RSH Stratagem 29: Take Care of Your Beloved Well (1)

Qiu Ling stayed at Jing He’s palace while his beloved slept. If it had been a normal day, he probably would’ve left in between, making sure that he wouldn’t be there when Jing He woke up so that he wouldn’t be embarrassed. But right now, he was afraid of what kind of signal that would send Jing He so he made sure that he didn’t move even a single step away.

Instead, he even inched closer, making sure that he was able to hold him comfortably. Even though Jing He had managed to fall asleep in his arms, half-sitting and half-lying like that might become uncomfortable with some time. He definitely didn’t want that for him. Thus, he adjusted his posture a little before he continued to wait.

About an hour went by when he could hear steps for him outside. Then, the voices of Huang Lan and an unknown person sounded.

“Greetings, I’ve been sent by the God of Medicine to deliver this to His Highness.”

Huang Lan looked at the heavenly physician in front of him and nodded. “Are there any instructions to go along with this?”

The physician shook his head. “Everything is in there. I believe the God of Medicine has written some instructions though. If anything else needs to be done we will prepare it and send it over when it is time.” He handed the medicine over and then left.

Huang Lan pondered for a moment what to do and then quietly stepped through the door, peering around the decorated screen behind the entrance. He was afraid that if His Highness was currently resting, he would disturb his sleep.

Qiu Ling looked over and then waved for him to just put the things on the table.

Huang Lan actually froze when he saw the situation over there. Qiu Ling had left the door to the bed chamber open so he had a pretty good look at just how the two of them were lying there together.

For their crown prince, this was definitely scandalous behavior. Still, he didn’t dare to say anything. For one, he knew very well that the crown prince needed this rest, and second, he also couldn’t say that this was that wrong.

In any case, the dragon king had reacted the right way before and from everything he had seen, His Highness didn’t necessarily reject his advances. Even though he might not have officially said anything and there wasn’t an official relationship between them yet, it was clear as day that there was something more between them. Who was he to judge that?

All of that went through his mind and he hastily went to put down the medicine before he inclined his head and then went back outside. His expression looked a little unnatural but he refused to explain himself to Mu Kun and just motioned to behind them to make clear that they shouldn’t disturb His Highness.

Mu Kun was curious but he didn’t insist. He also felt that they should be even more careful now that His Highness was in this kind of state.

Back inside, Qiu Ling couldn’t help but wonder about the medicine. This was just so that Jing He could recuperate more easily. It wasn’t a solution to the actual problem. Now, with what Bai Fen had said, it was pretty clear that this whole matter had something to do with him. Thus, he was also the one who should probably solve this issue.

But how to reassure Jing He? That was something he was still not quite clear about. Spending time with him again was definitely the first thing to do. As for after that … he really couldn’t think of anything right now. He would probably have to bother An Bai about that when he went back.

Another two hours went by until finally, Jing He’s eyelids fluttered and he opened his eyes. They still felt bleary and, to be honest, he just wanted to turn around and continue sleeping. When he moved a little, he realized that something was wrong. His mind wasn’t quite there and he rubbed what he could only assume to be his pillow only to figure out that things were wrong.

He raised his head and then came face-to-face with the concerned expression of the dragon king. His eyes widened and his heart seemed to jump before hammering in his chest. Just what had happened? For a moment, he really was beside himself.

Qiu Ling saw that Jing He looked rather pale and couldn’t help but hug him tighter. “What’s the matter? Aren’t you feeling well? Should I go and get the God of Medicine again?” Seeing Jing He like this, he was afraid.

The panic was also audible in his voice, finally pulling Jing He back. Right, he was sick. Too sick to really do or say anything. That was what he had decided before he just let himself fall into the dragon king’s arms. That was why he was in this situation. That was why the dragon king hadn’t left.

He managed to calm himself down and smiled faintly, trying not to worry him as much. Even though he felt completely without strength right now, he still didn’t want to see this man worried.

Well, not that deep down he wasn’t even the slightest bit complacent about holding his worry for just a moment but it pained him at the same time. Yes, he wanted Qiu Ling’s thoughts to be focused on him but at the same time, he didn’t want anything negative to happen to him. So it would’ve been better if there was another way.

Seeing that Jing He seemed to be doing slightly better, Qiu Ling heaved a sigh of relief. “Well, the God of Medicine sent some medicine over. They put it on the table but I didn’t want to disturb you before so I let you sleep. Should I take a look?”

Jing He knew that it was probably for the best to let him do so but he didn’t want him to leave. Right now, he had an excuse for lying in his arms. But as soon as the dragon king moved away, he could hardly invite him back into his bed, could he? Then this … this situation would end. And he wasn’t sure if he was ready for that.

Oh, it was laughable. Simply pathetic. But even though he knew, he refused to give this up.

He powerlessly grabbed onto Qiu Ling’s robe and lowered his gaze. So what if he became even more pathetic? He was willing to do it for this man! “I feel a little faint.” His voice was nothing more but a whisper but it was enough to make Qiu Ling feel concerned again.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure you’re just lacking a bit of strength. In a few days, you will already be doing better.” He brushed back his hair and then adjusted Jing He’s posture, hoping that it would somehow help. He knew that the best thing would probably be to have him take some of the medicine but he was also afraid to let him out of his arms. Right now, he could really need some help. Unfortunately, he could hardly call his future mother-in-law over, could he?

He didn’t know how to deal with things for a moment but he realized that he couldn’t just continue to lie here. While it was important to stay close to Jing He, it wouldn’t help in the long run. Jing He lacked strength and he needed to get it back.

He thought for a bit and then just lowered him down into the bed as gently as he could. He leaned over him and brushed his hair to the side, pulling up the blanket while he was at it. “You should rest for a bit longer. I’ll go and take a quick look at the medicine.

“Don’t worry. I’m right here. Just a few steps away. If you feel any worse, just say the word and I’ll try and help.” He didn’t wait for Jing He to say anything and rushed over to the table, getting the whole package before he returned to the bed and sat on the edge.

He didn’t dare to stay in the other room. Jing He’s voice had been so quiet that it had been barely audible even when he was holding him right in his arms. If he went away any further, would he really be able to hear him if he cried out for help? He really wasn’t sure.

He gently grabbed Jing He’s hand when he returned, wanting to reassure him that he was here. “Alright, I’ll just take a quick look. After you take this, you’ll probably feel better.”

Jing He looked at him, unsure what to feel. He hated to not be in his arms any longer but to see him this concerned … it was able to make his pained heart feel a little sweet at the same time. Yes, bitter and sweet at the same tie, that was how he felt. There really was no other person in this world that was able to make him feel this.

Thinking of that, he just lost himself in the dragon king’s expression, hoping that one day, he would be able to feel only sweet for once. That sure would be a beautiful dream.

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