OMF V9C5 No Reason to Rush

As soon as the door closed, the two of them turned to each other, both smiling at the same time.

“And? How is it being back home?”

Leng Jin Yu chuckled and bridged the gap between them, pulling Jinde into his arms. “Shouldn’t I ask you that?”

Jinde reached up to tug at his lapel, pulling him a little closer and looking into his eyes. “Why? Isn’t this your home as well? In any case, you left it quite a bit before me.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded at that, feeling that Jinde actually had a point. “I do regret it. Back then, I should’ve listened to you.”

“That’s a matter of course. But it’s not like you can still change it so let’s not bother with that. In any case, we’re back. And this time, things will be better.” He pecked him on the lips and then pulled out of his arms, folding his hands behind his back and walking through the room.

They had really been treated like extended relatives of a simple soldier. The room wasn’t big, clearly not what Jinde or Leng Jin Yu were used to from their youth or the station they had earned later in life whether it was the last or this one. But still, for the time being, this was enough. In any case, how much room did two people need? What was important to them was that they were together and that they would be able to have a family here.

Leng Jin Yu’s gaze darted around as well and finally, he couldn’t help but pose the question that he had been wondering about since the moment that Lei Jiang had mentioned the dragon king’s advisers toward the woman with the keys. “I wonder where Qiu Ling’s rooms are.”

Jinde looked over his shoulder and nodded. “Don’t worry about it too much. This here is probably just a way station. When Qiu Ling manages to solve the situation in the Nine Heavens, he will deal with our issue. We will probably both get an official position in court.”

Leng Jin Yu raised his brows, not quite sure how to imagine that. “It shouldn’t be difficult to find one for you but for me? I’m not sure if I will be able to help him much.”

Jinde looked at him and then walked back, stopping in front of him and cupping his cheeks. “You feel like you don’t quite fit in anymore, don’t you? Because you’re not a dragon anymore?”

Leng Jin Yu hesitated for a moment but finally nodded. “I never really thought of it before. It was … Well, you had told me pretty much at the beginning what happened in my past life and who I was but it was a matter that felt very far away.

“Now though, I do have these memories. They are … well, they are my own. They are of the life I’ve lived. Me, personally, not some person I was long ago that I couldn’t even remember and had to be told about. And comparing both lives, the discrepancy just seems so big.”

He grimaced and thought back to the fight he had had with the God of War. “You know, when I challenged the God of War, I was going too far and I knew. But I wanted to know how I actually compare to my past self. I wanted to see where I stand and he was my best bet at that. Well, I can’t say that I’m happy with it.”

Jinde kept quiet at that. He didn’t bother to tell him that most people would be happy if they could stand toe to toe with the God of War. Yes, for most people, that might be an achievement. But for Leng Jin Yu?

He had the memory of being hailed as the greatest warrior of their generation. And Chun Yin had been strong. The natural advantage that the dragons had, had helped with that a lot but even without, he had still been excellent. Now, he had lost those advantages in his reincarnation and probably felt like he had fallen behind. Of course, he wasn’t happy with that. Whatever he could say to that would only be empty words.

Leng Jin Yu smiled wryly when Jinde kept quiet. “I know. There’s nothing to say about that. It hasn’t been that long since I remembered and it is only a matter of time until things will even out a bit. The longer I have to get used to my new situation, to the memories from both lives, and also to the limitations of this body, the better I will become. In a couple of years, it might not be important anymore. But I have this feeling that we don’t have those years. I’m worried.”

“Are you feeling rushed? If you want us to wait, I don’t have a problem with that. I do want a child but not at any price. And if you need some more time to feel secure, I can certainly wait that bit out. I’ve waited for so long, a little more wouldn’t be a problem.”

Leng Jin Yu shook his head. “Now, to be honest, I’m looking forward to it. I will just make sure that I double my efforts. In any case, now that we’re here in the dragon realm, things will be a bit different. If I’m not completely wrong, then Qiu Ling will certainly have some people at his court who are itching for a couple of spars.”

Jinde chuckled at that. “Well, I could imagine that you’re right with that. We can ask Lei Jiang about that later on.”

“True, he should know quite a bit about Qiu Ling’s court. Actually, maybe he can even help me to get in contact with some people directly. Or maybe there’s a way for me to also get a position that way. As a soldier, I’d probably get quite a bit of practice.”

“But you wouldn’t be as free in regard to spending time with me and our little one so don’t rush into that. Sometimes, it is better not to take that route.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded but for the time being, he didn’t have another idea. To be honest, he wasn’t really happy with being just a visitor. If there was an official position for him, he might feel like he belonged more and that was what was currently missing in his life.

Well, it wasn’t too late yet. Surely, with some time, they would figure out all of these things. It might take some time but that was alright. It wasn’t like they were being rushed.

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