RSH Stratagem 5: Utilize Your Subjects’ Talents Well (2)

Jing He stood up to greet his two visitors. His heart couldn’t help but palpitate though. Someone of the dragon race … Did this have to do with what Longjun had said the previous day?

Qiang Yan took one look at his nephew and knew that he was still nervous. Ah, he could only hope this An Bai would continue to be as empathic as he had seemed until now. Well, he would just stay around for a while to make sure those two got along.

“Jing He.” Qiang Yan went over and took a closer look at his nephew. Normally, he always pretended to be more distant in front of others but screw it. If his nephew really married the dragon king in the future, it was better to let them know upfront that his uncle was the God of War. Hmph, they better don’t try to bully his nephew! “Ah, my dear nephew, I went to the dragon realm yesterday and had the good luck to meet scholar An Bai. We talked for a while and I felt that he was a very knowledgeable person and that the two of you would get along well. So I invited him over.” Continue reading

RSH Stratagem 5: Utilize Your Subjects’ Talents Well (1)

An Bai managed to send the God of War on his way but the next morning a smiling god stood in front of his door again and motioned outside. “Scholar An Bai, how about following me to the Nine Heavens?”

An Bai furrowed his brow but still stepped outside. Ah, what else could he do? Their king had fallen in love with the Son of Heaven. This God of War was the Heavenly Empress’ older brother so, in the end, he was the uncle of their king’s future consort. Could he deny such a person a favor? Certainly not.

Especially not in the current situation where their king was still trying to woo the Son of Heaven. Everything they did and said right now would reflect on their king and might very well lower his chances to realize this relationship if they made a blunder. On the other hand, they might help to make their king and the Son of Heaven become closer if they managed to raise the gods’ impression of them. Continue reading

RSH Stratagem 4: Choose a Heartfelt Present (5)

Qiang Yan approached the dragon king’s palace with a dark expression and a small chest in his hand.

The guards in front of the gate gulped and exchanged a glance. This was the God of War. Could it be he had come in that function and actually wanted to declare war on them? Ah, no, if anything, he should come over to tell them of an attack of the demons since they were allies. Although … his expression said otherwise.

Qiang Yan stopped in front of the two men, his expression not easing the least bit. “I’m here to see …” Continue reading

RSH Stratagem 4: Choose a Heartfelt Present (4)

Jing He closed his eyes and continued to cling to the cupboard with trembling limbs. Ah … Even until now nobody had come by. If Longjun hadn’t left on his own … Who knew what might have happened already?

It couldn’t go on like this. He couldn’t just wait for the dragon king to come back and do what he had threatened him with. He had to get help.

Jing He cracked his eyes open and looked up to the chest with the heart. He wasn’t sure what kind of creature it had come from but it was bigger than that of a god. Most likely it had been some kind of beast and Longjun had taken it down all by himself. In that case, there was only one person that could help. Continue reading

RSH Stratagem 4: Choose a Heartfelt Present (3)

Jing He’s already pallid face turned the color of freshly-fallen snow and his hands trembled. Just what was this? What was it supposed to mean? Could it be the dragon king had decided he didn’t want to wait, after all? Was this him making known that if he couldn’t have his heart the way he wanted, he would just rip it out as he had done with this one?

Jing He tried to take a deep breath to stop his hands from shaking but that only made the scent of the blood drift into his nose. His knees grew weak and he almost fell to the ground, only jolting awake at the last moment. No! He couldn’t lose consciousness now. Wouldn’t that make matters worse? If he collapsed now … What would Longjun do? The dragon king had already threatened him like this. Who knew if he wouldn’t go through with it when presented with the opportunity?

First of all … First of all, he had to keep clear-headed and then he had to get help somehow. How to do that? Continue reading

RSH Stratagem 4: Choose a Heartfelt Present (2)

When An Bai and Xiang Yong returned from the Nine Heavens they made their way to their king’s palace first to report how their mission had gone. Before they even reached the gates they were ambushed.

