RSH Stratagem 3: Know Yourself And Know Your Beloved! (1)

Qiu Ling left the room but stopped right in front of the door. Ah, what exactly was he supposed to do now? He didn’t know much about his beloved yet so there wasn’t much use in writing his insights down just yet. No, he had to go and find out more himself. After all, wouldn’t that … Fu Min only find what was known anyway? Something like that would probably be pretty useless for his goal. No, he had to go and get some more private information.
So, he first had to get back into the Nine Heavens. Without anyone noticing.
Qiu Ling wanted to fly over already when he luckily remembered the other things that Xiang Yong and An Bai had said just now. His beloved was a refined person who cared about manners. Breaking into the Nine Heavens or … well, even sneaking into the Nine Heavens probably wasn’t anything he’d like.
“Ugh. So I can’t do that! I hope that … those guys will hurry up with pacifying that old man!” He trudged to the study he remembered he was supposed to have and sat down at his desk.
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RSH Stratagem 2: Holding a Council of Love (6)

Qiang Wei cleared his throat. “Uhm … Your Majesty, could it be that … you showed us the wrong scroll?” Don’t kid him. He had gotten a glimpse of the Son of Heaven one time when he played the messenger together with Yi Zan. It had only been a short moment but such beauty wasn’t easily forgotten.
Qiu Ling frowned and took a look at the scroll himself. The wrong scroll? So this guy thought that this one wasn’t done well enough? Mn, that could actually be. His painting skills definitely weren’t up to par to display his beloved’s beauty.
He put the scroll aside but made sure not to roll it up. After all, it was still better to look at a not so great portrait of him instead of not being able to see him at all. Ah, that damned old man from the Nine Heavens! Why couldn’t he let him and his beloved be?!
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RSH Stratagem 2: Holding a Council of Love (5)

When Qiu Ling returned to the Nine Heavens the next morning, he wasn’t let in and instead met with a higher number of guards than the day before. They weren’t as courteous anymore, either. After all, the story of how the dragon king had dared to have indecent thoughts about their Son of Heaven had already spread and most of the guards had a not so secret crush on their crown prince that they just didn’t dare speak about.
Unable to see his beloved, Qiu Ling threw himself into painting portraits of him for the rest of the day and the following night. He was sure that the Heavenly Emperor would calm down after a while and let him in again. Continue reading

RSH Stratagem 2: Holding a Council of Love (4)

“Jing He!” On the other side of the capital, the Heavenly Emperor beamed as soon as he saw his son. He hurried toward him and gently took his hands. “Did you sleep well?”
“Mn. Thank you for your concern, father. How about you?”
“Ah, if my precious son worries about me this much, how couldn’t I sleep well?” Rong Su smiled brightly but his expression soon dimmed. “Although, I have to say that I’m a little worried. Have you thought about what I said yesterday?”
Jing He lowered his gaze. “Father is talking about the issue with Longjun?”
“Mn. Precisely that. Tch, I still can’t believe that he would dare to even think about it. Is my son someone he can covet this easily?!”
“Longjun … might come over later today.”
The Heavenly Emperor smiled again and patted Jing He’s hand. “You don’t have to worry about that. Father will make sure he can’t approach you.”
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RSH Stratagem 2: Holding a Council of Love (3)

The next day came soon enough and with the light of dawn enveloping the Nine Heavens, the guards at the gates of the capital were greeted with the sight of a handsome man dressed in black. The man smiled while his hands couldn’t help but straighten his sleeves and comb through his hair. The guards were creeped out.
Qiu Ling hadn’t any thoughts to spare for them though. Ah! He had flown to the Nine Heavens. What if the wind had tussled his hair? What if there was some wrinkle in his robes that he had overlooked? He couldn’t appear before his beloved like that! It was too late to make sure, though.
One of the guards had finally calmed his nerves and stepped forward, cupping his fists. “Longjun … What might bring you here?”
“I’m here to see my beloved!”
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RSH Stratagem 2: Holding a Council of Love (2)

