OMF V8C217 Not The Right Thing to Say

Xian Li didn’t know how to react to this so he could only keep silent. Meanwhile, Lan Ling probably would’ve liked to say something but Duan Ming was still keeping a hand on his mouth to shut him up. He really didn’t trust that his friends would be able to recognize what could be said and what couldn’t in front of Jing Yi right now.

Thinking for a moment, Duan Ming figured that maybe it would be best if they were a little more proactive about this. “Well, it doesn’t matter why he did what he did. The important part is that it isn’t your fault and you shouldn’t get into trouble because of it.

“I’m afraid there isn’t much that we can do but my mother is also a titled goddess. I will go and speak to her. She doesn’t really have that much influence when it comes to the Heavenly Emperor but maybe he will at least listen and calm down a bit. That is probably the only thing we can do right now if the dragon king doesn’t manage to solve this issue.”

Jing Yi nodded. “Thank you. That … You don’t need me to come with you, right? I don’t think I should leave this place.”

Duan Ming immediately shook his head. “Of course not. Then, I’ll go immediately. Lan Ling, you come with me.” He definitely wouldn’t leave him here when he wasn’t sure how Lan Ling would react later on.

Lan Ling gave him an annoyed look but when Duan Ming pulled him up he still followed along. Outside, he pulled away though and glared at him. “What was that? In any case, nothing I said was wrong!”

“It might not be wrong but it still isn’t nice to hear. Do you really think brother Zhong needs the full truth in this kind of situation? He will already feel bad enough after having found out that there was somebody else before him. Clearly, he is already embarrassed enough. Do you really need to tell him how great the dragon king’s actual fiance is? Do you really think that wouldn’t hurt him?”

Lan Ling pursed his lips but he indeed shut up and didn’t try to argue any longer. He hadn’t wanted to hurt Jing Yi but when it came to the Son of Heaven, he just couldn’t help but be incredibly curious.

That person … he really was somebody who was regarded highly in the Nine Heavens. And while Lan Ling might have said that he was the dream lover of all the heavenly guards, he definitely wasn’t counting himself out there. No, he himself also had to say that he might have a tiny crush on him.

The first and only time he saw him had been for one of the rituals for a festival. The Son of Heaven had been wearing an apricot-colored robe, his hands folded in front of his body and his gaze lowered demurely. He was an indescribable beauty. Next to him, everybody else and even the flowers blooming and the blossoms of the trees that had opened up since spring had arrived paled in comparison. That was the kind of person the Son of Heaven was.

Thinking of him, Lan Ling clicked his tongue. “The Son of Heaven really has been crazy that he was duped by somebody like the dragon king. To actually cheat on him … I can’t believe it! I mean, nothing against brother Zhong but can he compare to his beauty? And what Xian Li said about his personality was mean. He doesn’t even know the Son of Heaven!”

Duan Ming gave him an exasperated look in return. “Neither do you.” Well, at the very least, he hadn’t said that in front of Jing Yi.

Lan Ling pursed his lips and figured that he probably couldn’t talk about this with this guy. Now, he really regretted that Leng Jin Yu and his husband had already left. Most likely, these two would be willing to talk about this.

Then again, Leng Jin Yu’s husband was of the dragon race. So most likely, he wouldn’t want to discuss how his king had bad taste. Yes, he would be way too partial. “What do think of brother Leng’s husband?”

Duan Ming looked at him doubtfully, not quite sure where that was coming from. He was happy that they had stopped talking about Jing Yi and the Son of Heaven though. “Well, it’s hard to say after only meeting him for a moment. I think what struck me the most was that brother Leng looked really happy with him. I think that is what we should focus on. As for himself … we should give it some time and get to know him first. He seemed really open-minded. I guess getting to know him won’t be a difficult task.”

Lan Ling nodded, feeling a bit better when he heard that. Right, that Jiang Li hadn’t been somebody who wasn’t willing to talk. In the future, they should be able to spend more time with him as well.

Now though, they first needed to solve the situation with Jing Yi. After that, the four of them could go over and see how things were in the dragon realm. Ah, to be honest, he was already looking forward to it. “I’ve been to the dragon realm before and even to the capital city but I haven’t taken more than a look around. Living there … I’m sure it’ll be awesome.”

Duan Ming glanced at him and then sighed. “I don’t think we will be able to live there without trouble. Don’t forget that the reason the dragon king most likely extended the invitation to us was because of his relationship with brother Zhong. Now that things are coming to a head with the Heavenly Emperor, who knows what the future will bring? We might not even be able to stay there after all.”

Lan Ling pursed his lips and then motioned to the front. “We’d better get your mother to help out then. If the situation is completely resolved, then our chances of a nice time in the dragon realm are much higher. I definitely don’t want to miss out on this!”

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