SML V4C33 He Could Not Shy Away

Li Ming sighed when he thought of that and then gave a faint smile. “To be honest, yes, that is why I’m here. Let’s … have a calm discussion. Last time wasn’t really the best situation for that.”

Bian Huan nodded, not too bothered about that. In any case, as long as he was able to finally get that signature under his contract, he didn’t care how it happened. He immediately rushed to get the one he had prepared and put it down in front of Li Ming. “Here it is! I promise you will not regret this.”

Li Ming smiled and opened the folder, looking at the draft inside. Back then, with everything going so fast, and his mind being preoccupied with Mo Fang and their relationship, he hadn’t even looked at it once. Now, he started to read.

He didn’t know much about these things. To be honest, right now, it would’ve been good to have Mo Fang with him to explain a little. He definitely would’ve felt more secure if that was the case.

But anyway, Mo Fang wasn’t a part of his life anymore and he needed to go forward by himself. He could do that. Anyway, before knowing Mo Fang, he had made all of his decisions on his own. Why should it be different now?

Even if Mo Fang knew more about these things than he did, it didn’t matter. This was probably a standard contract. He just needed to make sure that there wasn’t anything in there that he was completely uncomfortable with.

Slowly reading through it, he actually started to feel better when he saw what exactly the terms were. Also, this was a draft. At the very least, it was in his eyes. He could ask Bian Huan to amend some things that he was troubled by. In that case, he wouldn’t need to worry. And he was pretty sure that Bian Huan would indeed be willing to change some things. After all, right now, these were photos that he could do nothing with. Now, he could at least gain something by it. That was better than right now, right? Even if he couldn’t have everything, Li Ming was pretty sure that Bian Huan would be up for it.

When he reached the last page and looked up, he couldn’t help but also glance in the direction where Duan Zhi Hao was sitting on the sofa, rubbing the cat. He stared at them for a moment, not quite sure what he had expected.

Originally, he had only come here to have a short talk. But now, it had turned into him reading documents while Duan Zhi Hao had to amuse himself somehow. Well, thankfully, there had at least been a cat there. As it turned out, he seemed to be doing well with animals.

Seeing as Duan Zhi Hao wouldn’t get bored easily, Li Ming turned back to Bian Huan. “Alright, I finally read it. I think I am generally alright with this. There are just a few details that I’d like to talk over with you first.”

Bian Huan nodded, quite happy that Li Ming was finally willing to do this. Honestly, he had waited for so long. By now, he honestly hadn’t believed that this would still work out. Looking at the pictures, he had been crying every day. But now, his babies might actually still see the light of the day! Wasn’t this a joyous occasion? “Whatever you want, brother Li! I definitely wouldn’t say no to any requests you have. That is, unless you want me to change something about the pictures. I’m not going to do that!”

Li Ming couldn’t help but chuckle. “Don’t worry. I think I already learned that you have some kind of artistic vision the day we did the photoshoot. No, that’s not what I’m worried about.” He leaned back, rubbing his hands against each other, trying to think of a way to explain what his problem was. “You see, Mo Fang’s a model. But … I’m not.”

“I know! You’re doing me a huge favor here. I really appreciate it!”

Li Ming nodded. “Yes, and I’m willing to do it. The thing is just that I have a normal job outside of this. And this is the one and only time that I’m doing this. So if we could do some things that could ensure that I’m not going to end up always being associated with this, that would be nice. So, for starters, I really don’t want my name to be tied to this. Just the photos, never my name. Would that be alright?”

Bian Huan shrugged, not seeing what the problem was. Pulling the contract back over, he pulled a pen out of his pocket and then started to scribble on the paper. When he had finished, he put the pen down, turned the contract around, and motioned at it for Li Ming to have a look.

There were only two lines that he had added but reading them, Li Ming felt that this should indeed be safe. It basically stated that his name would not be released to the public and only be shown as part of a model release that was necessary if Bian Huan wanted to work with business partners.

Li Ming didn’t know that much about photography but since Mo Fang had told him a little about his work, he at least knew what a model release was. For some things, that was apparently necessary so he wasn’t surprised Bian Huan still wanted this. Well, this wouldn’t be made public and only shown when absolutely necessary, so he really had no reason to worry.

He nodded, and then his expression turned a little troubled. “Other than that … would you mind showing me the pictures? So far, I still haven’t seen them.” And before he signed anything, he really needed to take a look first.

Although, truth be told, this was something that he wasn’t looking forward to. No, to see himself together with Mo Fang in what had clearly been a rather romantic atmosphere was something that would pain him greatly.

But this was also something that he needed to confront. There was no way for him to get around this. Thus, he could not shy away. Not at this moment.

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