“So what do you think about him?”
“About Longjun?” Jing He’s brows drew together.
“What?” The Heavenly Empress hugged her son’s arm and smiled mischievously. “Was there somebody else who proposed to my son?”
“Mother …” Jing He shook his head. “How could this be? I can hardly believe there was even one person.”
“Don’t say that. You’re beautiful and obedient and smart. You’re such a good catch! Whoever marries you will have such a blissful life.”
Jing He just smiled. He couldn’t imagine that either.
“Mn, next time, let your mother take a closer look at him. I’ll see if that Longjun is really suitable for you.” Continue reading

RSH Stratagem 2: Holding a Council of Love (1)

The Heavenly Emperor had been fuming for the whole course of the banquet but he finally erupted when the last guests had left. Needless to say those last guests were Qiu Ling and his two subjects and the dragon king hadn’t missed to watch Jing He for even a second.
Even when he was murmuring his farewell to the Heavenly Emperor he had still stared straight at Jing He. In fact, his words had been directed at him, too, and when he left he couldn’t help but stop every few steps and look back at him, his gaze smoldering.
Even someone like Jing He who didn’t know much about love felt his heart stir at this gaze. Unfortunately, his entranced expression was even more reason for the Heavenly Emperor to lose his fuse.
“Who does he think he is?!” He leaped to his feet and clenched his fists. How dare this guy covet his precious son?!
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RSH Stratagem 1: (Luck) Fate Plays an Important Role In Love (3)

Jing He and the Heavenly Emperor both looked up, the latter with a grim expression. Could it be someone wanted to assassinate his beloved son?!
It turned out to be something way worse. A god might dare to make some careless remark but the person striding over to them was someone who didn’t care about customs at all. As he was once again about to demonstrate.
Qiu Ling finally hadn’t been able to take it anymore. Under the panicked gaze of Xiang Yong and to the tune of An Bai’s resigned sighs, he stood up and made his way over to his beloved. The gods stared at him but he didn’t care about that either.
He only thought of the beauty opposite him. His beauty, his future spouse, the love of his life! Ah! He had to make sure he would get him right now! Especially since that offensive guy over there dared to covet him! Continue reading

RSH Stratagem 1: (Luck) Fate Plays an Important Role In Love (2)

Author’s Note: Since it’s Easter, let’s start with the serialization of RSH a little sooner 😊


The three dragons flew over to the Heavenly Emperor’s palace in the Nine Heavens of the gods. Unfortunately, they realized at once that it wouldn’t be as easy as they had thought.
There weren’t just many people. It seemed like everyone who had at least a bit of status had come. Qiu Ling frowned and turned around to check if he could still sneak out. Naturally, he couldn’t. Instead, he just managed to invite another problem.
A woman hurried over to them. “Longjun!” Just with issuing his title she managed to display the kind of high-pitched voice he hated the most.
Qiu Ling turned his head away and rolled his eyes. Heavens! What was it with these people? Don’t even mention her voice. Had this woman looked into the mirror before she came here? What was with that ugly dress?
“Xiang Yong! Where’s the Heavenly Emperor?”
Xiang Yong gulped and looked around. “It … seems he isn’t here yet.” Continue reading

Why I Won’t Post RSH on Wattpad and Webnovel

Some time ago I’ve announced that I’ll be uploading the “Oh. My. Fate?!”-prequel “Romancing the Son of Heaven: The 69 Stratagems of Dragon King Qiu Ling” (that was previously an exclusive patreon extra) for everyone free-to-read.
The first chapter is already up on several sites and there’ll be one each Sunday from now on. You might have noticed though that I haven’t uploaded the chapter to either Wattpad or webnovel. This is because I have decided that I won’t be uploading this series (and most likely all my upcoming series) there.
I know that the readers from both sites will be sad about this but it is a decision I had to make. In this post, I’d like to explain why.

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