OMF V9C81 No Use Changing the Subject

Qiu Ling wasn’t sure how to react. Yesterday, he had thought that they had everything in order. They had made a deal, he knew what was going to happen, and even though it wasn’t perfect, it was better than nothing. Now though, everything was changing once again. And had had a bit too much change already today. Still, he realized that Jing Yi was serious about this.

He kept quiet for a moment and then reached out, pulling him up from the chair and over onto his lap. “I understand what you’re saying and I will honor that. You’ve sworn the oath and you don’t expect anything else. But you know, yesterday, I also agreed because I thought that what you asked of me was reasonable.

“Originally, I had promised to marry you. And I think that part of what got us into this mess is that I didn’t honor that promise. I shouldn’t have done that. Once promised, one’s words cannot be taken back that easily. But I tried to do that. It was a mistake on my part and it’s not one I will continue to make. So either way, I still want to have that wedding if you don’t have anything against it.”

Jing Yi held onto his shoulders and looked into his eyes, not sure what to make of this. “Just like that?”

Qiu Ling smiled, not even sure how he was still able to make that face. But, well, maybe this reminded him of an easier time. “Just like that. I … wanted to marry you in the Yun Zou Sect already, remember?

“You were still pretty young back then and you didn’t agree immediately but you did as we grew closer. And that was what I wanted. Everything that came after that … it was all so terribly complicated.” He shook his head, not even sure how to continue.

The situation really was too complicated. There always seemed thousands of things to say but the words eluded him. He could only fumble around, hoping that he would stumble upon a right one or two. “Well, I … I am a simple man. If there is somebody that I love, I want to be with them.

“There are some … circumstances that can’t be changed but with everything already being this dire, I don’t think that we should hold anything back. So, yes, let’s get married. It’s what we wanted to do from the very beginning. Let’s just not consider everything else. Just for a while.”

Jing Yi nodded even though he wasn’t too sure if they could really just ignore everything. It didn’t sound like that would be possible. But he trusted Qiu Ling on this. Anyway, he knew more about these things than he did. “Well, let’s do that then. So … what is first?”

Qiu Ling pondered and then pushed Jing Yi off his lap, getting to his feet as well before pulling him into his arms for another moment. “Well, I mentioned the wedding to Fu Min and Fu Heng as well, and I told Jinde and Leng Jin Yu even before that. So I guess we should inform Xiang Yong since he will be the one to organize everything. So, let’s go over directly?”

Jing Yi nodded, feeling that this sounded like it wouldn’t be that difficult. Although, he had to say that the thought of going to somebody for them to start arranging their wedding was strange after all this time. But anyway, Qiu Ling was right that they had waited long enough for this.

Qiu Ling grabbed his lover’s hand and gently led him over to the door, cracking it open to see if there was somebody out in the corridor before he pulled him outside and over to Xiang Yong’s door.

Jing Yi raised his brows but didn’t say anything, and just watched how Qiu Ling knocked on Xiang Yong’s door and then stepped in when the dragon inside called out.

Qiu Ling closed the door behind them, barely holding back a sigh of relief. Maybe he shouldn’t have told Fu Min and Fu Heng. Now, he was anxious out there because he didn’t know how they would react. Unfortunately, it was too late now to reconsider. What was done was done.

He led Jing Yi over to the chair on the opposite side of Xiang Yong’s desk, and sat down with him, giving a hum. “I told Fu Min and Fu Heng about Jinde and my parentage. Also, I need you to plan my wedding. I was thinking that we should have both the rites of the human world and our own customs. So I’m not sure if you will need help. Maybe there’s some half-blood around that can tell you some more about how it’s done in the mortal realm. I don’t think it needs to be anything fancy. A simple ceremony should be enough.”

Xiang Yong stared at his king, his expression dull. Even if his king was talking a mile an hour, clearly trying desperately to change the subject, he wouldn’t forget about what he had said first. He waited for Qiu Ling to tell him what he thought about the ceremony before he folded his hands on the table and gave him a long look. “I will organize the wedding. So now, what was that about telling Fu Min and Fu Heng?”

Qiu Ling stared back, wondering if he should try and change the subject once again. He … he really didn’t want to talk about it. But then again, since he was already here, he probably should. Anyway, wasn’t that why he had mentioned it in the first place?

He cleared his throat and then motioned over. “Jinde wanted to switch rooms so I went there and I figured that it would be best to mention how Jinde and Leng Jin Yu had a bit of a special identity to make it more likely for them to agree. And since we were on the subject, I thought that maybe I should also throw in that fact about my mother. I’m not quite sure how they took it. They seemed quite shocked and I might have left the room right after so I wouldn’t have to deal with the fallout.”

Xiang Yong raised his brows but then nodded, finally getting up. “Very well. Then before I start organizing the wedding, I will go and have a talk with the two of them. In the meantime … well, if Your Majesty doesn’t have anything else to do, I guess you could go out and find a seamstress.

“Somebody will need to make a pair of wedding robes. That should take longer than most other preparations for the wedding. It can’t hurt to start early. Although I assume it might be a little awkward to do that.” He didn’t say anything further, and left the room, walking over to the other side of the corridor and knocking on Fu Min’s door.

Well, he was worried about just how these two had taken the news. He was hoping that overall, it would be well, but then, you could never know. If they hadn’t … He wasn’t quite sure yet what to do in that case. It was a question that he didn’t really want to confront either but it wasn’t like he had another choice.

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