Qiu Ling grabbed An Bai by the lapel and pulled him closer. “You!” He knitted his brows and took a closer look at An Bai’s face. Ugh. This guy was really handsome! He definitely couldn’t let him get close to his beloved. Well, never mind. He would find a way to prevent that later. First things first. “Tell me a good present for my beloved!”

An Bai stared at his king blankly. Why was he asking something like this? “Your Majesty, we’ve just returned from offering the Heavenly Emperor our apology. I don’t think —”

“I don’t care! Tell me a good present for my beloved! It can’t be some flower though. I want something impactful.” Continue reading

RSH Stratagem 4: Choose a Heartfelt Present (1)

Since he couldn’t make time move faster he could only try to make the most out of this time when he had to be separated from his beloved. With that thought in mind, Qiu Ling sent someone to get Fu Min for him. This person had done such a good job at gathering information about his beloved! He should trust him to help a little more.
When a guard came by his house to tell him that his king had specifically requested to see him and none of the others Fu Min felt like walking on clouds. He immediately floated over to the palace and right into Qiu Ling’s study. “My king! You called for me?”
Qiu Ling nodded earnestly and even made the effort to wave at the chair opposite him.
Fu Min wanted to prostrate himself at his king’s feet and turn into a happy pile of goo. Ah, he was so lucky! His king actually remembered him! He was even so nice!
Qiu Ling waved again when Fu Min didn’t react, his brows twitching. This guy should better hurry up! He still had to plan for tomorrow!
Under his king’s oppressive stare Fu Min finally sat down but he was still beaming. “How may I help you, Your Majesty?” Continue reading

RSH Stratagem 3: Know Yourself And Know Your Beloved! (3)

Lying prone on the roof of crown prince Jing He’s palace Qiu Ling observed the surroundings. Mn, there were a lot of very romantic spots here. Just look at the garden or the little pavilion next to it. If he could meet with his Jing He there, then he’d certainly leave a good impression on his beloved!
Just then the door to the garden was opened and a person clad in a green robe stepped out. Qiu Ling held his breath. Ah! So beautiful! Just look at how the fabric hugged his waist! Or how his black hair caressed his back with each step!
Ah, he also wanted to hug him! He also wanted to caress him!
Qiu Ling got up and leaped from the roof, silently landing behind Jing He. Of course, he wouldn’t just hug him. After all, he had just been warned by Fu Min. But he had to use the time before An Bai could try anything well!
“Your Highness.”
Jing He gave a start. Continue reading

RSH Stratagem 3: Know Yourself And Know Your Beloved! (2)

Qiu Ling sat down with a few scrolls of empty paper, ground his ink and started to write: ‘Information on myself, Qiu Ling, and my beloved, the very beautiful Son of Heaven Jing He.’
‘Myself: Dragon King Qiu Ling’ he wrote. ‘Notes: Very handsome’ he continued. Then, he put down the brush and nodded.
Mn, this should be alright. Now he only needed to sort the information about his beloved.
He picked up the scroll Fu Min had written for him and once again read everything. His expression wavered from delight to anger to longing depending on what he read. In the end, he decided to start with writing down the most important facts about his beloved.
‘My Beloved: The Son of Heaven Jing He’ he wrote. Then he pondered a bit more and started on his notes:
Continue reading

RSH Stratagem 3: Know Yourself And Know Your Beloved! (1)

Qiu Ling left the room but stopped right in front of the door. Ah, what exactly was he supposed to do now? He didn’t know much about his beloved yet so there wasn’t much use in writing his insights down just yet. No, he had to go and find out more himself. After all, wouldn’t that … Fu Min only find what was known anyway? Something like that would probably be pretty useless for his goal. No, he had to go and get some more private information.
So, he first had to get back into the Nine Heavens. Without anyone noticing.
Qiu Ling wanted to fly over already when he luckily remembered the other things that Xiang Yong and An Bai had said just now. His beloved was a refined person who cared about manners. Breaking into the Nine Heavens or … well, even sneaking into the Nine Heavens probably wasn’t anything he’d like.
“Ugh. So I can’t do that! I hope that … those guys will hurry up with pacifying that old man!” He trudged to the study he remembered he was supposed to have and sat down at his desk.
Continue reading