are there any results yet?”

The god looked a little put on the spot but then motioned to the cupboard he had just come back from. “Well, we weren’t completely sure what the Court of Justice is looking for so we finally decided to just look for any slips that would contain any information on dragons. So as long as a dragon was involved in it, we are putting it over there. Everything else will go back right where it came from. As you can see, we’ve already found quite a few but whether that is information that the Court of Justice would want, I cannot say.”

The God of Love raised his brows but then nodded. “Very well. Then continue with that. We can still further sort through them later.”

The god nodded and then turned back to make another round, this time gathering the jade slips that hadn’t yielded any information and bringing them back to where they had come from, while others went and did the same in other parts of the hall.

The God of Love motioned for An Bai to follow him outside so they wouldn’t be overheard and turned to look at him. “This way of going about things, is it acceptable?” He knew that time was of the essence. First looking through things slowly might not be such a good idea. After all, it meant having to go through a large part of the Jades of Love twice.

An Bai wasn’t worried though. “To be honest, I think that this was a very good decision of them considering they wouldn’t be able to judge whether this information is necessary or not. Deciding by themselves might lead to some vital information not being included.

“In this way though, they sort through everything and find all that involve a dragon, meaning that every bit of possibly relevant information will be gathered. We will be able to look through those again without needing to check any that don’t contain the information we need. I believe that this is the fastest and most productive way of going about this matter. Also, even if it isn’t helpful for His Majesty, I believe that we can learn a great deal from this for the future.”

Yue Xia couldn’t help but smile. “Spoken like a true scholar, Adviser An Bai. Well, I am glad that we’re not making more trouble for you. Would you like to have a look at the ones that they already found?”

An Bai looked at the door to the hall and had to admit that he was tempted to. He was really curious how many dragons were really involved in the trials of the gods and the lives of the mortals. But then, that might not be the best idea. “Your weavers believe that this matter is being done for the Court of Justice. Taking me along when you ask about their progress isn’t the problem but if the jades were given to me directly, it would surely raise some eyebrows. I would rather not risk that in the current situation. So I’m afraid I will have to reject that offer even though I would indeed like to take a look.”

The God of Love nodded, feeling that he probably should’ve thought about that “Well, in that case, I should probably let you leave now. You can tell one of the officials from the Court of Justice to come over to receive the relevant jade slips. Then you can work on them at the Court of Justice without being bothered.”

An Bai inclined his head. “That is a very good idea. Thank you for that suggestion, God of Love. I will go and take care of that immediately.”

The two of them bid farewell and An Bai returned to the Tower of Wisdom, indeed doing as the God of Love had suggested and getting one of the officials from the Court of Justice.

Meanwhile, the God of Love himself circled back to the courtyard with the Tree of Love. He couldn’t help but look at it for a while longer. The dragon king and the Son of Heaven … to be honest, he was curious about it.

Since the crown prince had been born immortal, there was no red threat that needed to be tied for them. Only for his trial would that have been necessary and he had asked for that to be abstained from because he hadn’t wanted to have any ties to another man than the dragon king.

That kind of couple, he couldn’t believe that there wasn’t some kind of fate between them. No, surely, Heaven had something in store for them. But yes, sometimes, no matter how things might seem from the outside or even the inside, Heaven’s will was something that couldn’t be easily figured out.

Maybe all of this was actually a trial already, and no matter how it ended, the true fate would only be revealed afterward. That was still a possibility that they couldn’t leave out of consideration.

For the sake of the crown prince, he hoped that this wasn’t the case. Because clearly, he genuinely loved the dragon king if he even came to ask for such a thing. That kind of couple, it would be such a pity if they were not meant for each other and all of this had been for naught.

As the God of Love, he really didn’t want to see a pair of hearts broken like that. But then, even immortals were helpless in front of the will of Heaven.

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