OMF V9C94 A Solution to Another Matter

Over in the Nine Heavens, An Bai had gone to the Tower of Wisdom to see how the half-bloods were doing. He didn’t know how long it would take for the people of the Palace of Love to find anything. He hoped that not much time would pass but he also knew that this was likely a futile hope. Some things just couldn’t be solved immediately. No, in some cases, only patience would get you somewhere. It was just that he was afraid because he knew very well that this might cost their king’s life.

He sat at the table, and for probably the first time in his life, wasn’t able to focus on what was on the scroll in front of him. He had always prided himself in his ability as a scholar so this feeling was new to him. But it also didn’t surprise him.

Back then, he hadn’t necessarily set out to become the dragon king’s adviser as some of the others did, but he had prided himself in being chosen. And even though he might have had his doubts every now and then because of his king’s strange behavior, he had believed in him. And that belief had grown stronger over the last few weeks while he saw how his king could really be.

When he finally realized what the true reason for that foolishness had been, he also realized that the foolish ones had actually been them for believing that this could be their king’s real personality.

By now, he knew that he did not want to serve any other king. To now suddenly look at the prospect of that maybe becoming a necessity … He didn’t know what to do. Maybe if it really came to that, he should retire from his position and just become a normal scholar instead. Maybe that would indeed be the best decision.

“Scholar An Bai, is something the matter?” One of the half-bloods couldn’t help but notice that he was somewhat distracted. That wasn’t something that they expected of him of all people.

An Bai was pulled out of his thoughts and looked up, but didn’t know what to say. “Oh, I’m sorry. There have been so many matters recently. For a moment, my thoughts wandered off.”

Some of the other half-bloods close by couldn’t help but look at him as well, some of them seeming worried. “Maybe you should take a break?”

An Bai shook his head. “Me taking breaks isn’t going to help with solving this issue any faster. I can do this. Anyway, you all seem to be doing quite well. I’m already glad to see that. The more people we have helping us, the better.”

“It’s our honor to be able to do this for His Majesty.”

An Bai looked at the man who had spoken and couldn’t help but smile. If they knew how similar they and their king actually were, they would be surprised. These people … they might be able to understand just how he had felt.

Taking a look around and watching all of them for a moment, An Bai couldn’t help but realize that maybe, they might be the key to solving yet another issue. Yes, if the half-bloods they already had among their people were appreciated more and acted in the eye of the public, then that might also raise the acceptance of their king if his heritage was ever to be discovered.

He lowered his gaze, and blankly stared at the words on the scroll, his mind churning. Yes, this might indeed work. When they got back in the evening, he should go and contact Xiang Yong.

Maybe there really was hope if they could do this. In fact, maybe when the time was right and they had made some preparations, they could even carefully introduce hints about His Majesty’s mixed heritage themselves. If they did so slowly and people got used to the thought that he wasn’t a hundred percent pure-blooded, they wouldn’t mind as much if they found out the whole truth: that that bit of blood wasn’t that of a god or a human but that of a demon. In fact, it might not faze them much if they had already come to accept the lead-ups.

He naturally kept that thought to himself and then tried to force himself to focus on what was on the scroll again. Unfortunately, even when he got back to reading with some more focus, it didn’t help at all. Once again, the information he found was useless, not applying enough to the situation at hand and not offering a viable situation. It really was maddening.

Usually, he loved the challenge of pursuing the clues that were left in the documents of times long past, but this time, he really hated it. He just wished for this to be over soon, for one person to just leap up and break the silence of the Tower of Wisdom, yelling that they had found the answer. Unfortunately, it really didn’t look like that would happen anytime soon.

He rolled the scroll back up, then pulled over one of the books that were lying to the side, continuing from there. One day, it would happen. They just needed to give it their all. Then, they would be able to get through this.

Just then, steps sounded and a god clad in a light-colored robe with a red belt came up the stairs, silently walking around the table and leaning down next to An Bai. “Scholar An Bai, the God of Love would like to talk to you. Would you have a moment?”

An Bai looked up, his gaze flickering. “Is this about the matter we came to see him about this morning?” Could it be? Had the God of Love already found something?

Without waiting for an answer, he rose to his feet, only hastily marking the page he had gotten to before he followed the god down the staircase.

The half-bloods couldn’t help but look up, watching him leave before they exchanged a glance. Considering their heritage, they were familiar with the titled gods of the Nine Heavens more so than the usual dragon would be. And the God of Love … that seemed like an odd person to currently contact scholar An Bai.

But then, this really wasn’t their matter to get involved in so they finally just lowered their heads again, getting back to the books and scrolls they had been working on, further looking for a solution to the problem they had been told about.

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