IRL C90 A Promise for the Future

Shangguan Yu stared at his boyfriend in utter stupefaction. He just couldn’t believe it. Marrying … That was a little too soon, right? No, that was absolutely way too soon! They had only had their first date today!

Ao Jing lowered his head and laughed. “Do you really think I’m crazy? We’ve only known each other for half a year. That would be way too early. Let’s give it at least another two years or so before we decide on that.” He shook his head before getting serious again. “It’s not meant as a wedding ring, although you might want to call it a promise ring of a kind.

“I just … want something to remember this by. We could also choose another piece of jewelry if you feel that a ring is too much but I thought that this might seem a little more practical since we’d be able to see it easily and if, in the future, we ever decide that we do want to tie the knot, then this would be a nice idea to use as inspiration.”

Shangguan Yu heaved a sigh of relief when he heard that explanation and then nodded. “You really scared me just now. I really thought you were suddenly going crazy after just one date.

“Anyway, if it’s like this, then I think I’m alright with it. So, let’s do it that way. That means if it’s all right with Mister Mo.” He turned to the Mo family that was watching them with widened eyes as if they couldn’t believe what was going on but after a moment, the three NPCs recovered and even started to congratulate them.

Mo Ju An was the one who was most enthusiastic about it. “If that is what you want, naturally, my family will help you. How about you come with me and I will help you design something that you like?”

Ao Jing and Shangguan Yu exchanged a glance and then both nodded. Anyway, they didn’t really know anything about design but they were positive that the game was advanced enough to help them through the process. Anyway, there had to be some kind of database at least that they would refer to for this kind of record, right? Since they allowed it, they certainly wouldn’t half-ass it.

Mo Ju An was especially excited about being able to do this kind of job. Usually, she wasn’t too involved in her father’s work but she had learned quite a lot about designing jewelry since this was the trade her family dealt in the most. She had always figured that if it was her husband who dealt with the business side of things in the future, then she might as well be the creative genius behind that success. That way, she could also contribute something to the continued well-being of her family.

Wedding bands and other tokens of love were definitely her absolute favorite. And why wouldn’t they? If jewelry could be used for one thing, then it was signaling lasting feelings. Have something designed once and it might stay with you until the end of your life. The same was true if you bought a piece of high quality like her family dealt in. Thus, she felt that this was really too suitable.

She waved for Ao Jing and Shangguan Yu to follow her to the small craft’s room that she usually used but the two of them couldn’t help but look back.

Zhou Ming was still standing in front of Mister Mo, not moving or reacting to anything. Mister Mo seemed a little freaked out by now.

Ao Jing glanced at his husband and lowered his voice to discreetly inquire about his opinion. “Is it alright to leave him alone? Do you want to go AFK for a moment as well and write him a message in real life so he knows what’s going on? His character will likely be stuck here until he chooses his reward.”

Shangguan Yu considered it for a moment but finally shook his head. “Either he won’t be gone long or it was something important he left for, then he wouldn’t have time to deal with this anyway. He lives with his grandfather who isn’t in good health, as far as I know. Maybe something happened at home. The game can definitely wait.”

“Mn, you’re right.” Ao Jing nodded and the two of them finally followed Mo Ju An, sitting down across from her at the table.

Mo Ju An skipped any kind of preamble and just cut right to the chase. “Alright, do you have any idea how you want the rings to look?” She looked at them expectantly but whether it was Ao Jing or Shangguan Yu, they both didn’t quite seem to know how to go about this.

Mo Ju An gave the two of them a confused look. “What’s the matter?”

Ao Jing smiled wryly and then spilled the beans. “To be honest, it really was just a spontaneous idea. I have no idea at all how I’d want them to look. I don’t know much about jewelry.” He reached up and rubbed his neck, looking at her apologetically.

Mo Ju An could hardly believe it and turned to look at Shangguan Yu instead. “Then you …”

Shangguan Yu raised his hands, making sure that she wouldn’t get the wrong idea. “You misunderstand, I was just as surprised as you were. It was his idea and since he didn’t think of anything, I certainly wouldn’t either. This was complete news to me.”

Mo Ju An was bummed out now that she actually knew the truth but she wasn’t about to give up. Anyway, just because they hadn’t thought about this too well yet, it didn’t mean that their feelings were any less valid. They would just need to put some more effort into the preparation stage.

Actually, that might also be good. After all, there were a lot of customers that thought that they knew exactly what was the best but actually had no idea about how to design jewelry. So this was also nice for her considering that she would have the opportunity to use her knowledge to the fullest.

She gave the two of them a smile, took out a piece of paper, and grabbed the brush, so she could first take some notes and also sketch what the two of them described. “Well, if I understood correctly, then this is supposed to be a piece that has to do with you and the memories you’ve made. Is there anything that you can think of that connects the two of you that we could use as inspiration for the design?” She looked from one man to the other, quite curious about what they would come up with.

The two of them also looked at each other, finding the same lost expression in their lover’s eyes.

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