OMF V8C220 No Exaggeration

Jing Yi waited until Qiang Wei was outside and then heaved a sigh of relief. After that, he turned to the bed, slowly stepping closer while he looked at Jing He.

He was a beauty. There was no way around admitting that. In any case, he had always known that. He had seen him in Qiu Ling’s inner self back then when his lover had collapsed, and he had also heard it from several other people since then. To think that Jing He might be any less than perfect was impossible but that didn’t mean that it wasn’t difficult to admit that to himself. So deep down, he had always held onto that small spark of hope that maybe people had just exaggerated him.

Seeing him now, he was shocked. There was no exaggeration at all. Instead, there was the faint feeling that people weren’t giving him enough credit.

Jing He was lying on the bed silently, his hand folded over his abdomen, the wide, flowing sleeves of his robe covering the skin right until his wrists, not letting anything show that shouldn’t be shown.

But even though this robe had clearly been made to ascertain the maximum modesty, he could still make out his slender frame beneath those layers of white. Which … didn’t help with his feelings.

Even after finding out about Jing He and comparing the two of them every now and then from what he heard, he hadn’t been too bothered about his own appearance. Yes, he wasn’t a breath-taking beauty. He was at most a cute youth. Judging from the few encounters he had had in the mortal realm, that was still something quite a few men liked but it wasn’t the kind of appearance that would make somebody stop on the streets and stare at you.

Jing He though … He really couldn’t find a single thing about him that wasn’t perfect. Right now, his face was a little pale probably because of the long time that his soul hadn’t been with his body. Surely, that would do something to you. But even that didn’t make him any less beautiful. On the contrary, it lent him a fragility that probably had people go crazy with the wish to protect him.

No wonder Qiu Ling was always worried. After seeing this, how could he bear to leave Jing He alone? Actually, it was a wonder he had managed to bring himself to go after his soul in the first place and accompany him on his trial. Surely, leaving his body back here hadn’t been easy.

Ah, but then again, Qiu Ling had made sure early on that nothing would happen to him, right? Qiang Wei had probably been here all the time. And if it wasn’t him, then it was one of Qiu Ling’s other advisers. Maybe there had even been more than one person to ensure that nothing happened to him. And that was merely on the side of the dragons.

Jing Yi glanced over his shoulder, seeing the painted screen that obscured the main entrance to the palace. Huang Lan and Mu Kun were surely out there like every day. Jing He had never wanted other guards and it wasn’t difficult to imagine why: Lan Ling surely hadn’t been wrong when he said that the Son of Heaven was the heavenly guards’ dream lover. Who knew how many of them were acting strangely around him?

Maybe with Huang Lan and Mu Kun, the case was different. Maybe these two had been able to keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves and hadn’t bothered him with their admiration. Yes, that was the kind of thing someone like Jing He had to take into consideration.

Jing Yi’s lips twitched when he thought of it and he turned back to his past life’s body. Even though he held part of Jing He’s memories, there was no kind of … recognition that this should be him. No, on the contrary, all the negative feelings for his past self were back in full now that he was here. This didn’t seem like his body from another life but just like some other person that had nothing to do with him at all or maybe somebody with whom he had a feud, considering the rage bubbling forth in his heart.

Jing Yi took another step toward the bed, his gaze focusing on Jing He’s face. His eyes were closed faintly, not allowing him to compare, but there seemed to be a faint curve to his lips that made his already beautiful features light up some more.

He looked as if he was sleeping, tranquil and peaceful. And even though Jing Yi didn’t want to admit it, he had to give it to him that Jing He really had some kind of calming presence. Looking at that face, it was actually difficult to stay angry despite everything this person had taken from him. No wonder Qiu Ling wanted to come here when he was in an agitated mood.

Jing Yi smiled derisively and tilted his head. “I guess you weren’t just lucky that you met him before me. I guess even if it had been the other way around, you would have won. Well, I guess that’s not a reason to worry about any longer.”

He wasn’t worried about the guards at the door hearing him. One of the things that he had realized in the time that he had already spent in the Nine Heavens was that all of the buildings here were infused with an array that filtered which sounds to let slip to the outside and which wouldn’t.

A normal conversation would be kept inside. So him talking to Jing He really didn’t make a difference. The guards would be none the wiser. And unfortunately for him, Jing He currently didn’t have a soul and was unconscious so he was unable to yell for help and alert them.

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