OMF V9C8 He Wouldn’t Have Expected It

Putting away the transmission stone, Yi Zan looked up at Xian Li and gave a wry smile. “I guess I don’t need to say much. You already heard all of it.”

Xian Li nodded, his face still pale. “I … I can’t believe he tried to do that. I mean …” He shook his head, feeling that this really wasn’t the kind of thing he should discuss with Yi Zan. “Anyway, I’ll go and tell the other two. If they really went to the Heavenly Emperor right now, that would just make things even worse.”

Yi Zan nodded and then watched as Xian Li jumped to his feet and then rushed out. When he heard the gate fall shut behind him, he sighed.

To be honest, he could also hardly believe this. He had known that there was some tension. Both between Zhong Jing Yi and His Majesty and even more so between Zhong Jing Yi and the Son of Heaven. But he also wouldn’t have thought that Jing Yi would go this far. It just … seemed like such a stretch. But then, he probably should’ve expected this with everything that had happened.

He sighed again and then left the palace as well, making his way over to Jing He’s palace instead. When he got closer, he had a strange feeling. He had been guarding at this place for quite some time and had only been called away because of the situation with Jinde.

If not for that, he also would’ve been here. He didn’t know if that would have changed anything. Maybe if it was two of them there, Zhong Jing Yi never would’ve had this opportunity. He didn’t know. And to be honest, he somehow doubted it. Maybe there would’ve been something else happening. Fate … Sometimes, it just was like that.

He made his way over to the front door, but nothing could be seen of either of the guards that usually stood there. Yi Zan faintly furrowed his brows and then went over to the garden instead, finding the God of Justice standing to the side with the two guards. He raised his brows and then went over, finally spotting Qiang Wei as well who was half standing in the door but not really going inside.

When he saw Yi Zan, Qiang Wei heaved a side of relief and came over to him, pulling him to the side. “Zhong Jing Yi —”

Yi Zan shook his head. “Don’t say anymore, I already know. His Majesty contacted me after he arrived in the dragon realm.”

Qiang Wei closed his eyes but then heaved a sigh that sounded a little relieved. “So they made it back there.” To be honest, he had been really worried. This kind of matter … he knew very well that it could start an actual war. And that was something that they really didn’t need to deal with.

It had been bad enough that His Majesty and the Son of Heaven somehow gravitated toward each other even though the Heavenly Emperor didn’t like it. It had been even worse when Zhong Jing Yi came in as Jing He’s reincarnation. But this? This was something that could be forgiven. Never. If Zhong Jing Yi ever appeared in the Nine Heavens again, he was afraid that he would indeed be killed upon sight.

He couldn’t even fault the heavenly couple for that. And right now, he really felt like it was the heavenly couple instead of just the Heavenly Emperor. Because even though she hadn’t said anything, the Heavenly Empress was clearly furious as well. It was just that at the same time, she apparently knew that it would make trouble for their king if Zhong Jing Yi was killed. Qiang Wei didn’t quite understand the hole ins and outs but An Bai had indicated something like that to him in a quiet moment.

Yi Zan glanced past him at the bit of the room that could be seen from there and spotted An Bai standing next to the God of Medicine. The old god was currently packing up his things and An Bai followed him outside after a few words were exchanged.

When the two of them stepped out, Li Yin immediately stepped forward as did Qiang Wei and Yi Zan.

The God of Medicine raised his bushy brows, feeling that it really would be easier if everyone was gathered around at once so he wouldn’t have to say this again and again. “He isn’t hurt, he isn’t even in any danger, he wasn’t injured at all.”

Li Yin nodded while Qiang Wei once again heaved a sigh of relief even though he had already guessed as much from the things he had seen before.

The God of Medicine turned to An Bai and gave him a faint smile. “Scholar An Bai, you’re welcome to come by if you want to discuss more with me. In any case, I’m afraid I’ll have to go back to my Temple of Medicine now. In this regard … I really can’t do anything here.”

An Bai nodded and then waited for him to leave before he turned to the God of Justice. “Well, you’ve heard it.”

“I have indeed heard it but that doesn’t mean that I agree with how things are. You know, I’m almost willing to bend the laws a little bit when it comes to this matter with the reincarnation but now, he has tried to kill somebody. Not just anybody but the crown prince of our Nine Heavens. You bet that a punishment should be in order.”

“But even the Heavenly Emperor isn’t pursuing this. And you also shouldn’t forget that this person is, at the end of the day, the same one. Whether it is Zhong Jing Yi or Jing He, the Son of Heaven, it will be the same. You want to prosecute him for hurting himself basically.”

“In front of the law, he is currently a different person.”

Before An Bai had time to say anything, the God of War stepped out and shook his head. “Give it a rest, Li Yin. This matter is difficult enough without you insisting on any kind of punishment. Also, I think it is better if he stays away. Just don’t give him any opportunity to try something like this again.” Saying that, he furrowed his brows and then shook his head. “I’ll be back at my own palace organizing some things. Jing He clearly needs more than just two guards at the moment.”

Even though he didn’t think that somebody else would be stupid enough to try something like this and even shortly after Zhong Jing Yi had failed, it was still better to be safe than sorry.

He turned to the three dragons and then motioned inside. “I gather that you will likely stay around here. Should my sister and brother-in-law ask, please tell them what I’m doing. Maybe it will reassure them a little that there will be more protection in the future.”

The three nodded at once and then watched Qiang Yan leave. Li Yin also only stuck around for a moment longer before he finally left as well, making the dragons remain alone outside in the garden.

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