SML V3C52 A Strange Situation

Things seemed to start moving even faster after this day. While Mo Fang didn’t outright move in, he spent ninety percent of his time at Li Ming’s apartment. And each day, something new of his seemed to be popping up whether it was in his closet, the shelf in his bathroom, his kitchen cabinet, or on the table in his living room.

Li Ming didn’t mind. To be honest, he was happy to see this change. While he didn’t think that they were at the point in their relationship where moving in together would be a good idea, spending as much time as they could was precisely the point they were at.

Also, in his eyes, Mo Fang would naturally feel better if he had some of his own things at his place. So why shouldn’t some favorites be moved over? As for any further steps, he felt that they had at least a few months, if not a year or so to figure that out.

Mo Fang was actually quite satisfied with the status quo as well. He wasn’t the type that needed to be invited to move in with a guy. He had definitely once or twice just moved his things in bit by bit until everything that he needed had been gathered. In any case, as his hasty move out of Lan Heng’s apartment had shown there wasn’t much he needed anyway. So after just a month, pretty much all the necessary things were at Li Ming’s place. For him, that definitely counted as a win.

He didn’t say anything about it though and just pretend that they were only a few things, something that he really needed regularly enough that it made sense to have them at his boyfriend’s place as well. As long as Li Ming didn’t bring it up, he’d just see it as having worked out.

In any case, their relationship proceeded in a way that both of them were satisfied with even though they might have slightly different thoughts.

At this point in time, Mo Fang also didn’t feel like he needed to hold back with anything. For example, when he had the chance, he pulled out the photos that he had gathered for Li Ming and showed them one by one, talking about the photoshoots he had done them for and even adding some spicy details about the models he had worked with.

Sitting next to him, Li Ming felt as if he was gaining a glimpse at a completely different world. He didn’t know that much about modeling or fashion or anything that had to do with art really. He could appreciate all of it but he wouldn’t necessarily call it something he was interested in, so his knowledge was limited.

Maybe it was because of that, that he felt like everything that Mo Fang said sounded exciting. Or maybe it was just the smile in Mo Fang’s eyes when he talked about it and the way he gestured while he did. In fact, he might be looking more at his boyfriend than he was looking at the photos. He had to admit that much.

Anyway, things seemed good and seemed to become even better with every passing day while the two of them got used to each other in new ways. Unfortunately, good things wouldn’t necessarily last. And when such a good thing was built on lies, it was even more difficult to maintain it for long.

One afternoon, Li Ming went to work for his shift. He changed into his uniform and then started on his first round after greeting the others. Mo Fang had gone to work with him and then left for the service counter so it hadn’t been that long since the two of them saw each other.

By now, they were out of that awkward stage where they really couldn’t be without each other so he was able to do his work without constantly thinking of him and wondering when he would see him again. Thus, Li Ming just focused on his work but he soon realized that there was something odd going on.

He stopped in his tracks and looked over his shoulder but couldn’t see anything. He furrowed his brows and then turned back to the front again, continuing to walk. But yet again, there was a set of steps following him. That had never happened before and he didn’t know what to make of it. He had no idea just who this might be but it wasn’t a nice feeling.

He turned around a corner and then stopped when he was out of sight. Then, he turned around and waited. It only took half a minute until a face appeared in front of him. The person yelped and then jumped back, clutching his chest.

Li Ming who had expected something to happen just raised his brows. “Bian Huan?” While he had been sure that somebody was following him, this would have been the last person he’d think of.

Not that he had had a good guess. But looking at his current life, it should have either been somebody who was looking for help but didn’t know how to approach him and was just anxious, or maybe it could have been one of Mo Fang’s ex-boyfriends. He had heard enough stories in the last month to be sure that there were some crazy guys among them for sure.

Bian Huan though … He had no idea what he might want. “What are you doing here? And why are you … sneaking around like this?”

Bian Huan immediately glanced around furtively when he was asked that question and then jumped at him again, grabbing onto his uniform. “Where’s Mo Fang?”

“At the service counter? Do you want me to get him or bring you over?”

“No!” Bian Huan actually yelled, making some people look toward them.

Li Ming rubbed his forehead, really not sure what to do about this. “Alright, then I won’t. So, why are you here?”

Bian Huan grabbed his arm and then looked around again. “Where’s the service counter?”

Li Ming motioned in the other direction and finally, Bian Huan heaved a sigh of relief.

“Great! In that case, the two of us can talk!”

Li Ming just raised his brows even further, unsure what to make of this. Bian Huan was Mo Fang’s friend and he had only met him once before. So when he suddenly appeared like this and apparently didn’t want to see Mo Fang but instead have a talk with him, Li Ming felt that something was strange about that.

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