SML V3C35 A First Set

When they walked out, Bian Huan had already finished preparations and waved them over with wild gestures. “Come on, come on. Let me see how you look!” He rushed up to Mo Fang, tugging at his clothes here and there, muttering to himself.

Li Ming watched the two of them and felt more relaxed. Clearly, they got along very well and were rather used to working together. This shouldn’t be a problem then. Although he probably didn’t need to worry about that. Mo Fang wouldn’t have planned it otherwise, would he?

After a moment, Bian Huan nodded with satisfaction. “Well, as expected of you. No matter what you wear, you’ll always be beautiful.” Then, he turned to Li Ming and gave a hum that also sounded rather appreciative.

Li Ming straightened up, feeling like he always did at work. As a security guard, he was rather used to wearing professional dress so this kind of yat-sen uniform didn’t feel foreign to him.

Seeing Li Ming straightened up, Bian Huan’s eyes lit up further. “Perfect!” He threw him a kiss and then waved for the two of them to go stand on the set that he had prepared. In this case, it was just a photo backdrop of an old building with a replica of a staircase in front that actually looked as if it was real. Li Ming could even see that the stone was chipped in a few places as if a lot of people had walked over it and there had been some wear and tear over time.

Mo Fang immediately went over and positioned himself on the lower step, waving Li Ming over to himself. “You stand next to me.”

Li Ming had never done something like this before so he just walked up and did as Mo Fang had told him. He actually stood on the ground, so for once, Mo Fang seemed to be a bit taller than him. His boyfriend used the opportunity and reached out, putting an arm around Li Ming’s shoulders and leaning in a little.

Bian Huan had another sign of appreciation and then grabbed his camera, taking a few shots. He didn’t seem to be quite satisfied yet though. Looking at the photos and then looking up at the two of them, he shook his head. “It’s not bad but I think you can do better. Xiao Fang, darling, try to look a bit more serious.”

Mo Fang pursed his lips but then still reigned in his expression, giving the next few shots an air of severity.

This time, Bian Huan nodded happily. “Yes, not bad. I think this is better.”

Li Ming looked up at Mo Fang, wondering if he thought the same. He didn’t quite know what they were trying to do but from his understanding, this should be something like a couple-shoot. Showing that you were a happy couple should probably be part of that. Not to smile or not to smile as much … It seemed a bit strange to him.

But again, modeling was Mo Fang’s job taking photos was Bian Huan’s job. As for him, he had no idea about either so he finally kept his mouth shut and didn’t even ask. As long as Mo Fang didn’t say that he was unhappy with anything, he would just go along and follow instructions.

Bian Huan looked up and smiled at the two of them. “Alright, let’s change poses. How about taking one right next to each other? I think that would make for an interesting dynamic as well.” While he also liked this composition as it made it seem as if Mo Fang was slightly taller than his boyfriend he also liked the idea of showing them as they were.

Mo Fang turned to the side and pulled Li Ming up to him, inclining his body toward him and casually putting a hand on his shoulder. On the other hand, Li Ming just stood straight again, waiting for somebody to tell him what to do.

Bian Huan didn’t say anything though and just took a few more shots, taking a few steps to the side himself to go for a slightly different perspective before he finally nodded. “Alright, I think I’m happy with this set. Do you want to try anything else or do you want to change costumes?”

Mo Fang immediately went to hug Li Ming’s chest. “I’m happy with everything. How about you? Do you want to try something more?”

Li Ming really felt like he was being asked too much here. “No, I think I’m good as well if you are.”

Mo Fang smiled happily and leaned in, giving him a kiss on the cheek. “You did really well! Well then, if you’re alright with it, we should go and change. I saw some really beautiful costumes from an earlier period. I’m sure you’ll look gorgeous in them!”

Li Ming couldn’t help but laugh at that. The person who would most likely look gorgeous in whatever they were going to try on next was probably Mo Fang instead of him. After all, just like Bian Huan had said before, his boyfriend really did look great in everything he wore.

As for him, he felt like he definitely didn’t have a problem pulling off this kind of uniform but if it was something else, he wasn’t quite sure if he would be able to do it.

Although, then again, if he didn’t need to show any more skill in posing than he had needed just now for that first set, then he felt like he would do an excellent job as well. This was basically just like standing around for his job at the railroad station when looking for passengers that might need his help. It felt awfully familiar to him.

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